Generally when we find ourselves really connecting with a guy, inevitably the mind wanders to the infamous question: what’s next? Now, of course, your first step is going to be asking yourself what you want with this guy. If you’re not feeling it, it might be a good time to ease off the gas and back up. However, if you find yourself wondering what it might be like to have something real with this guy. But he’s not jumping on the next steps; you might be wondering how you can get your guy to be ready. And this is why we have compiled this awesome list of ways to get him to commit! Read on.

5 Ways To Get Him To Commit

How To Get Him To Commit

Many relationship advice out there teaching women how to get men to commit. I don’t think there are any secret tips you can get him to commit. But definitely, there are ways you can help him want to settle down with you.

Naturally, you’ll fall in love with someone who you are genuinely attracted; many people call it true love. However, to get him to commit, you do need to have more than attraction. 

And you may also know by now that, many guys tend to pull away when ladies start to demand the man to commit. There are many underlying reasons why men avoid commitment; however, the truth is that they all want to commit! 

You should not be upset or angry if he has not yet committed to you, don’t be upset. It’s an indicator that he is not yet convinced that he should let go of the entire forest for you!

As most of the time, they are not so sensitive and simply put it, they are quite blind!😅😅 That’s why the trick of walking away to get him to commit works. It gives him a chance to see the whole picture.

And also, it doesn’t mean that you are not good enough! You need to make him see clearly that you are the perfect match for him. And you guys are meant to be together

Here are five practical and useful ways you can apply to get him to commit to you. Start from today!

5 Ways To Get Him To Commit

5 Ways To Get Him To Commit

1. Make Sure That You’re Girlfriend Material

This is one of the essential tips you must not ignore if you want to get him to commit.

There is more to being girlfriend material than just looking cute and hanging out with your potential beau a lot. To show him why he should take the next step; you have to show him what you bring to the table as a girlfriend.

In other words, you are talking with him about real stuff, looking below the surface level, and starting your role in supporting him and his future. So if you genuinely want to take your love to the next stage, then you need to work towards that stage. 

So start to listen to him more, providing insights when he needs a sounding board. And it’s time to show him that you’re not just there because he looks hot in a leather jacket.

If he feels the values you could bring to his life; then chances are he’ll consider committing more quickly. Always remember that we need someone who can bring the best version of ourselves in life.

2. Make Sure That He Has Something to Work For

I know, this might seem contradictory to the previous point. But the point we want to make is that it is a balance.

If he wants to have a claim to your time and energy, then make him prove why he’s worth it. And do you know that you can make him addicted to you; if you know how to trigger his hero instinct in a balanced way?

For example, if every time you guys are hanging out; it seems to be more about you doing things for him than him reciprocating them. Then, don’t give him all of your energy.

A good relationship is built on balancing give and take, which means he needs to pull his weight.

And importantly, don’t play mind games in a relationship, as it won’t help you go far. It may have effects for a while, but it won’t help you in the long run; as it is indeed a toxic mentality.

However, instead, make sure you’re matching his output to keep it fair and keep him wanting more.

3. Don’t Match the Crazy Girl Trope

There is nothing that will prevent a guy from committing quite like the girl who can’t be left alone or freaks out any time she’s mildly annoyed.

So being clingy doesn’t look cute on anyone, and eventually, he’ll find himself irritated by your every move. When you have a problem with him, communicate it openly to him and open it up for a discussion.

Do not yell, pout, or say hurtful things because you’re upset as it isn’t healthy for you or him. Instead of being jealous of other girls potentially being in his life, talk to him about it.

Until you’re in a committed relationship, you have no claim to him, just like he has no claim to you. Hence, it’s critical to work to communicate and keep the dialogue flowing. So you both know where you stand.

One of the top tips you must follow if you want to get him to commit to you soon!

4. Talk to Him About It

Noone likes guessing games, and generally, both parties end up hurt with them.

If you think that you might be ready for something more serious with him, ask him about it in a calm and relaxed way. And You don’t have to stick with the infamous what are we?

Instead, tell him that you’ve enjoyed your time with him, thinking that you might be ready to stop dating other people, then ask him if he feels the same. Sometimes you can tell from those signs he’s into you, but not yet telling you. 

Chances are neither of you are dating other people, but if you are, this opens a healthy doorway to talk about that commitment and see where you both stand on it.

So don’t be afraid to ask him after you know if you want to have the real deal with him.

Very important, don’t do it for your ego! In other words, don’t try to get him to commit because you have been with him for a while and he has not wanted to commit. You know what I mean, right? 

5. Make Sure That Your Real Effort is Going to Yourself

A good relationship about the bonding you both can create together. It’s not wise to make him feel that you’re so eager to see him and have him for every single minute of every single day.

By doing so, you’re radiating out the ‘pressure’ vibes that will push him away.  As in fact, every man is so afraid that he will lose his own life, friends, and hobbies after committing to a relationship.

As you move forward in your relationship, make sure that you’re taking the time to sit down and continue to work on being your best self. Until you have that commitment, your number one commitment is still to you!

That means you need to take the time to do what you want to do, enforce boundaries where you need them, and focus on loving yourself. And don’t only look nice on days when you know you’re going to see him.

It’s important to look cute every day because you deserve that effort and boost your confidence.

Besides, if he spontaneously wants to hang out and sees you looking good. Then he might begin to worry that other guys might be thinking the same thing. Ans he will start wondering about commitment even more (Thanks, Beyoncé).

5 Ways To Get Him To Commit


The most important thing to remember about commitment is that you both have to want it.

If you’re running yourself into the ground trying to get a commitment from the guy who isn’t interested, you’re not doing either of you any favors.

So it’s important to make sure that you’re in the right place in your life and emotionally to pursue a committed relationship before you start working to make him see your intentions.

And always remember that it should be about what is best for both of you. But, if the vibes feel right and you are starting to wonder what the next stage of dating might look like. Then you can take the time to try some of these techniques and see if you can’t make your guy understand where your head is at with it.

It just might be that he isn’t sure if you’re ready to commit, so being more upfront about what you might be a huge relief! You can get him to commit by demonstrating the above to him!

Good luck out there!

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