Breakups, separations or divorce can do damages, especially to the heart. Heal a broken heart is not that easy as it seems to be. Especially when your broken heart makes you feel like the end of the world, the pain is too heavy to carry, nothing seems possible. Don’t despair, in this article you’ll learn the 28 ways to heal a broken heart.

28 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

I get you! And I know how painful you have to deal with a broken heart. I suffered a horrible breakup a few years ago, and until now, sometimes I still feel the pain when I ‘touch’ my heart.

Hence, I’d like to share these 28 ways I used to heal my broken heart before; hope can help you to heal a broken heart too, read on.

After ending a relationship with the one who meant everything to you before, naturally, you will feel lost, upset, angry and lonely. And it’s normal to feel like this because there is an empty hole in your heart, where the other person used to stay.

The future that you’ve planned together is crumbled right in front of your eyes now; the person who used to be the closest person to you, soon became a stranger.

It is a bit frightening to know that you have to be completely independent now as the person you used to love and care for has left your world. And of course, you feel lost to face everything on your own.

You may doubt if a broken heart can be healed? Yes, you can heal a broken heart. And it’s simple but not easy. As it takes courage and time. But eventually, you can get over those painful experiences. But you have to believe that you’ll love again.

28 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

Below is a list of my top 28 ideas to heal a broken heart. If you are going through a tough breakup moment now, then you should try the below ways, which can help to lessen your pain and stress.

If you want to know the step-by-step approach to heal a broken heart, you can check my other article Best Tips To Cope With A Breakup Here.

Before we dive into the 28 ways to heal a broken heart, I want to share the essential principle that worked wonderfully for many people to heal their broken hearts.

Go through it, not go around it!

This is the most useful and effective principle to heal a broken heart. But, of course, it is a difficult path to embark on after breakups.

However, if you could understand it and apply it to your life, you will be delighted by the positive results you are going to receive. And in my opinion, this is a critical phrase that you should pay more attention to when you try to heal a broken heart. Indeed, it’s painful, but it won’t last long if you can do it correctly.

28 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

1. Acknowledge it

It requires courage to acknowledge that you are hurt, and it is critical to admit it. Don’t try to hide or ignore it, and I know it is painful to remind yourself about it. But, acknowledge is the first step to heal your broken heart.

2. Understand the cause

Compared to the first point, this way will be more intense. It’s not easy to dig out the causes for breakup, split-up, separation or divorce. But it’s essential.

Many relationship experts suggest people not to think about the past, let go of them; However, I will recommend you do this step before letting go of the past. It’s necessary to gain an understanding of the reasons that lead to breakups. If you could not get the reasons from your ex, just name one for your relationship.

Being human beings, we are driven by curiosity. if you don’t understand the “WHY” now, it will keep hanging in your mind. So this is one of the critical steps to heal a broken heart.

3. Release your feelings

To heal a broken heart, you need to release your feelings. As this is the way to allow healing to happen. So don’t suppress your feelings!

Give yourself a moment each day to feel your emotions without feeling bad.

4. Cry

To cry is an excellent way to release your feelings. And it’s also a must-go-through phrase to heal a broken heart.

Maybe you can’t cry when you let your feelings bubble up, but you may cry for little other things you won’t cry for last time. Such as, if you forgot to bring your key, or you broke a glass, or your boss gave you a hard time. When you feel like crying, just cry.

Don’t suppress them down, and be sure that it is normal to feel in such ways. You are not mad or crazy. Importantly, don’t bring any unnecessary stress or judgments to yourself.

5. Talk it out

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Talk to someone whom you want to talk to, the person you can be vulnerable with comfortably. It’s not a bad idea to share your frustration, anger, sadness or any sorts of emotions with this person.

But do express your appreciation to the person, don’t make him or she feel like being used. If you could not find anyone, you can talk to a picture or a pet.

The idea here is to pour out all the complains, frustrations and anger in you without bringing back any negative feedback or thoughts. One of the effective ways to heal a broken heart.

6. Stop blaming yourself

Regardless if you are still blaming yourself for what you have done wrong? Or blaming yourself for being with a wrong person? Or blaming yourself for wasting time and effort? Stop blaming yourself!

Continuing blaming yourself will never change anything;  it will only make yourself feel bad. So don’t be so hard to yourself, and let go of it. Start to practice self-love on a regular basis will help to heal a broken heart quickly.

7. Keep the ‘good time’ memories

Although you should not keep thinking about your ex, I advocate the idea of keeping the good time memories.

You may hate the person, or you may not have any feelings towards the person anymore. But the ‘good time’ memories are part of your life experience, and you don’t have to force yourself to forget about them.

Keep those great memories; be grateful that those beautiful things happened before. It will not only act as a catalyst for you to heal your broken heart but also help you to get more great things in the future.

8. Pause social media

During this healing period, you should pause or stop all your social media activities.

