Money is a sensitive topic that many couples avoid talking about. And often many people have no clue how to handle money issues well in relationships. From my own experience, because lack of knowledge on how to manage money, those money problems caused frictions, unpleasant experiences and break up. So today, I want to share the 5 proven tips that helped me to deal with money issues in my 8 years relationship. Hopefully can also help you to manage the money issues better in your relationship. Don’t let money kill your relationship!

Don’t let money kill your relationship

Don’t Let Money Kill Your Relationship

Here, I’ve concluded the 5 practical and essential tips that will help you to manage your money issue better in your relationship if you apply them correctly! Again, don’t let money kill your relationship….

Tip #1: Never Fight Over Money

According to studies, money is the NUMBER ONE thing couples fight about most of the time. And indeed the money matters can cause many frictions and unpleasant experiences in relationships.

75% of couples fight about money over many issues in a relationship. Often is about one person is spending too much than another person in a relationship.

It is really sad to see loved ones to fight or even end their relationships because of money issues. Money can bring lots of happiness as well as stress in our lives.

Especially when we don’t have enough Or we are going through a tough time. But it’s crucial to understand that fighting over money will only do damage to your relationships, nothing else.

Tip #2: Let’s Talk About Money!

Don’t avoid talking about money!

Many couples fight about money matters because they never talked about it from the beginning! They only complain or fight when they face the issues. There is no alignment on money matters in the relationship.

It is essential to talk about money, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

Learned from my previous relationship, I started to learn to deal with money matters better in my current relationship. I used to avoid talking about money before, but when I realized the importance of this point. So I took an initiative to discuss money openly with my boyfriend.

I still remembered that time, he was not feeling so comfortable, and tried to avoid discussing it. However, I was so determined to make it clear between us, so I arranged to meet him outside, at the café.

And I openly and sincerely shared my thoughts about money with him. I also share my perspectives on how we can manage money matters well in our relationship.

He took my suggestions seriously and also told me his opinions on this matter. After a few discussion, we had alignment on the best way to deal with money in our relationship.

I am still very grateful that we had talked about it earlier. It helped us go through so many money issues in the past 8 years without having hard feelings.

So it’s essential to talk about it between you two. Then reach the agreement on how you would like to handle this sensitive matter in your relationship. Try it today and you will be amazed by the results.

Don’t Let Money Kill Your Relationship

Tip #3 Plan Your Finance

Since both of you have already discussed money, and assume that you both on the same page now, then it is time to plan your finance together.

For us, like many young couples, though we didn’t have much money to start with, we still set a goal for ourselves. Putting aside a couple of dollars per month slowly became our habits.

Every year, we sit down and plan our financial goals, what we want to achieve and how much money we need to spare for the activities we want to be involved in.

Clearly, it’s essential and helpful to communicate your goals together and have a clear understanding and expectations on both sides.

Tip #4: Encourage Independence

Often, there is always one person depends more on another. It is fine if the person still contributes to the relationship. However, if there is only one person doing the work then it will not be so healthy in a long run.

The person contributed more will feel more stressed or being used as he or she has to bring much more to the relationships.

The dependent might take it for granted as he or she is already used to contribute little…

Do you see the potential frictions here?

So, to encourage independence is an important factor to build a successful relationship.

Instead of depending on one person, try to motivate each other to be better and grow together.

Have separate accounts and investment will help to eliminate the stress, friction and fighting.

Tip #5 Support Each Other

Let the other person know that you are here to support. You are still a team even though you both are financially independent.

If one person faces certain unforeseen financial difficulties, don’t let the person be alone. Make an action plan together and do your best to help.

However, I am not saying that you have to use all your savings to help. You need to make an informed and wised decisions depend on the situation and also remember that there are always many ways to fix a problem.

Hope the above tips will provide you with some refreshing perfectives on managing money issues in your relationship. Remember, don’t let money kill your relationship!

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