So you’ve been dating this guy for some time and while you’re trying not to overthink things. However, you also want to know if you should keep investing your time and emotions into the relationship. You can’t help but wonder if he’s ‘the one.’ If you want to find out the answers, read on and learn how to know he is the one in this article.

How To Know He Is The One? Essential signs you can't ignore if you want to find your true love

How To Know He Is The One

Sure you get butterflies whenever he smiles at you, and whenever you’re with him, the rest of the world ceases to exist. But you still need tangible signs to know for sure that he is the one. This list below can help you get the answer to your question!

Sign #1: He makes you a priority

When he puts you on top of his list, it’s one of the signs that he is the one. Everyone has a ton of activities which keeps them occupied daily; however, if he makes you a priority, then it is a good sign.

If he’s the one, despite how much he has to do, he will make you one of his top priorities.

So when you feel that you don’t have to beg for his attention, he is willing to put your needs above others in his life, then he is the one! Yes, his job takes up much of his time but if he still initiates contact and shows concern about you, then hold on to him!

Sign #2: He makes you his confidant

Men often build walls around themselves, and when they confide, they do so with only people they trust.

When your man lets you in and tells you everything going on in his life (even if it’s with a little coaxing), then he trusts you. Then it would mean that he is the one.

The last thing you want in a serious relationship is with a man who keeps secrets or builds a wall. Even if you don’t feel so now, you will get to a point in your relationship where you want to be able to connect with your partner fully.

This might get frustrating if he’s not open to confiding in you. So if your man confides in you, he definitely trusts you and cares very much about you.

Sign # 3: He accepts you just as you are

There are specific characteristics or traits most women possess and feel are unlovable. And this could be a physical trait (like your size, your height, your complexion, freckles and so on) or behaviors.

The right man will accept every part of you and make you feel beautiful and more confident about your flaws. If he makes you feel insecure about yourself, then maybe – just maybe – he’s not your Prince Charming.

How To Know He Is The One

Sign #4: He makes little thoughtful gestures

As they say it’s the little things that matter.” If he buys you flowers, calls you from work, open doors for you, holds your hands on strolls and remembers things you tell him, then he is the one.

Big gestures such as dates to expensive restaurants are nice, but the little things make you feel warm inside. It is a good habit for a long-term relationship. As the little things always can remind you that he’s paying extra attention to you.

Plus you’d really appreciate this when you mention you’re hungry and then a delivery comes to your house from him with all your favorite food!

Sign #5: You have the same values

Opposites attract doesn’t necessarily mean opposites make great couples. If you notice you both have very different values, then you should give a second thought and openly discuss it.

For example, you want kids, and he doesn’t; or you want to get more out of life, but he just wants to have a laid-back lifestyle. Then maybe he’s not the one for you.

The differences might be easy to overlook in the cupcake stage of the relationship. But in the future, they might lead to some significant clashes.

Having the same hobbies can also serve as a green light for you. For example, if you both enjoy watching movies, you can plan movie dates together. And have a good time without one person feeling bored or coerced. Having shared values and hobbies are one of the top habits of happy couples. Therefore, don’t ignore this sign.

Sign #6: He wants to be around you

Women are often clingier than men, but no one wants to be called clingy. Especially not by the person they want to cling to. If he loves being around you just as much as you enjoy being around him, then he is the one.

Even when you both can’t spend as much time as you would like to together due to work or distance. But just knowing he misses you or he goes out of his way to create ‘together time’ will make you feel loved.

Sign #7: He shows you off

A man who is proud of you and happy to have you will show you off! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

He will invite you to dinner out in public, to weddings and other occasions with his friends and family.

If he sneaks in and out of your house, doesn’t tell any of his friends about you. And he is secretive about your relationship; he’s probably not the one you want to be investing your time into.

9 Signs He's The One

Sign #8: He’s your shoulder to lean on

Through rough days, we all need a shoulder to lean on. He should be this shoulder to lean on. A man who only wants to hang around when you’re happy but vanishes at the sound of a sigh is not a committed man.

If he’s always there to make you feel better after a rough day or calls often to check up on you when he knows you’re feeling low, he is the one.

Sign #9: He thinks you look hot, even when you don’t feel like it

Every woman wants to feel sexy and beautiful and what you need is a man who makes you think so. He thinks you are very attractive and irresistible.

When he tells you out of the blue that you look beautiful or he takes pictures of you without you asking, it boosts your confidence and makes you happier. Also if he can’t stop staring at you even in your sweatpants and messy bun, then he is a keeper!

If you notice some or all of these signs in him, then you have no reason to doubt that he’s your happy ever after! Simply, open up your heart and let the love flow.

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