As your relationship matures and grows, a sort of deepness will follow that makes you more comfortable with one another. While this is a crucial and beautiful part of being in a longterm relationship; this sense of closeness and comfort can actually create other problems where none existed before. Therefore, it’s critical to put in efforts to build a healthy relationship. In this article, you’ll learn these six simples way to keep love alive.

6 Simple Ways To Keep Love Alive

6 Simple Ways To Keep Love Alive

It is true that no one acts with their spouse the way that they did when they first started dating. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some of the initial spark of newfound love with you along for the ride.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to commit to new notions of what roles you should each be playing. Maintaining the initial excitement brought on by new love can actually help you to make your relationship stronger as it matures.

To keep love alive isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you are committed to making keep your relationship alive. Here are the six simple ways you can adapt to enhance your relationship.

1. Stay Romantic

Stay romantic is a simple way to keep love alive. However, many couples tend to disregard this essential aspect of their relationship. Though you might not be a swooning teenager who falls apart at their touch any longer; it doesn’t mean that it isn’t okay to still do the things that used to make you swoon.

Going out on a true dinner date or for a night out might sound like an overpriced way to spend time together. Especially when you could easily just plop down on the couch with a pizza. But I want to warn you, not to fall into this trap. Because certain environments breed a special kind of intimacy that will help to keep your love alive.

It’s your job to set time aside to go on dates, don’t let your daily routines ruin your romance. Going on dates like you used to when you were still trying to impress one another is a great way to keep the flame well and truly alive. And importantly, you need to make sure that you never stop seeing each other in that light.

2. Stay Intimate

Life can be exhausting and there is no question of whether or not you’re allowed to be tired at night. However, make sure that when it comes to skipping things due to exhaustion, your sex life isn’t the first thing you always place on the shelf. Read more about the truth about men and sex.

While it might not be ideal to let the laundry pile up for one more day, being intimate with your partner is a much better option. It feels good, builds confidence, and has an almost obscene amount of health benefits. Intimacy is good for your immune system and curing headaches. But more importantly, it’s good for keeping you and your partner close and reminding each other of what truly matters.

6 Simple Ways To Keep Love Alive

3. Spoil Each Other

Yeah! This is a simple and effective way to keep your love alive. Whether it means taking the time to serve one another on a designated night each week or buying each other something nice; or put in the extra effort to show that the other person is still your number one.

Something as simple as rubbing their feet or shoulders can help alleviate their stress. It’s critical to bring them closer to you by allowing them to see you as a source of support and comfort. After all, when you spend time out in the world on a long hard day, it’s the little comforts of home that you miss. Give each other something to think about when that meeting just doesn’t go how you wanted it to.

4. Never Underestimate The Power Of Surprise

An easy way to keep love alive is to plant little surprises for one another. It might be bringing home their favorite takeout when you know they had a rough day, or writing them a little note of encouragement and slipping it into their pocket.

The surprise can be anything, big or small. You’re looking to make the gesture that will let them know that they are valued and being thought of. It tells them that they are still worth a little-added effort, even if there is nothing in it for you.

5. Make Them The Highlight Of Your Day

One great way to keep love alive is to really remind yourself just how much you love the other person and how much they bring to your life. If you’re having a bad day, focus on how nice it will be to see them at the end of it. Let them be the support and comfort that they have always been, and treat them accordingly.

Telling someone that you made it through the day by thinking about them is a great way to make them feel special and help you both feel closer. Allow yourself to be two lovers clinging to each other in the middle of a storm every once in a while. It will bring you closer; also it will remind you of when you met them and seeing them was always the biggest and brightest part of your day.

6. Focus On The Good Touch

Do you know this is an excellent way to keep love alive? A unique skill that lovers have is the ability to touch in a way that brings them closer. This doesn’t necessarily mean going straight for intimate touching, but rather the general process of being physically close.

Take the time to hug and kiss. Hold hands. Place your hand on his shoulders, and lean into him when he stands next to you. These gestures elicit a feeling of closeness and creates a strong bond on a chemical and psychological level.

No one else can be that close to either of you in that way. Use the touch of a lover to draw each other closer and keep that passion flowing. This will bring you both closer and naturally increases intimacy between people. Remember the days when his hand brushing against your side would send a jolt right through you? You both still have that ability. Use it to your advantage.


True love ages like fine wine, but not without work.

Any marriage counselor will focus on intimacy and connection because it is the easiest thing for us to lose in a relationship despite how counterintuitive that might seem. You should never view a loss of love in your relationship as a failure or a detrimental problem.

Love is a language like any other, and a language is only effective if you take the time to speak it.

We are all guilty of getting comfortable and focusing on the wrong things. It’s a natural part of life. However, when we focus on keeping the love in our relationships alive, we invest in a source of infinite happiness.

Focus on your relationship, and watch how much easier it becomes to face the general chaos of daily life. Keep your love alive! 💋💋🙌🙌

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