Marriage is not an easy task as the name might sound. It calls for preparedness and two willing souls to make it through successfully. Getting married is not the hard part; however, sustaining it is an effort that one must be willing to put forward since it is a lifetime engagement. Hence it is critical to building in-depth emotional connections with your significant one. In this article, you’ll learn useful tips on how to grow intimacy in a marriage.

How To Grow Intimacy In A Marriage? 6 Effective Ways You Should Follow

6 Effective Ways To Grow Intimacy In A Marriage

In most marriage situations, it begins with love, care, and a gentle intimacy that flows between the partners. Then the demanding needs of work and the chaos that comes with the fast-growing kids overshadow that intimacy you used to share as a couple.

And then, the sweetness of the marriage you once adored starts to wear out. You may have more disagreements, broken communication, and feeling of distance with your spouse. However, these are only symptoms of diminishing intimacy in your marriage but doesn’t mean your partner is no longer in love with you.

So it’s essential to put together some measures to arrest the situation; as it is the only way to restore that emotional intimacy in your marriage. Here are the best practices to grow intimacy in a marriage.

1. Willingness To Accommodate Your Spouse

“…Until death do us apart”, is a cross-section of the vows a marrying couple resides during their wedding day. But it is until when you start living with your spouse that you get to comprehend their quirks and everyday living habits.

And this should not influence how you think about your partner. In fact, it should be a wake-up call and realize how special you are blessed to have your spouse. It is this acceptance that generates happiness, togetherness and nourishes the intimacy in a marriage.

Be kind to your spouse no matter the situation at hand, and be a sweet temper. As sometimes the best way to deal with uncertain issues is to go silent and pick an appropriate time to address them. You can try the couples therapy exercise to enhance this aspect of your relationship.

2. The Intimacy Of Good Smell

Impressing your significant other should not end at marriage level, this goes way deeper than just accumulating abs and maintaining that sexy figure that comes with your spouse. Also, smelling good for him/her gathers steam too.

It unlocks the fusion of intimacy and love within a marriage. In often time your spouse will want to be around you to feel that emotional connection of fragrance and nature. And smelling good and groomed to attraction spikes the intimacy in a marriage. It’s just like taking a good wine, where the aroma, taste, and structure counts.

3. Engage In An Uninterrupted Talk With Your Spouse

For many couples, running away to the beach, or hanging around their favorite joints is the best way to blow steam off. However, there is a more straightforward way to renew intimacy in a marriage that exists between you and your spouse.

Sit, by your living ensemble and disconnect yourself from destructive media gadgets and enjoy a sweet talk. It is these uninterrupted constructive talks that spice up the emotional intimacy within a marriage. And this is the time to focus more on your significant other rather than yourself.

Tactfully get them to open up softly so that you get to understand what they are going through and catch up to their pace. It’s also an excellent way to keep your love alive.

4. Be Truthful And Honest To Your Spouse

You probably know that truth and honesty is what God expects of us; however, did you also know that no person would find it great to grow their marriage intimacy with a false spouse?

This advice may sound simple, but it’s not that easy to do for many of us. We all have some dark secrets we don’t want to disclose; however, do your best and be honest with your spouse and tell them that they can trust you. Always be transparent, don’t start telling lies as you need to have another one to cover it. Read more if you need advice on what to do when losing trust in a relationship.

Especially for your past, don’t worry so much that your partner would judge you after knowing the truth. After all, it is the past and letting it slide can be a better way to grow intimacy. Although it might seem hard, honest can take your marriage places, you never know, these honest-truthful secret sharing sessions sometimes end up in the bedroom!

How To Grow Intimacy In A Marriage? 6 Effective Ways You Should Follow

5. The Morning Intimacy Charm

A blessed day begins with intimacy, and I’m referring to the tone of mental, emotional and physical intimacy. It’s like listening to an excellent motivational word before you set out your foot. A slight kiss on the chick of your spouse is an excellent remedy to throw in the sparks.

Pray and groom up, and usher them a warm good morning or say something romantic to your husband or wife. This actions not only make your spouse happy, but he or she knows that you’ve been thinking about them since you set your eyes open. It is the morning starts that make intimacy blossom all day.

6. Impulsive Acts Of Love

Three years down my marriage I had never felt the importance of this advice until one day… It was on a typical Thursday; my husband sneaked a note in my purse expressing his gratitude. And how thankful he feels all the time with me.

Part of it reads, “…I’m very thankful and honored to have you in my life, you make my heart melt in love every day.”.That was the moment I learned the power of words, and especially when they come from the one you love.

These simple acts fuel the intimacy in a marriage more than any other things. Small gestures can warm your partner’s heart.

When was the last time you encouraged your spouse? Or when was the last time you told your spouse you are so grateful to have them? Don’t underestimate the power of the acts of love.

You don’t have to send a note to your partner, but express your love through words and actions. It’s important to consistently remind each other how much you are in love with each other. It’s a powerful way to grow intimacy in a marriage.


Intimacy in a marriage is the only magic that will keep you and your spouse connected. Remember that everyday challenges seem to overshadow the importance of being in a marriage in the first place. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the couple to keep it sweet and worthwhile.

Despite what you go through as a couple, I believe that the above tips on how to grow an intimacy will help to put your marriage in a better place.

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