The phases of a relationship can be interesting and confusing. You start out uncertain and flirty. Then, you’ll transition to interested and fun. Eventually, you end up comfortable and happy. This is where it can get a little weird. As you don’t seem to have so much fun as before. That may be a subtle hint for an unhealthy relationship; if you don’t do anything soon it may cause to end a relationship. So in this article, we’ll guide you on how to have more fun in a relationship.

8 Ways To Have More Fun In A Relationship

8 Ways To Have More Fun In A Relationship

It’s normal and common if you might be thinking about all of the ways that you used to flirt with each other. You might be calling all of the fun that you used to have.

And now, you’re probably watching too much mind-numbing tv at night over takeout and beginning to wonder how you guys slowed down so much.

But the good news is that it’s completely normal. It’s a phase that every couple hits, and you literally just have to work through it.

This is why we have made a list of ways to have more fun in your relationship to help you reignite the spark.

1. Be Playful

This habit can decline a lot after you’ve gotten to know each other very well. But, it stands to reason, if you want to have more fun in your relationship, you have to be playful.

As nothing will make you realize how much fun you stopped having quite like being playful with your partner. This can be done by teasing them about something, challenging them to a game, or even just starting a pillow fight.

Take the time to break tradition and do something simply fun. It’s amazing how thrilled people are when you act like this with them. Watch how easily they fall into the same playful mood with you!

2. Flirt More

You might think that it’s silly to flirt with someone that you have been with for a while, but flirting is an easy way to blow off steam. But flirting with your partner is a way to have more fun in a relationship.

Not only does it spice up your encounters and encourage intimacy, but flirting can have a ton of fun. A surprising truth is that flirting with your significant other is even more fun when you’re a little out of practice.

Chances are, you’ll find yourselves laughing and having a good time over your out of touch attempts.

8 Ways To Have More Fun In A Relationship

3. Be Spontaneous

Routines make the world spin. And no one can question their almighty power. However, when fun is your goal, routines tend to smother it.

One of the best ways to have more fun with your partner is to go out and do something spontaneous. You can try to do dinner at ANda cool place or go see a movie you’re not that sure about.

The important part is that you’re going out and doing something together. Chances are, you’ll find yourself laughing and with plenty to talk about.

4. Spice Things Up

Spice things up is critical if you want to have more fun in a relationship. As one cannot underestimate the power of adult fun.

Sometimes, fun can be had in ways that are a little more pleasurable. Consider spicing up your love life by talking with your partner about some more unique approaches.

Find something that you can agree on trying, and give it a go. Adult fun can be a little awkward when you’re first trying new things, which leaves a ton of room for laughter and inside jokes.

5. Do Something Fun Together

An easy way to have more fun in your relationship is to take the time to actually go out and have more fun.

This means trying something new and unusual for you both that includes letting loose. Things, like playing laser tag or going to an arcade, can be a blast. And it will surely have you two bonding in no time.

Never underestimate the power of going out for a good time. A game of mini golf is never just a game of mini golf when you’re with someone that you love. Continue reading the 51 fun activities to do with your partner if you need any inspirations.

6. Break the Rules

So much of what we do is governed by rules. And this can put us in a rigid mindset, which can make it hard to remember to have fun.

Have fun is an important factor for a healthy relationship. It keeps us sane and releases tension in a relationship. So, every once in a while, break the rules.

If you don’t usually eat in bed, try it one night. If you normally keep the bathroom spotless, let loose with some colored bathtub markers. You don’t have to live a life of total chaos, but breaking the rules can be fun for both of you. Give it a try!

8 Ways To Have More Fun In A Relationship

7. Play Pranks on Each Other

This might seem childish, but that is the fun of it. Playing a cute of goofy prank on your significant other is generally a great way to get them laughing and pull them out of the lull of daily life.

Don’t go over the top. A lot of pranks on the internet are blatantly toxic. But, do have some fun with a little prank every once in a while, even if it’s just jumping out from around the corner. So it can a great way to have more fun in a relationship.

8. Bring Back Old Memories

A great way to have fun with your significant other is to recall some of the fun memories that you’ve had.

Every relationship is full of silly stories and beautiful memories, so try to bring some of them back in conversation over a bottle of wine.

And you might find that you both end up on the ground shaking with laughter. It can build a lot of affection to recall fond memories, and they are always great for a good laugh!

You can even disclose embarrassing truths that the other person might not have known like an unseen shaving mishap or a time you made up a silly excuse. Because you were too embarrassed the share the truth.

It will bring you two closer together while allowing you to have fun at the same time!


There is not a single person alive that would not benefit from having a little more fun sprinkled in their day. When there are two people intimately sharing a life together, it is easy to get comfortable and complacent.

However, this can be detrimental for a relationship and to your outlook on life. And this is why we encourage everyone to focus on bringing fun back into their daily lives.

Also, it’s important for you to put having more fun in your relationship as your priority. Sharing fun experiences with someone that you love is one of the greatest things that you can do!

Start to have more fun with your loved one today…

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Have more fun! 🤩🤩😄😄

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