Marriage problems. We all have those. Be it little or not but no relationship is a 100% perfect. Some problems are more common amongst married couples, and these problems can always be either avoided or solved using lots of things but most especially, communication. Here are common marriage problems couples face and how they can go about them.

Common Marriage Problems And How To Deal With Them

Common Marriage Problems And How To Deal With Them

Let’s take a look of the eight common marriage problems below. If you are facing any of them, don’t panic, there are many ways you can fix them. Read on.

1. Infidelity

Infidelity has to be one of the common marriage problems married couples have. Being married to someone who cheats on you can be quite challenging. Worst off when it occurs frequently, it can put a permanent strain on the marriage. There are many forms of infidelity which include a long affair, a one night stand, an internet affair, etc.

Cheating On a spouse isn’t always physical as it can be emotional too. By sharing your problems more with another person instead of your spouse can literally break their hearts. Read more about 10 reasons why a married man falls in love with another woman here.

So how do you survive infidelity? Infidelity has been a difficult problem to tackle. You can fix this by communication. Communication is always the answer as you can get to tell your Spouse your happiness and your sadness. You should also realize the reason why you often sleep outside, go for counseling and make up your mind to stop and reconnect with your spouse because if you fail to do so, they might result to a divorce.

2. SEXperimenting

In a relationship, no matter how many times people try to deny it, sex plays a huge role in keeping couples happy. One of the common marriage problems married couples face concerning sex is, your spouse might want to try something you’re not entirely willing to. One spouse may be more aroused sexually and the other tired and not in the mood for physical intimacy. In the long run, this leads to cheating and finding physical pleasure elsewhere.

You and your spouse can overcome this by alternating each person’s desire. If one person wants to try out something new, let them walk you through it, and you should be willing to learn. If you’re the one with the lesser libido, you can also let him or her know just when you need your space and rest. That way, both parties win. Learn more on how to grow intimacy in your marriage here.

3. All Round Differences

Differences can cause a lot of disagreements in marriage. And this is one of the common marriage problems many married couples are facing. Yes, it is known that opposite poles attract but how opposite till it becomes a problem? Differences such as culture, values, and beliefs can cause a strain not only on the marriage but also on the children.

If you and your spouse do things separately to avoid forcing the other into what they wouldn’t like; then, in the long run, it will get to a point you don’t want to do things together. And this might begin causing a strain on the marriage accompanied by a lot of arguments.

You and your spouse can overcome this by coming together and alternating days and ways to handle situations. Instead of making it two different values and beliefs, you can merge it to become one. With a mutual understanding, you both can spend a lot of time together, doing what you both love. If it has to do with the church, you can visit the church of your spouse with them from time to time.

4. Different phases of life

This can also be common with couples who are far apart in age as they might be experiencing totally different problems from life at a particular moment.

If you and your spouse are undergoing age-related problems, you both need to talk about it and share your experience and opinions with each other instead of shutting out the other party.

Common Marriage Problems And How To Deal With Them

5. Trauma

A traumatic experience such as the loss of a child or dog or a loved one can cause a strain in a relationship. So this can be a common marriage problem married couples would have. Traumatic events can make the house gloomy, and everyone tends to be the shadow of themselves.

If this is the case, you and your spouse need to come together and go for therapy if needed to help you overcome the hurt. Also, you can try some simple couples therapy exercises at home. And you both should know whoever passed away to cause such gloom would want you both to be happy in order to respect their memories.

6. Stress

Another huge common marriage problem facing married couples is stress. A stay at home mom or dad would be too tired from chasing the kids and keeping the house in order; while the working mom or dad will be too stressed out at work and would require a lot of rest when they get back.

And this creates a lack of quality time which eventually adds stress to the marriage. Also, financial problems can cause couples to apply for more than one job at a time. This also prevents them from having quality couple time.

However, this can be handled better if you and your Spouse choice a day off. Create a date night, do something fun together, tell each other about work and that colleague you can’t bare. Even before bed, share a few laughs and sleep in each other’s arms.

7. Boredom

Not a frequently visited marriage problem but is a tough one nonetheless. There comes a time when couples become bored with the relationship and need something more exciting in their lives. Having a general routine year in and out tends to bore people right out of their minds.

Talking to your spouse to let them know this is the first step. Then you both can create your relationship bucket list, plan fantastic trips together as often as possible. Take pictures and have memorable moments so when you’re back to your regular life, the thought of the new adventure to come keeps you going. It’s essential to keep the love alive.😍😍

8. Jealousy issues

This is a No Brainer. And this is one of the common marriage problems exist in many marriages. Jealousy isn’t entirely a bad thing because as long as they are jealous, it means they still care, right? But some forms of jealousy are downright uncalled for, and a spouse might be jealous because you are giving them the room to be.

If you notice this, then you can try reassuring your spouse of whatever it is they might be jealous of. Clearing the air and not leaving unsaid words as they can cause a room for misunderstanding.


If any of the above common marriage problems sound familiar to you, don’t worry. In fact, it’s a good start. When you realize there is a problem, you will find a way to fix it.

No matter the form of misunderstanding or problems faced in a marriage, communication is always the key. And once you let the other spouse know of your feelings, then the problem is already half solved.

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