Most ladies are in a sort of dilemma. One the one hand, there seem to be very few great guys left in this world; on the other hand, they find it difficult to know when they’ve met the right guy. This scares so many ladies into believing that they might not just be caught out for love. Worse, many give up the search for true love as a result of the heartaches caused by unrequited love and affection. Embrace the love you deserve is an essential book that will guide you to find your love and enjoy the love you deserve. In this article, we’ll find our honest review of this book. 

Embrace The Love You Deserve Book Review

Embrace The Love You Deserve Book Review

Well, if you are a lady who relates to the problems highlighted in the first paragraph, you have nothing to be afraid of anymore. The book Embrace the Love You Deserve offers great depth not only on how to find the right guy but also how to enjoy the bliss and warmth true love has to offer.

There are six well-structured chapters, you’ll learn everything you need to know to fall in love the way it was meant to be. And this review will talk about each of the chapters; also will share with you our thoughts on how this book can be helpful for woman all around the world, who have had a hard time finding true love they deserve!

Chapter 1

One great thing about his chapter is that it actually highlighted the fact that a lot of women have had issues finding love because of certain things that they aren’t doing right. So, this isn’t a book that seems to speak badly about men. No, it helps ladies to be realistic with their expectation while maintaining a standard that men will respect.

This chapter also talks about the different types of guys women like and explains why it is important to know the kind of guy you desire. Well, most often than not, we don’t always fall for our ‘type.’ But this doesn’t stop you from looking for key signs to prove that such a guy might just be the right one for you. The chapter ends with key things a discerning lady should look for in a prospective partner.

Chapter 2

The sentiments shared by the writer of this book in the first paragraph of Chapter 2 had me glued.

Here’s a summary of what the writer wrote which I found to be true in certain cases: “he didn’t leave you because you were not good enough. He left you because he just didn’t realize that you were too good to be true. You didn’t miss out on anything, he did. And when you get back on your feet and get your life back together, he will realize what he lost, but then it will be too late because he got one shot and then he blew it.

So while the first chapter helps ladies to understand that they sometimes are the cause of their failed relationship; chapter 2 helps them understand that if they did the best they could, a failed relationship is not their fault.

The chapter went further to offer practical ways women can deal with the pain that comes from a break-up. Each of the points discussed can really help ladies to handle a break up well and rise like the queen that they are. Lastly, this Chapter encourages ladies to come clean with their partners if they have grown out of love in a way that shows respect.

Embrace The Love You Deserve Book Review

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 basically helps ladies to become a “desirable woman”. It explains that a desirable woman is one who is no mediocrity and is one who knows her value and won’t settle for less. True words!

It highlighted key things that can help a woman become desirable. Each of those qualities mentioned there are true qualities every great guy out there would want to find in a woman.

This chapter, however, still goes deeper. It explains how a lady can build up her self esteem, self-confidence, and how to properly carry out self-evaluation to become better. And this chapter ends with the need for every lady to be happy. We’re all drawn to happy people, and as such, a happy woman is attractive and desirable.

Chapter 4

Women have a unique power that men don’t, and this is their femininity. So great is this power that a woman can use her feminine charms to attract men effortlessly. Sadly, a lot of women do not know how great their power is, and as such, they underutilize it.

And this is what this chapter addresses. It helps women to be in total control of their femininity to charm the hearts of men with ease. A great power indeed!

Chapter 5

This chapter generally discusses how a woman can use both her femininity and the fact that she is desirable to attract a good man. The chapter explains why and how a woman can recognize a good man.

When you eventually find that good man, the chapter will prove helpful to you as both of you work towards starting a relationship. It explains what you should look out for in the relationship and what a woman can do to sustain that budding romance. It will no doubt go a long way in sustaining the relationship you have built with that amazing man you have found. Chapter 5 will help you not to make the mistakes you’ve made in previous relationships.

Embrace The Love You Deserve Book Review

Chapter 6

A relationship should actually be enjoyed and not endured. This is exactly what is talked about in the final chapter. The final chapter will surely help ladies to finally enjoy their relationship with that wonderful guy.

It will help them enjoy everything a relationship offers. The affection, the warmth, the way being in love makes you happy, are all that you stand to enjoy when you go through the wonderful pages of this book.


This is one book that every lady searching for love must read. And if you are already in a relationship with someone who truly loves you, the book can also help you maintain that joy you have in your relationship.

Hope this embrace the love you deserve book review gives you a clear understanding of the benefits of this book, trust me, read it and you won’t regret.

Order this book now and start reading to discover the powers only you as a woman have! And you’ll be amazed at how easy you can get the man of your dream to fall in love with you. And discover how to enjoy a beautiful relationship with no regrets.

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