First of all, let us just start by saying that this is not a fun discussion to have. The reality is that no one woman begins to suspect that her husband is having an affair if there isn’t a reason to make them have the thought in the first place. Of course, sometimes it is possible to notice something and make assumptions based off of jealousy or insecurity that we didn’t know that we had. And while it feels awful, it is important to be upfront and apologize for making assumptions. However, sometimes that nagging suspicion isn’t just a random bout of jealousy. Sometimes, unfortunately, that suspicion is correct and you will learn that your spouse is committing an act of infidelity. This post was designed to provide you with common indications that your husband might be having an affair.

5 Signs That Your Husband Is Having An Affair

5 Signs That Your Husband Is Having An Affair

1. Suddenly Your Husband Is Avoiding You Or He Is Unusually Detached

When your once engaged spouse has started shifting his attention just about anywhere else, this can be an indication that your husband is having an affair. However, this alone does not indicate an affair; if your husband who has suddenly stopped sharing stories or daily information with you might be having an affair; as he is sharing his stories and emotions with someone else instead.

And if your husband no longer seems interested in discussing anything with you, particularly the special things that you used to discuss; then it’s a sign that he is expelling their emotions with another person instead. Emotional affairs are a tricky concept for some, but they can be the start of a physical affair. If your husband suddenly seems to be getting his emotional needs met elsewhere and icing you out, this might be why.

2. Your Husband No Longer Worry About Upsetting You

There can be a distinctive shift when your husband is having an affair where he suddenly stops worrying about your feelings and acts accordingly. This can occur because your spouse no longer feels dependent on you because he is instead of depending on someone else.

And it might result in him shifting from acting like a husband to acting more disrespectfully towards you because, simply, he is no longer afraid to lose you.

3. Your Husband Is Angered By Your Usual Criticisms

While it is never a good thing to be a criticizing partner, it is commonplace in a marriage to have certain things that bother each other. It is a sign your husband is having an affair when he is suddenly unbelievably bothered about your usual nagging. For example, your husband gets fierce when you point out that he still hasn’t taken out the trash when he is usually quick to admit fault and get it done. Then there might be more to the story.

When an affair occurs, a spouse will sometimes act more brazenly or be more confrontational about your criticisms. When a man is having an affair, generally his secondary relationship with that person is in the honeymoon phase where they are not at all critical of each other. This can build up frustration when his affair partner is telling him how great he is and then he comes home and have to face reality again.

5 Signs That Your Husband Is Having An Affair

4. Your Husband Is Viciously Protective Of His Cell Phone

This can be one of the obvious signs that your husband is having an affair. In the modern age, a person’s cell phone is a direct portal into their life. With that being the case, it is not unusual that we are all absolutely addicted to our phones. However, if you notice that your husband is suddenly very protective of their phone, that might be a sign that he is using it to facilitate an affair.

If you notice that your husband is suddenly snatching his phone up any time he gets a text message when you’re looking in his general direction, he might very well be hiding something.

The same can be said if he is suddenly getting phone calls that he has to leave the room for, and it’s an unusual change of habit. When someone is protective of their cell phone, it generally means that there is something on it that they don’t want you to see.

Now, it might very well be a surprise for you that he’s planning. But don’t assume just because your husband is hiding his phone alone he is automatically having an affair. If a man is worth marrying, he’s worth not assuming the worst about until you are absolutely sure.

5. Your Husband Is Accusing You Of Cheating

One of the signs your husband is having an affair. I know, this might seem a little strange, but it’s actually what psychologists call projection. Essentially, your spouse recognizes that they are doing something wrong by cheating on you, internalizes that guilt and shame, then projects it onto you to make themselves feel better.

If your spouse has suddenly become insecure and has started to accuse you of infidelity, there might be more to the story than simple insecurity. While it is possible that he really are just feeling insecure, if he is suddenly looking for a cheater, it might just be because he knows that he is one. And if he was to unveil the reality that you were also cheating, in his own mind it would excuse their callous behavior.


When you begin to feel like your man might be cheating, the accompanying sense of dread can keep you up at night. As you first begin to suspect that something might be up, it is likely that your instinct will be to assume that you are being ridiculous.

However, it is important to pay attention to several signs at once. Chances are that if you’re seeing an excess of suspicious behavior it is because you have something to be suspicious about.

Under no circumstances should you go looking to prove this to yourself, but always be aware and don’t allow yourself to miss the signs if they start showing up en masse.

The only thing worse than having a cheating spouse is lying to yourself about having a cheating spouse. Eventually, the truth will come out. It is up to you to decide how infidelity will be handled in your marriage, but at the end of the day, you deserve a spouse who treats you with loyalty and respect. Make sure that you have one.

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