Accepting that a relationship is over can be very difficult. You get terrified at the thought of never speaking to your partner again or being able to cuddle up close to them at night. So you keep holding on even though things don’t seem fine. You tell yourself that as long as they haven’t dumped you; things will get better. However, sometimes we just need to face reality. It may be painful now, but it gives you a chance to get the relationship you dream of, don’t you think so? Therefore it’s important to identify the signs your relationship is over so that you can take a wiser step soon.

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

It may be harsh to hear, but you will appreciate later for the decision you make now. As the sooner you spot the signs your relationship is over, the sooner you can leave and begin the healing process.

And you know what, most of the time, you already know in heart that your relationship is over. However, due to many different reasons, you don’t really want to admit it. So this sounds familiar to you; then this article is prepared for you.

Let’s discover the signs your relationship is over so that you will be certain to take the step to embrace the love you deserve!

Don’t be afraid, always believe that the best is NOT YET to come!


You can’t lose what you never had; you can’t keep what’s not yours and you can’t hold on to something that doesn’t want to stay.

You can't lose what you never had; you can't keep what's not yours and you can't hold on to something that doesn't want to stay. Discover the 7 signs your relationship is over

Here are 7 signs your relationship is over.

1. You are always thinking about a breakup

In a healthy and happy relationship, you won’t find yourself constantly thinking about a breakup. You won’t constantly feel a breakup is a possibility whenever you and your partner get into a fight.

In a relationship where both parties still want to be with each other, even major fights won’t spark up discussions of a breakup. But when you have that feeling in your gut that a breakup is just around the corner; then it could be a sign that your relationship really is over.

2. Your partner doesn’t spend time together

If you and your partner are in a long distance relationship or are both busy and hardly get time to spend together; then this might not apply to you. However, if once upon a time you used to see each other twice a week, and now you go weeks without seeing each other; then this could be a sign that your relationship is over.

If your partner would rather spend time with friends than spend time with you; then it means that they no longer have an interest in being with you. Physical intimacy is important in every relationship. If your partner no longer craves your physical presence, it says a lot. And it could a sign that your relationship is over.

3. Your conversations are no longer exciting

Boring conversations are a sign that a relationship is over. You could go a year without seeing your partner, and your relationship can still make it through as long as you enjoy talking to your partner. If topics you used to talk about excitedly to your partner now seem boring, it could mean the spark is gone. If you no longer make jokes and tease each other when talking, instead go straight to the point; then it is a major sign.

On the other hand, this can be a common issue when couples have been together for too long and have fallen into a routine with each other. In this situation, you can try talking to your partner about this and then switch up your routines a bit to spice things up. If you try this and things don’t get better; then your relationship really might be over. Learn to bring more fun to your relationship before it is too late.

4. You’re suffering emotionally

When you truly love someone, it’s normal to feel anxious about losing them from time to time. But if too frequently you feel hurt, sad, depressed, angry, scared or frustrated due to your partner’s actions; then it is one of the signs your relationship is over. Keep in mind that your partner is not totally oblivious to the effect their actions have on you.

If you’ve spoken to your partner about the effect their actions have on you, and they refuse to change; then it is a huge sign your relationship is over. Most times they don’t want to be upfront about their loss of interest in the relationship so they purposely hurt you so you can make the call.

7 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

5. There is a lack of trust in your relationship

Jealousy and curiosity are normal in a relationship, but when it turns to an intense lack of trust; then it is a sign your relationship is not working. If you constantly have to go through your partner’s phone or ask them where they are going or who they’ve been with;  it means you don’t trust them at all.

You may begin to feel like you are turning crazy or that you’re simply insecure. The truth though is if your instincts are saying something is wrong, then something is wrong. To get it over with, get to the root of it. If it turns out you are right and that your partner is cheating; then you should consider walking away, as it is not easy to forgive someone who cheated on you.

6. You don’t see a future together

This is one of the huge signs your relationship is over. It could be that when first started dating your partner, you saw so many things in them that made it easier to picture a future together. But over the course of time, that vision became blurry. This could be due to some of their actions or their perspective on life. Dating a person with the knowledge that it won’t lead to anything substantial is a waste of time.

On the other hand, it could be that while you see a future with your partner, it doesn’t seem like they see one with you. This could be due to their actions or the fact that they never mention future plans with you. If you feel like this, talk to them about it. If they truly do not see a future with you, then it’s best you walk away.

7. One of you has significantly changed

Couples change in relationships over the course of time, but it doesn’t always mean it is the end. Normal changes in a relationship might simply be due to external stress, change of environment, a change of routine and so on. But if the change directly affects your relationship, it could be a sign that your relationship is quickly approaching its end.

If one of you no longer puts in the effort to spend time together, is no longer affectionate, is closed off, is always defensive or is no longer attentive, then your relationship is most likely over to that party.

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