All is well in attending to relationships. Until the discrepancies between the partners become invasive. Each partner focuses on an effective remedy to contain the other. Before things turned ugly, start to do some couples therapy exercises at home will lessen the damage. In this article, you’ll discover nine amazing couple therapy exercises you can you do at home that will help you enhance your relationship.

9 Simple Couples Therapy Exercises You Can Try At Home (And Skip The Therapist)

9 Simple Couples Therapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

When reality turns to drama, the only option made available is not enough to settle the taste of both sides. The ever-tempting pressure in such situations nudges that you either leave, pretend or wait ignorantly. The very act of love has been within; an extraneous construct within their hearts, often laden with the identifying word – happy ever after.

The crux of the matter has more clarity in a dysfunctional relationship. How many times have you threatened each other to break up? Have you yelled at each other? Or have you blocked each other’s contacts, deleted contacts and burnt photos.

If your relationship has not reached the breaking point. Perhaps, it verges between lush, softness, and happiness. A couple of healthy couples therapy exercise is beneficial to all relationships. You will always find fun activities and engaging sessions to keep your bond strong. Here are nine amazing couples therapy exercises you can do at home and therefore skip the therapist.

1. Create An Appreciation List For Each other

One of the most effective couples therapy exercises is to express gratitude to your partner. Write down a list of all the perfections of your spouse. Focus on what makes a partner be your source of happiness. When you make your partner feel appreciated, the partner feels a more sense of worth.

You must make sure the appreciations are clearly and directly expressed to your partner. So that this couple therapy exercise can be more effective. Because appreciation aggravates gratitude in a relationship. On most occasions, recognition opens up the possibility of new bonding and a feeling of togetherness.

2. Resolve Arguments Before Retiring To Bed

Having arguments in a relationship is necessary for building a strong relationship. However, it’s essential to make sure that you resolve the issues before going to bed. And this is one of the habits of happy couples.

You can start to practice this couple therapy exercise by communicating with your partner. It may be challenging at the beginning as no one wants to take the initiative to discuss the problems and finding the solutions. However, you need to just do it! It is not advisable to dwell on a matter for the entire night. Letting an issue sleep increases anger and bitterness. Therefore, the issue could result in resentment towards each other.

3. Initiate An Honesty Hour Every Week

Honesty hour is also referred to as marriage or relationship checks by couples. This couples therapy exercise is an essential practice to speak out your mind even when you fear to upset your significant other.

When a couple sets aside such a schedule where they speak every crucial issue that affects them; then it becomes easier to be more acceptive without judgments. Especially when the exercise is done warmly, face to face and honestly. The couple must also agree not to feel upset by anything that is raised during the honesty hour.

Besides, the two partners are expected to listen, pay attention to all arising matters and eventually find ways to resolve them. And couples should not be defensive during the honesty hour. Instead of attacking each other, the couple can now find fresh possibilities to improve the relationship.

9 Simple Couples Therapy Exercises You Can Try At Home (And Skip The Therapist)

4. Identify And Scrutinize Stress Triggers

Stress is considered a significant threat in today’s relationships. Prolonged marital stress could easily result in psychiatric disorders. Irritability, emotional abuse, and depressions are not good taste for a healthy relationship. And stress is also considered an authoritative source of negative attitudes, temper, and resentment towards each other, and a couples therapy exercise could just be calling.

The goal of identifying stress triggers in a marriage or relationship is aimed towards attempting to eliminate the stress triggers. You will quickly get rid of the stress if you can determine its source. Some of the most common stress triggers include financial instability, promiscuity, health concerns, and job issues.

Also, therapists claim that every stress trigger has an obvious remedy which may not seem apparent at first. The couple should first identify the cause of stress in their relationship and further discuss all possible solutions.

5. Unplugging Yourself From Destructive Technology

Among the couples therapy exercises, here is my favorite – “technology.” It is a millennial concern that modern technology has become a bother. Electronic devices bring a lot of destruction to the couple’s attention to each other. It is essential for partners to spend quality time with each other.

Try nights where you are both utterly unplugged from the rest of the universe. It’s good practice to eliminate the distractions from mobile phones, televisions, computers and game consoles. You can take relaxing baths together, massage each other and engage in healthy conversations. The ultimate goal of unplugging yourselves is to provide undivided attention to each other. And it is a must to ensure that you place 100% of all your energy on your spouse.

6. Use Trust Falls To Build Trust in Your Relationship

Trust-falls is usually considered an effective team building exercise. The exercise focuses on building your trust with your team member. You can practice this exercise as the couple therapy exercise with your partner. Although the exercise may at first seem trivial, it bares excellent trust results.

To carry out a trust fall, a spouse stands blindfolded in front of their significant other. The blindfolded spouse initiates a deliberate backward fall upon when their partner catches them. And the spouse behind is supposed to catch their spouse that they don’t fall. The blindfolded spouse must believe and have faith that their partners will catch them if they fall. Fundamentally trusting someone with this very basic act of holding you when you fall, you can now easily trust them with all aspects of your life

7. Leave It To Sunday (Let go list)

The leave it till Sunday technique is tailored for couples that seem to have lots of disagreements. Let’s face it, you can’t settle all issues within a day, some problems are easy to address, but some are more complicated to find a solution immediately. So this couple therapy exercise encourages couples to prioritize their problems. Instead of finding fault on every little thing, they should decide if the issues are worth to make a scene.

According to therapists, they believe that if an issue is set to be addressed on Sunday; perhaps along the week the issue gets forgotten or couples realize they are not critical at all. However, if you recognize the problem could heighten before the end of the week; then it is essential to talk with your partner and find ways to solve the issue.

8. Schedule Special Date Nights Every Week

Date nights occupy an extraordinary place in the hearts of every couple. Regardless of the age. However, for many couples, it is not that easy to make this couple therapy exercise work. As many of them find it hard to go out on a date with your partner considering that you see each other on a regular basis.

However, it is a must if you want to better your relationship. As reconnecting with your spouse at a foreign environment helps to keep your love alive. You can prepare a date night calendar and marks your dates on it, and it’s advisable to stick to the dates rigidly. It will surely help to create real attraction and emotional reconnection towards each other.

9. Spending Intimate Time Together

It’s vital for couples to connect with their spouses on a deeper emotional level more than anyone else in your life. You can start practice this couple therapy exercise by spending 10  – 15 mins to talk and reconnect with your partner before bedtime.

And it is essential to understand that intimacy is not all about sex. You can cuddle each other, hold hands and don’t take your eyes away from your partner. During this couples therapy exercise, you can also express your appreciation and tell your partner how much you value them.

Closing Remarks

Couple therapy exercises are fundamental procedures that would benefit any relationship. It does not matter whether the relationship is perfect. Remember that you can have a fulfilling relationship by taking a small step every day.

Now it’s your turn; you can start to practice the above couples therapy exercises with your partner at home without the need for professional guidance.

Have a blissful relationship!

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