You may hear from the top experts that couple communication is the key to a lasting relationship. In fact, it is really true. The interesting fact is that having a good couple communication is simple, but not easy. In this article, you’ll learn the quick tips on how to improve the couple communication if you understand this – men want actions and women want words. Read on…

Quick Tips On How To Improve Couple Communication

Quick Tips On How To Improve Couple Communication

Men and women are indeed different creatures. From the Biblical times to the present there have been countless books written about how they are different.

Only today can researchers and psychologists quantify those differences by using imaging techniques to identify the different reactions in the brain.

Men have completely different communication styles than women. And, unless you know and understand the differences you can easily shut a guy down.

Did you know that what women see as connecting and engaging, many men interpret as intrusive and aggressive? Because men function better reading actions while women function better communicating with their words.

If you are aware of the roles men and women played in the old ages, you may get the point.

Quick Tips On How To Improve Couple Communication

As during that time, men were the hunters in the family and many of the women took on the role of gathering the fruits and vegetables. They play completely different roles in the tribe, that cause the differences between men and women.

As two different functions, two different communication styles and never the two shall meet.

Instead, men who want to connect with the women in their lives should learn a little about talking and expressing feelings. And also it’s women’s role to let men learn to express themselves well.

On the other hand, women who really want to know what their men are thinking about should learn to read their actions better.

A point to note here is that talking about the daily activities and arranging schedules isn’t communicating; neither are disagreements and arguments.

When you can learn to read what the man in your life is telling you it can make your relationship stronger.

Watch your man’s body language during any of your conversations. It’s not that difficult to tell if he is still into you or he’s going to pull away. Sadly, many women fell into the trap to believe in men’s words only; most of the time those words are likely not true.

So start to pay more attention to his behaviours. Sometimes they are distracted from a long day at work, but over time you can get a good idea of how they are feeling about you and your relationship together.

Do they meet your eyes; hold your hand; keep their voice calm while talking with you; or cross their arms? Every little body language reveals his deep secrets in his heart (the true feelings).

And while you are watching their body language remembers that they are experts at reading yours! They take their cues from HOW you say it and not necessarily what you say.

Men grow up learning that their success in any aspect of life is based on their self-assurance and self-confidence. When you talk about what is hurting you or what you want to see change, you are indirectly making them feel shame for not being able to satisfy you.

So it’s important how you put your dissatisfaction and unhappiness across to your man. This is indeed an unspoken tip to improve couple communication.

As to man, satisfaction doesn’t happen only in the bedroom. And most of the good men are wired to be in tune with their partner and being able to provide. They NEED to feel that they are able to provide their women from the bank account, friendship to the privacy of the bedroom.

When they feel as if they’ve failed it can cause them to withdraw and get defensive. Because those feelings would hurt their egos badly, and if such cases happen too often will lead to a relationship breakdown. 

No man wants to feel useless in front of the women he loves. That’s why there are cases that men find “weaker” women instead; they cheat because they need to get back the feeling of being able to provide.

So in order to build a healthy and lasting relationship, it’s essential to strengthen the bond with your partner. And first of all, you need to connect with your partner in the way that they understand you the way you want them to.

Therefore, it’s important to communicate effectively with your partner. Don’t try to play mind games, as they won’t help to deepen the connection between you both.

Some of the simplest things we do that are nonverbal are our deepest moments of intimacy. When he feels connected he’s more willing to talk more and women are more apt to talk less.

It’s time to start thinking more like a man to get him to talk more like a woman!

Improve Couple Communication: Men Want Actions and Women Want Words

Simple analogies here, imagine what it must be like in his shoes to initiate sex and never know if he’ll be rejected or accepted? It can be demoralizing. And it’s the same way women feel when they want to start a conversation about their feelings, but the guy shuts down and turns away. Rejected.

Therefore, the key to improve couple communication is to have open and real communications. And in order to get him to open up and talk more, it’s time to think and act more like a man.

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Have a blissful relationship! 🙏🙏❣❣

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