In any relationship, you must have ground rules that keep the couple grounded and moving forward. However, when you are dealing with a long distance relationship these ground rules are even more important. That’s because you don’t have the opportunity to grow your relationship as quickly as you do when you live close by. This more intermittent communication slows the growth of the relationship, which can strengthen the bond, but it can also lead to miscommunications. Having ground rules that you both follow can make this journey safer and more enjoyable. Discover these eight long distance relationship ground rules now.

Long Distance Relationship Ground Rules

Long Distance Relationship Ground Rules

There are several ground rules you should not take lightly when you are in a long distance relationship. Here we are listing eight most critical long distance relationship rules you need to know to make it through with your partner.

Remember to stay honest with each other and discuss things that you feel uncomfortable about. Being insecure and unsure will deepen your disrespect for the other person, and increase your distrust and make a successful outcome less likely.

1. Communication:

Communication is not merely talking. And effective communication is one of the critical long distance relationship rules you should obey.

It’s important to talk honestly with your partner and engage each with more deeper conservations. Because you are miles away from each other, communication over phone, text and video chats become essential.

While you don’t want to go overboard with the messaging, you do want to stay in touch. Only each of you can determine what is enough, and what’s too much.

2. Monogamy:

One of the critical long distance relationship ground rules is to agree on monogamy. And this is the very question you both should discuss and not left it for imagination. It may be difficult to talk about at first, but it’s necessary to reach the agreement and follow through.

3. Visiting:

Because of the physical distance, a quick 20-minute visit just isn’t possible. And usually, you can’t meet for coffee between appointments, can’t pop over for dinner or meet for ice cream at the end of a long day.

Instead, you have to set expectations about how often you visit and who is doing the traveling. Try to share the travel responsibilities or one of you will be feeling taken for granted; as this is a critical ground rule for a long distance relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Ground Rules

4. Dangerous situations:

In a relationship, there are several different situations that can present dangerous options to one or the both of you. Therefore, it’s vital that you address these, especially when you are in a long distance relationship.

Eating lunch with co-workers, going out for a drink with friends, movies with a friend – all with the opposite sex friends, are dangerous situations. When you are lonely and missing your significant other, it can be all too tempting to fall into the arms of a ready and willing partner. Talk about where you both want to draw the line and then talk consistently about how this is working for you.

5. Messaging:

Getting a text message from your partner in the middle of the day can bring a warm smile to your face. But getting them every hour can be annoying, overwhelming and definitely stalk-ish.

So don’t forget to talk about your boundaries, it is an essential long distance relationship ground rule every couple should know! If you need more inspirations on the type of messages you should send to him, check out 3 texts to make him smile.

6. Schedules:

When you live in different cities and have different schedules, it’s great to have an idea of your partner rough schedule for the day. As this can help to build the trust and alleviate anxiety and jealousy.

7. Trust:

Trust is not only the ground rule for a long distance relationship but for all relationships. While it may seem somewhat obvious to one, the other or both, having trust between you when there are also many miles between you is incredibly important to a successful outcome.

Trust must be earned by doing what you say when you say you’ll do it. Never lying, telling the truth, being honest and living up to your partners’ reasonable expectations. However, once lost, it is more difficult to get the trust back than it is to earn it in the first place.

8. Being there on good days and bad

Living in the same city, it’s easy to run over when your partner is having a bad day. A massage, a nice dinner, and a good cry can sometimes do wonders to bond your relationship.

But, living long distance can make that next to impossible. So it’s important that your partner knows you are there for them on good days and bad in whatever way they prefer.

You might want to cry or talk it out, but your partner may just want to talk something else to get those things out of your mind. Maybe, you don’t like his way, just know that that’s his way to show support and love.

If you want to have something different, then tell your partner honestly. Remember, one of the ground rules for long distance relationship is to show support the way your partner likes.

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