While on the first date, most ladies look out for several means to impress a guy. And hope to take their relationship status to another level. On the first date, there are several important factors you need to take note of and put into practice in order to make a good impression of your date. Impressing a guy on a first date may seem like a difficult task. But in reality, it is very easy to achieve. In this article, we will be sharing several tips on how to impress a guy on the first date.

How To Impress A Guy On The First Date

How To Impress A Guy On The First Date

Let’s dive into the eight useful tips on how to impress a guy on the first date.

1. Be Pleasant

Have a pleasant personality is a very important way of impressing a guy on the first date. Most guys are attracted and are impressed by ladies who demonstrate a pleasant attitude to them and to everything around them.

The goal here is not to pretend to be pleasant. The actual goal here is to truly be pleasant by forming the attitude which will make you become irresistible to men. Thinking of how to impress a guy on the first date? This is one of the most important tips you need.

2. Dress Properly

This is another great way to impress a guy, especially on the first date. For the ladies, it is very important to dress nicely and to dress properly in order to impress the guys. There are a lot of guys that automatically develop a very negative impression about you when you dress in a provocative manner.

Dressing the wrong way by lead to several thoughts and several actions which may turn out to be unpleasant during the first date. In order to avoid such actions from happening, it is important to dress the way you want to be addressed in order to impress these guys. Need more tips on how to be more attractive, read this article about 8 scientific ways to be more attractive to men here.

3. Be Nice

Being nice to everyone on the first date is essential and it is one of the best tips to impress a guy on the first date. Being nice to the staff, and the people around will give a long lasting and positive impression in the mind of the guy.

While on the first date, talk to the staff politely with a very nice smile and treat the people around you with respect. Treat your date with a very warm and loving kind of attitude that is bound to leave a good impression on his heart. This is a very good way to impress a guy on the first date.

How To Impress A Guy On The First Date

4. Pay attention during the date

What most ladies do is that, while they are on a date, they tend to be distracted by a lot of things. Things like their phone, different clothes and styles of the people around them; which may end up making the date go wrong. Avoid making little mistakes that will ruin your first date.

However, when you are on a date, you should pay more attention to your date instead of constantly being distracted. As it will give your date a signal that you are bored and uninterested. Most guys are always impressed when a lady gives them full attention especially when they are on conservation. Pay close attention to your date and he will be very impressed.

5. Be yourself

A lot of guys are impressed especially when a girl is authentic and is being herself during the first date. This first date is usually to know each other and exhibiting a fake attitude during the first date is not proper.

As a lady, one thing you should know is that on the first date, imitating another person’s character, habit or lifestyle may turn out to be very detrimental and may lead to a negative outcome of the first date.

From the way you talk to the way you act, to your dressing, everything should speak originality. Try as much as you can to not imitate others. Being yourself is one of the useful tips on how to impress a guy on the first date.

6. Do not feel entitled

Most times, when a lady goes out on a date, she makes the mistake of expecting several privileges and several entitlements. However, demanding those entitlements on your first date will make most guys turn off.

Being a lady, it is important to not feel entitled during your date in order not to cause any trouble. Do not expect him to pay for everything. Even if he is supposed to, you can offer to pay for certain things and he will be impressed by this.

Also, do not expect to have certain privileges. And most importantly, do not expect him to spend frivolously on you because you are out on the date. Once you don’t have that sense of entitlement during the date; it will make the guy very impressed at your attitude. Subsequently, it will make him want to carry you out on other dates. Therefore, it’s essential for you to be aware of this essential tip.

7. Be Fascinating

A fascinating lady is always bound to impress a guy in every way, that’s why it is important that you turn out to be very fascinating during your first date. So you should show him that you are an interesting person. And you need to make sure he knows that you are full of knowledge about various aspects of life.

Most guys like a lady who is intellectually competent and knows what to do at the right time. Once you are this kind of person, you do not only get his attention, but you make him impressed.

8. Show him that you have goals for yourself

This is one of the important tips on how to impress a guy on the first date. As it makes a significant difference when you show your date that you have specific goals for yourself and your future.

Most times, there are some ladies that just want to get into these dates. And they end up in a relationship without having anything to offer or having any goals to achieve. Therefore, show your date that you can bring something to the table in terms of ideas and you have plans for your future. This will make him very impressed and always want to be with you.

Last by not least, it’s critical for you to keep learning and keep discovering about yourself. Learn to embrace the love you deserve is essential.


Like it was said in the beginning, impressing a guy is not a difficult task. Once you follow these few steps on your first date, you will create a very positive impression on his heart.

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