Many of us might be in the kinds of “toxic relationships’ without realizing it. As sometimes it can be hard to identify a toxic relationship. I was in a toxic relationship for many years without knowing it. Therefore, I think it’s important to create an awareness of a toxic relationship. In this article, you’ll discover the 25 signs of a toxic relationship. 25 signs of a toxic relationship

25 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

According to many studies, every single relationship has a level of toxicity, none of the relationships can be perfect. However, many people can’t identify if they are in toxic relationships. As some of the signs of a toxic relationship can be so subtle, and often we tend to overlook.

A toxic relationship can lead to an abusive relationship and relationship breakdown. And the worst thing is that you won’t feel happy seems like you are losing something in life.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to identify if you are in a toxic relationship? Here are the 25 signs you are in a toxic relationship. In general, if any of those signs sound familiar to you and it is time to re-evaluate your relationship and make a change.

Clearly, there is no tolerance for the behaviors, such as any kinds of ABUSE, be it physical, verbal or emotional.

There is a bit more room to tolerate other behaviors in the below list, but most importantly you need to take time to analyze your relationship and make a wiser decision as every relationship is unique and different. 

Read on and discover the 25 signs of a toxic relationship.

Sign #1. Verbal, Physical Or Emotional Abuse

25 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship

This is a visible sign that you are in a toxic relationship. If you ever felt that you were abused, regardless of being abused verbally, physically or emotionally. You are definitely in a toxic relationship and you must to put a STOP.

When we are in relationships, we tend to find excuses for our partners even though we don’t like the way we were treated. And this is the very reason men don’t treat you as a priority.

However, you must WAKE UP! And remember that your partner won’t treat you like sh*t if she or he loves you. Many of ‘victims’ defended their partners by saying things like “she or he has too much stress at work;” or “now it is the tough time for her and him” or “this is the very first time..” and so on..

Stop defending them by finding excuses to convince yourself to accept their abusive behaviors. Be strong and SAY NO to those behaviors!

Sign #2. Financially Abuse

Many of us have been taken advantage financially without realizing it. I am speaking from my own experience. My ex abused me financially for years until I only had few dollars left in my account.

It was not a big earner. However, I had a quite substantial amount of savings from my frugal lifestyle. As I was hoping to buy a house together with him; unfortunately, things turned out to be very ugly. Eventually, I found out that he had made up all the stories to get money from me.

Most of us are soft-hearted when we are in relationships. We are willing to give everything to our partners. And many of us believed this as “Unconditional Love”

However, true love isn’t like this. It’s built on mutual trust and respect. Keeping a clear mind is critical. When you find that your partner keeps asking money from you, then it is a warning sign of a toxic relationship.

If you find difficulties in managing the money issue in your relationship, here is an article for your information. I hope you can learn from my mistake before it is too late.

Sign #3. You Feel Drained

25 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship

If you feel drained mentally, physically or emotionally, then it’s the sign of a toxic relationship. When you are in a healthy relationship, you’ll usually feel happy, fulling and energetic.

Instead of feeling motivated, happy and productive, most of the time you feel that your relationship is sucking out your energy. Then it is the red flag that you need to re-evaluate your relationship.

Sign #4. Lack Of Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. A relationship without trust will go nowhere.

If you started to doubt about your partner and not sure if you can take his or her truthfully? Or your partner doesn’t trust you after being awhile together. You feel that you are always worrying if he would cheat on you againThen you need to find out the cause of this problem. 

Sign #5. You Partner Constantly Teaching You But In A Nicer Way

It is great to have a partner who can guide you and help you to grow together. But there are differences between sincerely helping and controlling.

This is a sign of a toxic relationship when you realize that your partner uses excuses to control you!

For example, my ex always offered me his ‘constructive ideas’ about why I should not go out with my male colleagues. I realized afterward, he tried to brainwash me. He told me things like, “guys are all evils, they only want to take advantage of ladies. And you must not go out with them, as you are so naive, they’ll take advantage of you”.

At that point, I thought he cared a lot for me. But after a while, I started to realize that he just didn’t want me to go out with any other guys, even for a coffee. 

Sign #6. Negative Energy

Negativity is one of the signs of a toxic relationship

Trust me; no one wants to be with someone who radiates negative vibes. If you find that your partner is loaded with negative energy regardless of what the situation is. Then it’s the subtle sign that will turn to a toxic relationship in the long run.

You need to know that negative energy or vibes are very damaging. It will not only create a negative impact on your relationship but also will drag you down. 

Sign #7. Being Super Competitive

Many people don’t see this sign is a sign of a toxic relationship. But it’s one of the critical signs of a toxic relationship.

When you are in love with the other person, you will be happy about their achievements. However, if you find that your partner is jealous, acting competitive or even tries to make you feel sad or uncomfortable about your wins; then it’s clear that you are in a toxic relationship.

When you find yourself hiding your achievements from your partner because you are afraid that your partner will get jealous or creating unhappiness or unnecessary arguments in your relationship; then it’s time to relook into your relationship. And in fact, you don’t need a relationship with someone who is overly competitive. 

