😊In this article, we are going to discuss the truth about men and sex. An interesting topic we believe many people are keen to learn more. As far as you are alive and you are human, the subject of sex would definitely come to your attention. The mystery which surrounded the topic for many years has come to the fold in the era of the internet. With this topic coming to light, let’s discover the facts of men and sex.

The Truth About Men And Sex

The Truth About Men And Sex

Men are usually considered to be the more sexual of the genders. However, they are still many things that remain a mystery about men and how they feel about sex. And this is especially true for females who hold certain myths about men.

For this reason, we have decided to discuss the truth about men and sex. Here are some things you should know;

Fact #1: Men do not want sex all the time

For many females, there is this belief that a man is always in the mood for more sex anytime and anywhere. However, this assumption is wrong. It would come as a shock to women when guys, especially after marriage, do not feel like having sex on a particular night.

The truth is that men are also humans and as such are affected by such things like stress from the activities of the day, bad mood and so much more. Therefore, while women are often characterized as the gender who are not interested in sex most of the time; it is also very reasonable if your man decides to take a break on some nights. So don’t over think when your man doesn’t want sex for that night.

Fact #2: Any man can have problems with erections

While many women today feel the erectile dysfunction can only be related to men who are much older, this is not true. Difficulties with erection can affect males of any age. Also, most guys can also suffer problems with ejaculation at any point in time. Thus, when it comes to most problems men face regarding their sexuality, it has very little to do with the age of the male.

The Truth About Men And Sex

Fact #3: Men are more interested in seeing their women satisfied

Most people especially the ladies have a preconceived notion that the men most times are out to take pleasure for themselves while heating the sheet. Most times, this is not the case. For most men, pleasing their partner is their number one goal in the bedroom.

Having sex with a woman who does not enjoy it hurts their ego a little bit. Men would want to ensure that their partners are satisfied; however can often be linked to when the man has some feeling for his partner.

Thus, while what most people think about men and sex is that they love being selfish in bed, this is usually very far from the truth. They would do anything to see their woman moan in pleasure on a regular basis. And this is the reason why men like their women to have some dirty talks with them in the bedroom.

Fact #4: Men are conscious of their performance in the bedroom

If you want to hurt a man as a woman, the first thing you should attack is his sexual performance😏. As men are very conscious of their performance and this is the fact about men and sex you can’t ignore.

Most of the problems that men face can be traced back to the belief that they were never good in bed. Even the toughest of men would feel hurt if it was brought to their notice that they were not able to satisfy their women in bed. One reason for such feelings is due to the connection between good sexual performances by men to a feeling of masculinity.

As a lady, while you should not deceive a man into believing what is not true, it is always good to compliment him when he does something sexual that made you feel good. You would probably see him raring to please you, even more, the next time.

Fact #5: Not all men have a high sex drive

The belief that men and sex are the same is rife. Thus, it may come as a surprise to learn that not all men have high libidos. If you are a lady, you might even find out that you have a much higher sex drive than your man. One reason for this is due to the way in which the world has evolved. Women in past centuries were often prevented from expressing themselves sexually. However, with the freedom in this era, many people are starting to see that women can also have very high libidos.

The urge to satisfy a woman who has a very high sex drive may drive men to take certain decisions that they would not take on a usual day. For example, most men buy Viagra to satisfy their ladies. The simple truth is that men can have very low sex drives too.

Fact #6: Men fake orgasms

Women may feel that they have the title of fake orgasms. However, men can also fake their orgasms perfectly. The reasons for this is almost identical to the reasons women may choose to do it too. For most men who do it, they do it not to hurt their partner. For example, a man who has drunk a lot of alcohol may not be able to reach that peak of ejaculation. Hence, this might also happen to men who are nervous at that particular moment.

Thus, when thinking about men and sex, it is essential to remove the notion that it is impossible for a man to fake orgasm. Men do it, and they would probably continue to do it for a very long time to come.

It is important to note that most men who fake an orgasm do so to save their partners from the shame of not bringing them to orgasm. However, faking orgasms is never the best way to handle issues relating to sexual dissatisfaction.


Men and sex would forever be one of the most talked about topics in the world. However, it is crucial that people learn the truth about men and sex. The result would be a healthier sex life and better communication among several couples. It would ensure that your man can be himself whenever he is around you, and this will help to maintain a healthy relationship.

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