Do you ever feel like you have a bullseye plastered across your forehead with the words “Ready to Get Hurt” stamped in big red letters? Then it’s time to stop falling for Mr or Mrs Wrong!

Stop Falling for Mr or Mrs WRONG

That might just describe those feelings you have… Especially when you realize that now it’s the 10th time that you’ve fallen for the wrong person.

It’s time that you come to the realization that you have the power to chose the person you want in your life! And not the other way around. You can really attract the one you want to have in your life.

Many times women feel that the men have all the power; however, when you talk to men, they feel it’s the women who have all the power. Believe it or not – it’s BOTH!

Either one can say no and stop a budding romance in its tracks, it really does take two to tango. So, it is important to keep your eyes open and look around before saying yes to the person.

Too many articles will tell you that it’s the way you dress, whether you are good at conversation or the body type that will land you the person of your dreams.

In reality,  it is the person living under your skin who determines how happy or unhappy you are going to be in a relationship based on self-image, self-confidence and self-awareness

In order to avoid falling for Mr or Mrs wrong, let’s start with your awareness of yourself.

It’s time to take a look at the wrong relationships in your life and determine if there is a pattern. And understand the reasons cause to end the relationships.

Are you start your relationship for the wrong reason? Because you are afraid of being alone so you fall for the first person? Or do you think you have a certain “type” of people in mind as your soulmate; but in fact, they are the wrong type?

Or Are you emotionally unavailable so you pick the person you KNOW can’t commit and then you don’t have anything to worry about?

Stop Falling for Mr or Mrs WRONG

Once you can determine what’s going on inside of your own head; you can start to see a pattern of behavior.

Do a self-assessment will hugely help you to understand what you want in a relationship and if you are ready for a relationship? Continune reading the best relationship advice to build a healthy relationship

Whether you want to admit to it or not, if you can’t find any answers from the above self-assessment, you still can get the answers from your friends.

As they watch you without the emotional baggage that you carry around, 
so they probably have the answers to your questions. (Though they have their own, it doesn’t interfere with their assessment of you).

They see what you do and say but are usually too kind to make a mention unless you ask. It is time to ask!

Be ready to be humble and accepting of what they say. You don’t have to respond but you should take it all in and start to process how they see you.

Because that’s exactly how your potential partner will see you too. Positively accept the fact that you aren’t perfect;but with your friends help you can see some of those faults and change them.

And also your self-image plays an important role about what you have in life. This is how you see yourself, not necessarily how others see you. And ladies, building the ideal self-image will help you to become the irresistible women to men. 

So it is time to make them both the same. How you want people to see you then you need to hold this self-image in your mind as well.

By getting feedback from others who are honest, you can learn the differences between what you think you are like in public and what you are really like. They should be as aligned as possible to improve your self-confidence.

When you know who you are, how you look to others and what you want, you’ll have more confidence in going after it and making it your own. This is just another name for self-confidence. This will greatly help you to stop falling for the Mr or Mrs Wrong!

You are free NOT to pick the person who has trouble connecting, who gets angry easily, who is emotionally immature or hasn’t really left adolescence.

And you can prevent falling for Mr or Mrs wrong by understanding what exactly you want and holding that self-image which will help you to achieve your goal in life.

This is YOUR time in life and it’s time for you to become a Love Magnet! Also, it’s your time to be the best you that you can be! You are on the way to meet your True Love!

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