If you are in a relationship, you would no doubt love the person you are with. As a lady, nothing would please you more than seeing your prince charming’s face light up with a smile for some action you took. One way to keep those smiles coming through is by finding ways to appreciate your man on a regular basis. The good thing is that there are so many ways in which you can achieve this. The only thing you would need is effort and probably a little bit of creativity. In this article, you’ll discover simple tips on how to make a man feel appreciated.

How To Make A Man Feel Appreciated? Don't Miss Those Essential Tips!

How To Make A Man Feel Appreciated

Here are some of the top ways to make a man feel appreciated and valued; and make a man feel appreciated is also a surely-fire way to make him realize your importance and want you more!

1. Food

Oh, yes! This is one of the simple ways you can make a man feel appreciated. According to scientifical research, most men are suckers for food. Therefore, one way you can do this is getting your man some of his tasty favorites. This is where you get creative.

You could make a list of all the things you feel he is in love. Snacks, dishes and what have you. Try to make a list of them and try to sort out the ones you feel he would be most delighted to eat. Then serve him when he least expects. You are definitely on the right track.

2. Work on yourself

This is not the direct way to make your man feel appreciated; however, it’s one of the most effective tips on how to make a man feel appreciated. Most of the time, a man would feel so much better with himself when he sees you working on yourself to be better with him.

And when it comes to working on yourself, there are so many things which you can do to make improvements. One of them would surely be working out. Another way you can do this is by eating good food.

You can also choose to work on yourself emotionally and mentally. Trying to stay positive by constantly reading inspirational books. And fill your life with positive thoughts would spur your man on to greatness. Your man would feel valued and treat you like his wild card. Isn’t that just wonderful?

3. Space

While a relationship means that you guys would become so much closer, you would have to know when to give him space. Men are like everyone else and would need some time on their own once in a while.

Your man would feel appreciated if you regularly give him enough space. You could even get creative here by making plans for him and the boys once in a while. It is important to realize that without some much-needed space, there would not be a relationship very soon.

4. Compliments against nagging

Many men complain of their partner constantly nagging. You should make sure that you are NOT one of those ladies. Make a conscious effort to avoid nagging your man. As it is one of the common mistakes in relationships you should avoid.

In fact, most men need the opposite of nagging. Compliments! Making sure that you compliment your man on the smallest of things could bring out the most charming of smiles. Try to replace any temptation which you may have with some sweet words. Make sure that it is genuine. Most men might notice. Learn the 10 simple love sayings to him that will make him love you more!

How To Make A Man Feel Appreciated? Don't Miss Those Essential Tips!


5. Romance and Intimacy

Another thing which could make your man feel appreciated is your level of intimacy. We live in a world where men are always expected to initiate intimacy. Sometimes, you should initiate it.

You would be surprised just how much your man would love that. It would make him feel sexier and wanted. Also trying to take the lead when it comes to romance and making romantic gestures. It’s important to remember that words have a profound effect on how your man views your relationship and himself. Your man would slowly come to feel appreciated and to value you more in return.

6. Apologize when you are in the wrong

Personally, this was hard for me to do, even though I was the one in wrong. As I always believed that if my man adores me, he should tolerate all the BS from me. However,  I was wrong! Simply I took his kindness and understanding for granted. If you have a similar mentality as mine, please change it now!

You will be amazed how much you can make your man feel appreciated when you apologize when you are in the wrong, even for little small things. It costs you nothing to say SORRY! (maybe only your ego). But it will surely make your significant half feel respected.

As humans, we are bound to make mistakes from time to time. However, these mistakes can cause a strain on your relationship if you do not apologize. So try to make sure that you say “I am sorry” when you are in the wrong. Those three words have the ability to not only strengthen your relationship but to also make your man feel like he is special to you.

7. Communication

Communication is the very core of every relationship. Without adequate communication, you can hardly say that you are in a relationship. Unsurprisingly, one way you can show your man that you appreciate and value him is through communication. It can be done through words or actions.

However, the ability to tell your man what is wrong with you might be overlooked by many women. but it is vital to ensuring your partner understand you through words or your actions. Let him know that you trust him and he is the one you can share your deepest secrets. One of the important tips on how to make a man feel appreciated.

8. Advice

Sometimes, you might find yourself at crossroads, confused about the next step you should take. This would be a good time to ask your man for advice. Granted, you might not follow the advice every single time as it is still your decision; however, the gesture of seeking advice from him will make him feel appreciated.

As it will boost his self-worth and make him feel valued. Your man will feel empowered and he will try his best to guide you. It’s also a great way of building an emotional connection with your partner. By doing this regularly, you would be increasing the value of your man and make your relationship a loving one.


There are other things which you can do to make your man feel appreciated. Chief among them would be gift giving. Perhaps getting your man that gadget he always wanted could make him feel special. Try to make sure that you know what he likes before getting him anything.

One of the most facets of any relationship is making your partner happy. If your man is making you happy in many ways that you did not expect; then it is certainly time to return the favor in full force. It is the least your man deserves for being so loving towards you.

Learn to make your man feel appreciated will not only help to build a good relationship; it will also help to prevent your man from pulling away.

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