Relationships are very delicate. They are like a China plate that must be handled with care. In the 21st century, a lot of relationships seem to be hitting rock bottom these days, and I’m sure you’re puzzled as to why. Well, it probably is because we seem to be focusing on the wrong things and we get into relationships for the wrong reasons. No one seems to be putting in the necessary effort and sacrifice needed to grow a relationship into a healthy one. In this article, you’ll learn the best relationship advice that will help you to build a healthy relationship.

Best Relationship Advice To Build A Healthy Relationship

Best Relationship Advice To Build A Healthy Relationship

Many people have the wrong belief about true love and relationship. They are convinced that if they find their true love, they will have great relationships naturally.

However, in reality, a relationship is like an investment, and it requires a commitment to getting it flourishing so that you can reap great dividends.

If you’re looking for the best relationship advice, whether you’re just about to date; or you’re a newlywed; maybe you’ve racked up many years in marriage. Here are some valuable tips for you.

5 Best Relationship Advice

1. Be involved for good reasons

This is one of the best relationship advice every person should know! As the worst mistake, you would ever make to get involved with someone because you feel pressured to do so.

Being with someone doesn’t need to be complicated. The primary reason that you should get involved with someone is that you love to be with them. It doesn’t get harder than that.

Never go into a relationship because you feel lonely; or because of other people had expectations of you; or because you need someone’s validation to stay alive. Be with the one you truly want to be. And love the person with your whole heart.

The best relationship advice is not a set of rules that you must keep to. Instead, it is just a collection of guidelines that you can adapt to create an enabling environment for your relationship to grow.

For a relationship to be happy and also sustainable, you both need to admire each other genuinely. If the admiration is not mutual, then you will keep hitting roadblocks.

2. Be Realistic

If anyone tells you that when you’re involved with someone, you will go crazy about them every day, that’s incorrect.

Happily ever after only exists in romantic movies and novels, and when you try to force that into your relationship; likely you will fill your head with unrealistic expectations.

As soon as you realize that you are not crazy in love anymore, you begin to feel that your relationship is faulty and start to look for a way to ditch.

Sadly, such wrong ideas caused many couples to end their relationships as this perception is entirely not correct!

Best Relationship Advice To Build A Healthy Relationship

When we go through different stages of love, our craziness about our partner will change, but it doesn’t mean love is getting less. So it is essential to understand this point and remember this relationship advice.

Keep it in mind that there are times when you will not feel supercharged about your partner. And sometimes you might even doubt why you got with them in the first place. But you must stay committed because those negative feelings soon pass as far as you do not dwell on them.

After a while, that love you first felt will return even stronger because strong love evolves. It can expand, contract, go high, go low, and go deep. But remember always find ways to be happy in your relationship!

3. Communicate Respectfully

Communication and respect are two very vital ingredients that healthy relationships cannot do without.

Nothing in a relationship compares to them, no even love, religion, looks, sex appeal or money. And respect is one of the top things every man want in a relationship.

Even when the love for your partner seems to be dwindling, ensure that you never lose that respect for them. Because, once respect is lost, it can be challenging to regain it.

When partners lack respect for each other, doubts begin to set in because their choices will be under constant scrutiny. And their independence will become a problem for each other.

Communicate and speak to each other always about anything and everything. This is one of the critical habits of happy couples.

Never succumb to the urge to hide what’s on your mind from your partner because you feat that they will criticize you.

Once respect and communication cease, cracks will begin to appear. A piece of top relationship advice you can’t miss!

4. Develop Self-respect

Respect for yourself is fundamental. And your partner must do likewise because one who lacks self-respect will feel unworthy of their partner’s respect.

Accepting respect from your partner will prove difficult for you and you will always find ways to be unreceptive to it.

When you feel unworthy, you will find yourself always struggling to want to prove that you are deserving of love and you will only crash along the line. Respect for each other is very much connected.

The best way to enhance your self-respect and self-worthiness is to practice self-love daily. Love who you are and appreciate the way you are.

When you develop high self-esteem, it will be easier to build and show self-respect. And meanwhile, it’s also critical to express your respect to your partner.

And best relationship advice when it comes to respecting your partner proposes that you do not talk bad about your partner to your colleagues or workmates.

Instead, talk to your partner if you have any cause for complaint. Acknowledge that your partner is different from you in many ways and don’t ever feel your choices are better and smarter than theirs.

It’s advisable not to keep secrets because you are a team. Keep the game fair and treat each other with grace and respect.

And be transparent to each other at all times is vital to building trust, which is one of our best relationship advice to build a healthy relationship.

5 Best Relationship Advice To Build A Healthy Relationship

5. Build Trust

Communication and respect eventually breed trust. Trust likened to the lifeblood of all types of relationships.

A lack of trust is a significant issue because it can inhibit intimacy and comfort. And a lack of trust keeps your partner looking like a liability to you. Gradually, you will develop a toxic relationship. Trust me; you do not want this to happen to you.

When it comes to building trust, the best relationship advice for you is to be very transparent with each other as transparency makes things a lot easier. Especially, when it comes to tackling issues because both partners do not hide anything.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep anything to yourself. You don’t have to tell your partner every little thing, but don’t lie or hide things.

We tend to keep some details to ourselves because we may feel awkward about sharing them with others. However, it’s better to share with your partner as much as you could.

When you spill it all out, it can be a great way to heal you both and create an understanding of the issues which seem unsolvable. Always keep to your promises as promises! As this will translate automatically into trust.

You cannot keep promises if you cannot be open and transparent. Let your partner know about your past errors and work together to correct them. Trust is very delicate and once broken, it may never be rebuilt again so treat it like a china plate. Read more if you want to know what to do when you lose trust in a relationship.

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  1. Lovely post! I think most relationships fail because of a lack of commitment and hard work from both sides. If you go into a relationship for the wrong reasons, it will fail. Go into a relationship because you genuinely want to build something authentic and be ready to stay for the long haul no matter what.


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