Negative comments or events will not do any good to you. So checking on or stalking what your ex is doing or other people’s comments on your relationship will only bring unnecessary burden.

The best way is to STOP everything for a while, let your mind settle, and your heart heal.

9. Buy yourself flowers

peonies - Love magnet

Surround yourself with beautiful flowers. You’ll see the hopes when you see them blossom. Peonies are the incredible flowers that help to heal a broken heart. A blooming peony flower will spread vibes that encourage one’s spirits and unfold your purity. If you are not able to get peonies, you can also get pink roses too.

10. Start your passion project

It’s the best opportunity to start something you wanted to do for a long time. If you’re going to learn how to arrange flower, start a project to work on it.

Or if you like to cook, start your homely receipts. If you are passionate about drawing, create your masterpiece now. The idea here is to start something you truly love, not for the sake of making money. But of course why not if you can earn some.

11. Learn to do meditation

You can connect to the love and above energies through mediation. And it will help you to express yourself passionately. An excellent practice to heal a broken heart.

12. Gratitude list

During the healing process, there are times you will still feel down and sad. But don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel so. However, whenever you have such depressing thoughts, try to list down at least ten things you are grateful for in your life. Being thankful will help you to feel happy quickly.

13. Bubble bath

Bubble bath - love magnet

It is a great way to relax and pamper yourself. And this is one of the effective ways to heal a broken heart. You can include some essential oil to enhance your experience; try to have few drops of Lavender essential oil in your bath will help you to relax and heal.

14. Have good sleep

Couldn’t sleep is a common problem for many people who just ended relationships. If you are one of them, I feel you, and I know how tough it can be to force yourself to fall asleep. Even though physically you are exhausted.

essential oil - love magnet

Have a good sleep is very essential to healing a broken heart. Though falling asleep can be hard for you, but you must do it for yourself!

If you do have difficulties to relax, try my remedy of using essential oil mix (apply 2– 3 drops of chamomile, lavender, and peppermint essential oil to your temples for an immediate relaxation.)

You also can try to sprinkle a few drops of Lavender oil on your pillow to help you fall asleep.

15. Clean your house or room

It is a good idea to do a spring cleaning when you feel down. It’ll help you to shift the energy and make you feel better. One of the ways you can try when you try to heal your broken heart.

16. Say NO to couple outings

Don’t feel bad or judge yourself when you find it is hard for you to hang out with couples. Just tell your couple friends you do not feel so comfortable at the moment, don’t worry what they think.

If they are your friends and they will understand and spend time with you alone when there are chances.

17. Book a Spa/Massage

Enjoy! Get yourself a massage or a spa package. There are many beautiful things await for you to experience.

18. Get some rose quartz

crystals - love magnet

Whether you believe or not, crystals are perfect for healings. I have different types of crystals at home, I can’t explain how they work, but I did notice the changes.

So you can try to get some rose quartz; as they can lower stress and tension in the heart. It also helps to clear anger, resentment and other negative emotions. Many people use it to attract love too.

19. Take a short trip

If the time and finance allow, you should take a short trip to heal your broken heart. It’s an excellent opportunity to start to appreciate many beautiful things in your life. You can go alone or check with your girlfriends if you guys can have a girls’ trip.

20. Buy something you wish you could get from your ex.

21. Help somebody

This is a powerful way when it comes to healing a broken heart. When you are sad, depressed, don’t let your negative energy stay too long in you.

Instead, you can turn that energy to help others. Maybe your friends, or someone you know or someone you don’t know. You’ll feel happier when you help people, especially people appreciate your efforts.

22. Self-love

Be kind to yourself and love yourself unconditionally. It’s useful to tell yourself how much you love yourself; I know it may sound a bit weird. But it works! After a while you will get used to it then you will see the changes. Read more on the 12 daily self-love tips here.

23. Learn to take a deep breath

Take a deep breather is the easy way to relax and calm ourselves down. Many people forgot to do it, especially when we are in shock or severe grief. Remember to take a deep breath: inhale and exhale.

24. See a therapist

If you find it too much for you to handle, the best way is to find a trustworthy therapist or counselor to guide you objectively. It’s one of the crucial ways to heal a broken heart.

25. Self-improvement

Make a decision to work on yourself, especially your mind. Read books or take up courses to increase your awareness of yourself and the world. Learn to become the irresistible women whom you want to be.

26. Have a body checkup

Forget about this point if you had just done your annual body check a few months ago. If not yet, then you should do it. See if you need to improve your overall health anyway?

27. Spend time with your family

Your family always wants the best for you, and they want you to be happy. So don’t worry to show your vulnerable side in front of them, they won’t judge you, instead, they will support whatever they could. So you can heal a broken heart by spending more time with your family! Enjoy the love together.

28. Read this blog post and this blog post

Hope the above tips can help you lessen your pain during the process to heal a broken heart.

28 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

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