Starting a relationship is relatively easier than maintaining and sustaining them. Sustaining a relationship is not as difficult as it seems to be, as long as both parties are willing to give more than they take. In this article, you’ll learn the top ten tips for a good relationship.

Top 10 Tips For A Good Relationship

Top 10 Tips For A Good Relationship

A good relationship is attainable, but it requires effort from both parties. Many are consumed with the fantasy of having a good relationship but are not ready to make sacrifices that will help their relationships grow.

Building a good relationship requires your deliberate effort to put some actions into consideration. These actions help to ensure a healthy relationship with your partner.

1. Start By Loving Yourself

This is one of the critical tips for having a good relationship. If you do not love yourself or feel good about yourself, you cannot effectively love anyone. You should be able to make yourself happy before you can make your partner happy. Find true happiness from appreciating yourself, and then extend it to your partner.

Many people go into relationships with the sole aim of looking for love. They enter into relationships hoping that the love and attention they get from their partners will cover up for their low self-esteem and absence of self-love. However, this doesn’t work! You must love yourself first before anyone can even love you. More so, loving yourself means that you have positive energy to give and you will have to find someone who is worth providing that energy for.

2. Be Honest 

This is a significant aspect of every relationship. A relationship built on lies will easily crumble because there is no trust. When you are in a good relationship, naturally you trust your partner. You should learn to strengthen the trust between you guys by practicing the powerful trust-building exercises regularly.

Also, it’s important to be transparent with your partner, learn to tell your partner the truth all the time, even when it is not convenient for you. Delaying the fact can be very dangerous as your partner can find out for himself before you get the chance to tell him. No matter how much you think the truth might hurt, you just have to let the cat out of the bag because it makes things easier for both of you. Don’t give up if you’ve lost trust in your relationship, learn to do those things to rebuild the trust.

3. Forgive Easily

It is normal to fight sometimes in every relationship. However, it is best to make up immediately. If you are wrong, then say sorry. It doesn’t make you less than you are. And when your partner apologizes, don’t hesitate to forgive and put it all behind you. Never go to bed angry with your partner.

Forgiveness plays an essential role in a good relationship. There will be times you are going to get offended and hurt, but sometimes you just must look away and move on after stating your grievance responsibly. Leave past arguments in the past and don’t get them tangled in a current discussion as this can raise a big issue. And this is also a useful tip to grow intimacy in a relationship or marriage.

4. Appreciate Your Partner Even For Little Things

A little appreciation every now and then helps to encourage your partner. No matter how small the deed is, you should let him know that you appreciate it. It might be for things you expect him to do for you ordinarily, like carrying your grocery bag; calling to check on you; dropping you off at home or at a friend’s house; helping you get a drink at a party or even buying you a gift.

Learn to say THANK YOU when you should. And on a side note, you must know that words are compelling and using them positively in your relationship is very beneficial. Couples are in good relationships often use like, “sorry,” “please,” and “thank you,” freely without being coaxed to do so. Therefore, it’s your turn to cultivating such habits to build a good relationship.

5. Support Your Partner When He Needs It, Even If He Doesn’t Ask For it

Everyone needs someone to fall back on in their time of need or trouble. You should be able to be your partner’s life support when he needs it. He doesn’t always have to ask for it, you should be able to tell when his mood is unusual and ask him what is wrong. If you can do anything to fix it, you shouldn’t hesitate. When your partner is happy, you will definitely be happy. By lending your supports sincerely, will not only help to build a good relationship, but also will make him love you more.

Top 10 Tips For A Good Relationship

6. Adjust To Each Other’s Lifestyle, Not Try To Change Him

In order to have a good relationship, you need to have the mindset that you can only adjust to each other’s lifestyle, but not to change him. Anyone who starts a relationship with the mindset of changing the character of their partner is headed for a dead end. You cannot change your partner, you can only make little adjustments and improve their lifestyle. You should not force your partner into being who you want him to be. If you can’t cope with the man he is, he probably is not for you. You like BECAUSE, but you love DESPITE, so learn to deal with your partner’s flaws.

7. Manage Your Expectations Rationally 

It’s vital to understand everyone is different and it’s understandable if your partner can’t meet your expectations even you are in a good relationship. All humans are built differently, and no two people are the perfect match. You should realize that people make mistakes and things don’t work out as planned every time.

When things don’t turn out the way you expect, you should be able to manage your thoughts well. Instead of focusing on what he has not done, or done well, you should focus on what he has done and done well. That way, you will not get angry, disappointed or irritated easily. You should also learn to talk to him if you feel sad about him not doing something right because he is human, and he can’t know everything.

8. Respect Each Other

Respect is reciprocal and it is also one of the top things men want in a relationship. A good relationship doesn’t exist without respect. If you respect your partner, he will not want to disrespect you.

Respect in a relationship doesn’t always have to do with submission. It is basically setting boundaries when necessary and letting your partner know he has a little personal space. You should not rule out all sense of privacy except if you notice a skeleton in his cupboard. And you should know that, even though you are in a relationship with your man, he is still entitled to his own space and all you need to do is respect that.

9. Spend Time With Each Other 

You may hear about this advice to build a good relationship before, the reason why I listed it here again means it is really critical. A relationship’s growth is determined by how much time you are willing to spend with your partner. When you create time for each other, it helps you grow fonder. No matter how busy you are, try to create a little time for your partner. It helps you to avoid the saying “out of sight, out of mind.”

Love grows weaker when you ghost him off. Also, spending time together helps to strengthen the bond between the two of you. When you spend more time with him, you get to know more about him, and the more you know about him the more he sees your efforts to show that you genuinely care for him. With these in place, you are on your way to having the best relationship you could ever have.

10. Ensure Good Sexual Health For You And Your Partner

Having intimacy with your partner is essential for a good relationship. Also, maintain a good sexual health is critical. Therefore, it’s advisable to learn to use protection to prevent diseases or unplanned for pregnancies. This is also where the area of maturity comes in. If your partner demands of you to go get a check-up, you should be mature enough to know that he is genuinely doing so and not showing signs of distrust.

Do you like the above tips for a good relationship? Now it’s your turn to apply the above tips to build a healthy and loving relationship. Enjoy the love you deserve. 💕💕🙌🙌

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