Sign #8. Feelings Of Unworthiness

Your relationship or your partner make you feel that you don’t deserve anything better or you are not good enough. And this is the subtle signs of a toxic relationship, so please don’t ignore this toxic relationship sign!

Sign #9. Never-ending Drama

Never-end drama made you stressed and exhausted, a good relationship will improve your life, not making it messier all the times.

Sign #10. Lies

The lie is the toxin in the relationship. Each lie you told, you need to cover with another one. It will only make your relationship go wrong eventually. 

Sign #11. Only Taking No Giving

Give and take is the fundamental principle of a healthy and lasting relationship. If you feel that your partner is just taking without deposits; then it is one of the signs of a toxic relationship.

Sign #12. You Feel Disrespected

Mutual respect is the essence of having a good relationship. We are not talking about a one-time event here, but if you find that your partner has been continuously treating you disrespectfully; then it is a sign that you are in a toxic relationship.
25 signs of toxic relationship

Sign #13. Overly Control

Come on, if you feel this then you need to draw the line with your partner. When your partner controls you too much that made you feel uncomfortable; then it’s the warning sign of a toxic relationship. You need to discuss with your partner as soon as possible.

After your discussion, if there is no improvement; instead, things are getting worse, and you are no longer feel comfortable to share the truth with your partner, then it’s time to consider leaving this relationship.

Sign #14. Brings Out The Worst

Don’t ignore this sign, one of the 25 signs of a toxic relationship. A good partner and healthy relationship will bring out the best versions of us. If you are always your worst, then your partner or this relationship is not the one you deserve. 

Sign #15. Insufficient Support

Support each other make the relationships strong. When you have issues, instead of getting support from your partner, you can only turn to somebody else. Then it’s time to reflect: “What is the point to be in this relationship?”

Sign #16. You Are Unhappy

You won’t be 24/7 happy all the times even you are having a great relationship. It’s common you feel moody and emotion from time to time. However, if you are constantly unhappy, with or without reasons; then it’s one of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. And it is the best time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Sign #17. Lost Interest To Communicate

If you find that your partner is no longer interested in communicating with you; then it is the warning sign that you have to dig deeper to find the cause. Without communication, there is no relationship. 

Sign #18. Feelings Of Letting Go

If you feel so tired of being in your relationship and you want just to let it go. Then it’s the red flag for your relationship, and you need to take it seriously.

It is a clear indicator that there is something wrong in your relationship; you need to ask yourself if you are impulsive or you are true to your heart. If such feelings never subside, then it is a sign of a toxic relationship, and your gut feeling tells you to get out of it soon!

Sign #19. Feel Stagnant

Growth and learning are the law of nature! Every person and relationship need to grow and be better. A healthy relationship will bring the best of you both, but a toxic relationship will stop you from growing.

If you feel that there is no room or chances for growth, then it is a sign of a toxic relationship, and you need to reconsider your relationship seriously.

Sign #20. Hostile Atmosphere

Constant anger is a sure sign of an unhealthy relationship. If your partner acts hostile to you, then it is the time to have a serious talk.

Sign #21. Mutual Avoidance

If you find that both of you are not willing to see each other anymore, then it’s a clear sign of a toxic relationship. 
25 signs of toxic relationship

Sign #22. Try Too Hard To Please Your Partner

It is one of the critical signs of a toxic relationship. If you find yourself trying too hard to please your partner, especially sometimes you even have to go against your own conscious or opinions. Then it’s the indicator that you need to take time to reflect on yourself and your relationship. It’s vital to practice self-love and enhance your self-esteem.

Sign #23. Constant Challenges

A little challenge can be useful for a relationship; however, if you feel that there are ongoing challenges in your relationship, even a simple question or statement become so challenging. Then it’s one of the signs of a toxic relationship.

It’s advisable to seek further understanding. A healthy relationship will not bring you so much frustration and exhaustion.

Sign #24. Constant Seeking For Attention

Seeking attention, toxic relationship

This is one of the critical signs of a toxic relationship, and you must not overlook! If you feel that you need to babysit your partner, or your partner is continuously demanding too much attention lead you not able to even concentrate on other things in your life. 

Sign #25. You Feel Trapped 

If you ever feel that you are trapped in your relationship, then it is the warning sign that likely you are in a toxic relationship. It’s essential for you to know the real reason why you are with your partner. If you are with your partner because you think you have no way out? Or you are afraid of the uncertainties?

If any of the 25 signs of a toxic relationship sounds familiar to you, don’t panic. As I said, every relationship has a level of toxicity. It’s the indicator that you need to spend some time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Don’t ever ignore the above signs of a toxic relationship. And it’s not that difficult to turn a toxic relationship to a healthy one. The choice is in your hand.

Have effective communication will help you to enhance your relationship. And if you wish to build a loving and lasting relationship, learn the seven best tips to build a healthy relationship here.

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  1. More than half of the signs listed are ongoing in my marriage right now, all because my husband has double standards between his family and I. It really hurts that he always side with them even though they are the one who’s at fault. He even made it clear to me that he will always choose his family over me, and that I’m not his priority. He also told me that he just stays married with me because of our 21 month old daughter and that broke me because I truly love him and I do my best to please him every time. Like I serve him like a king. I feel so depressed right now, trying to survive everyday.


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