We tell lies every day. Lies are more like a little part of everyday living. Trying to deny you lie is another fat lie. However, telling lies in a relationship can put along built trust into jeopardy. People have put lies into categories. They call the first one white or little lies and the second category fat lies. White or black, thin or fat, all still have a single title, LIE. While dating, it is essential that you do not ignore red flags, this will help you to build a happy relationship. Read on and discover the seven signs you are dating a liar. 

Signs you are dating a liar

Dating A Liar

Regardless of it been a fat lie or a white lie, it does more harm than good to a relationship. Lie builds a long chain and doesn’t go without the need of covering up with another lie.

Once you tell a lie to your spouse, be sure you would have to tell more to cover up the initial single lie. It’s much safer to be open and truthful with your partner to avoid building a castle of lies.

People tend to believe that little or white lies are harmful. But, it is easy to get addicted to these so-called little lies which are capable of turning a person into a chronic liar.

There are signs you need to watch out for to be sure you are not dating a liar.

Some people may think they are trying to protect their relationships by telling lies, and this is not helpful.

Let’s be real, some people are just compulsive or pathological liars, and they can’t seem to part from telling lies. And if you find that your partner is always telling lies, then you are in a Toxic Relationship.

7 Signs You Are Dating A Liar

7 Signs You Are Dating A Liar

If any of the below signs sound familiar to you, then likely you are dating a liar. Don’t ignore these red flags if you want to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your soulmate. Let’s dive into the seven signs you are dating a liar now.

Sign #1: Their stories don’t match up

One of the critical signs you are dating a liar is mismatched stories. They tend to miss their stories up because they don’t even know the story they are telling.

As most of the time, they can’t remember their stories. If you ask them about a thing today, and they come up with a story. Then you ask them again the following week about the same thing, but you find holes in their stories. And the facts will be different.

So, if your partner tells you a story, and you hear another from his friends, then you are dating a pathetic liar. A mismatched story is a sign that you are dating a liar.

Sign #2: They get all defensive when you raise your suspicion

A liar would never want to hear anything about you getting suspicious or thinking there might be a different tale to what they’ve told you.

They never want to hear it. When he tries to avoid talks about your relationship or something you think is not just right about what he told you, you should know something is up. Your partner gets defensive when you try to make a confirmation about a matter as mentioned earlier, and he knows he does not remember again, or he probably does not want to stutter.

When your partner gets defensive about every issue or suspicion you raise due to the fear of been caught, you should take it as a sign that you are dating a liar.

Sign #3: He would always have an excuse

One of the signs you are dating a liar when he always has an excuse. He would always want to make sure he tells a perfect lie. This will make him to always give brilliant excuses.

He doesn’t ever want to be caught, so he has an excuse for whatever you think he didn’t do right. He could go on and on blaming his coworkers, driver, government, employer, parents or even you. All in the name of not wanting to get caught. And this is one of the signs that he will cheat again too.

Sign #4: If he consistently and comfortably lies to other in your presence

Sometimes, we may need to tell one or two lies to get excused from work or other things. However, when your partner does this comfortably and consistently, it is one of the critical signs you are dating a liar.

Compulsive liars tell lies without even realizing it. If he consistently tells lies to other people in your presence, be sure he must have told so many lies to you.

You should go back and think on each of his words to you, connect the dots and you will realize you’ve been dating a liar all along.

7 Signs You Are Dating A Liar

Sign #5: He is secretive

A good relationship is one that you are open and confident enough to let out your secret to your lover.

If you notice your partner keeps secrets from you or he only tells you things when you already have a lead on him, he his indeed a liar.

There are cases that some men seem secretive, but they don’t have things to hide, just that they don’t know how to express his feelings. Read more about the best way to get him to express his feelings openly to you here.

Often, you shouldn’t keep secrets from your partner if you are not into some shady businesses. Also, if your partner is secretive to the extent that you can’t even use his phone in his absence, then the mountain is burning.

Some partners are open with each other to the point they could help with replying to messages. That would be considered a pure and free relationship. If your partner goes around with his phone, pick that as a sign that you are dating a liar.

Sign #6: He works so hard to gain your trust

A liar will continuously check to make sure you believe him. If he always checks to be sure you trust him or believe the things he tells you, then you are dating a liar.

It is only appropriate for you to trust the person you are dating. But it becomes a problem when they don’t believe that you trust them. A liar is always worrisome about getting people’s trust.

A lying partner tends to do a check back to be sure they have all of your trust. If he tries to be convincing by exaggerating issues, be sure that this is one of the signs you are dating a liar.

Sign #7: Your gut always tells you something is just not right

Don’t underestimate the power of your intuition. If you sense something is not right, then something is probably not correct.

Don’t ignore your guts. Your intuition is the check and balance of your soul. Be sure to listen to it and don’t overlook the signs.

No one deserves a liar for a partner. Do not ignore red flags in a relationship. A healthy and stable relationship can never be built on a foundation of lies.

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