Manifesting love is a very practical, more than we think it is. It’s more of improving your mindset to be able to attract love in a relationship. It may sound intimidating, but it’s simpler than you think. As it applies the simple law of attraction which states that WHAT WE ATTRACT IS WHAT WE BECOME. Manifesting love is very fabulous because you get to have all the inert traits and qualities you desire in a partner. This article uncovers a step by step guide for every individual to adhere to and manifest love the right way.

7-Step Guide To Manifesting Love

Manifesting Love

Love encloses around a range of positive and very strong emotional states ranging from good habits to the deepest romantic affection. And love can be attributed as a very solid feeling of emotional attraction to a particular individual or object.

And we all know that love is a very important attribute, especially for humans. Because it is unconditional, meaning that whenever you truly love someone; there are no limitations or certain expectation set.

True love is most times very difficult to attain, but when attained, it is a very important virtue. Psychologists have proven that love is the highest and by far the greatest psychological vibration that ever exists. That’s why in almost all cases, the presence of love makes all things feel good.

Love also increases your lifespan because psychologists say that people in loving relationships have a death rate lower than those who are not in any loving relationship. Especially, those with unhealthy lifestyles like drinking, smoking, etc.

If you want to attract the love you truly want, then you should start to manifesting love. And if you do it in a correct way, you’ll be amazed by the power of manifestation.

A 7-Step Guide To Manifesting Love

7-Step Guide To Manifesting Love

Step 1: Be thankful for the love and the relationships you have

This can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do especially as we are living in a society where we are bound to complain. However, it’s a critical step to manifest love or any goods things in your life.

Always ask yourself, who are the friends I am very close to? Who are the members of my family who show love? How many good things you have in life? Relax and look around you, your friends, family and the beautiful things you have.

I am sure that you will surely have many reasons to be thankful. Once in a while, go out into nature and just feel the good things around you.

Step 2: Don’t look at other relationship stories, create your own

Manifesting love doesn’t mean the love will be perfect; because at a certain time, you will attract someone you think is compatible at a particular moment. However, the personal attitude can turn into something else, making the both of you be incompatible.

So learn to create your idea of a perfect relationship and use to manifest the love deep down in your heart.

Step 3: Live a good and healthy life to attract good and healthy people

When you live a life that is healthy and good, and you love yourself for it. In result, you tend to general attractive to a good and healthy set of people.

Someone who generally feels happy and joyous, always having a reason to live, love and laugh. And this will trigger curiosity in people and also lead to a good partner attraction.

Building your personal foundation first is also a very key step to manifesting love. Because when you exhibit the right life, especially the kind of life people want to associate with; the right partner will naturally come in without hassle.

Create the right life first for yourself and watch people naturally come to you, because no one wants to be associated with bad lives around them.

Step 4: Have a clear vision – know what you truly want

Having a clear vision is another important step to manifesting love. Hence you must clearly know whom you want for a partner. It may sound simple but yet it is a very difficult take to undertake as an individual.

Not having a clear vision about what you want in a partner can lead you to keep falling for Mr or Mrs Wrong. Or having several relationships with someone, who has various strength and weakness which are not suitable for you.

So start to gather the traits or habits you found attractive and you want to see them in your life partner. Those traits may not come from one person, but you can get the ideal traits from different people. Then you can put those traits together and create something attractive along the way.

Step 5: Have a prime goal

Having prime considerations or setting prime goals are also very important steps in manifesting love. Setting goals for yourself and your relationship are very vital because it aligns you to a particular path needed for your journey through the manifestation of love.

So take time to think and write down exactly what you want in your relationship and in that of your partner, word for word. Try your best to be specific on the end results you want to achieve in your relationship. The type of person and relationship you truly love to have.

However, don’t bother too much about the details, find the key things which matter to you the most. When you are down with this, the law of attraction will take it from there.

Step 6: Envisage the possibilities of the result

Visualisation plays an essential part when comes to manifesting love. Visualise the life partner you want comes to your life with the best possible results you have listed down in the above steps.

Also, take note of what you feel whenever you see the person. How does it feel? Do you feel happy, content or satisfied? Hold on the wonderful feelings and live as if you are in love with your ideal partner; other than focusing on the love that you don’t have yet.

Live your life as though you have found your soulmate and express your love to everyone.

7-Step Guide To Manifesting Love

Step 7: Love! Love!! Love!!!

This is the final step to manifesting love. Many people thought that they can only love when they have found their ideal partner. However, it is a wrong idea. In fact, you don’t have to wait to have your ideal partner to give love and be loved.

You should start to radiate your love vibes to anyone who comes in touch with you. And love more and more! When you give out love, you’ll surely receive love…Once you have followed all these outlined steps, you are sure to get to right kind and amount of love you desire.


Manifesting love and obtaining the love you desire can be a whole lot of hassle. But it is a very rewarding experience at the end. So there you have it, Love is the greatest feeling you can ever possess as an individual. Love is very important virtues we humans can possess.

It helps to shape you spiritually, physically, socially and mentally. Always try to surround yourself with loving people and make sure you are in loving environments because helps you improve your overall well-being by reducing unnecessary anxiety.

To attract a specific person, you need to know specifically the type of person and hold the image and loving feelings. And don’t worry when and where you will meet your the one as it will work in a miracle way for everyone. When you feel that this is the person that has been sent to you, try your best to ask them out.

Do you like the above 7-step guide to manifesting love? If you, help to share with more people so that more of them can benefit from this article too. 🙏🙏💓💓

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