Online dating is one of the great ways to find your potential true love. As it may sound simple, therefore many people literally take it as click and date. However, the fact is that online dating is more than that. It is not only about browsing through people’s profile and dating those who have attractive online profiles. Hence, it’s important for you to learn more about online dating, and the best way to start is to be aware of online dating mistakes. In this article, you’ll learn the common online dating mistakes people don’t really discuss, however, you should seriously avoid making those online dating mistakes.

6 Online Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

6 Online Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let’s dive into the six online dating mistakes every woman should avoid.

Online Dating Mistake #1: Be casual about it 

Hmmm…Ask yourself why you choose to date online? Apparently, most people have the reasons in common – due to work or family commitment, they don’t have the luxury of time to meet people outside of their life; limited circles of friends; or not sure where to meet their potential partners.

And online dating gives many people another channel and increases their chances to meet more people. However, many women don’t take online dating seriously, and this is one of the common online dating mistakes you should avoid.

They try online dating half-hearted and jump into the conclusion that online dating is not working or not for them. However, have you ever asked yourself how much effort you have put into it? Great way to start is to understand what you are looking for from online dating?

You should understand that the key to success in any venture is that you put in the time and effort to make it work.

Online Dating Mistake #2: Waiting to be approached

Oh yeah, if this is what you are doing, then time to make a change. Being women, we were educated to be demure; therefore we tend not to take the initiative to get what we want. However, you need to make some adjustments to this mentality when it comes to online dating.

Don’t make this online dating mistake by thinking that all men all approach you. It’s practical to be clear that your Mr. Right may not be online searching actively this week. Therefore, in order to meet the one, you truly want; then you need to make an effort to search and filter and determine which are the ones fulfill your vision of the ‘right’ guy in your life.

It’s time to use your feminine power, be bold and start to approach men, but remember not to go overboard, okay?!

Online Dating Mistake #3: Poor quality profile 

Another online blunder is to have a poor quality profile. Ladies, this may sound simple; but surprisingly, most women have made or still are making this online dating mistake.

Will you be attracted to a guy who has only one liner invitation to see his profile? Something like, “check out my profile now!” Or you will be more convinced to check out a man’s profile when there is more interesting information about him? I guess, the answer is obvious.

And this applies to men too, men are inherently hunters, and they prefer doing the hunting. However, if they don’t even know that you exist; then it’s difficult for them to pursue you. Therefore it’s essential to share interesting stories of yourself; to tell people the authentic you! Let your words to paint a picture that sparks his imagination, and he will be drawn to you!

6 Online Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Online Dating Mistake #4: One size fits all 

Very likely, you heard about this description before, and you know that this approach doesn’t provide the desired results. However, did you know that this is one of the online dating mistakes many women are making still?

When it comes to sending email or text to their potential lover, many women tend to send out the “scripts,” and hoping guys would respond to them enthusiastically. Come on; this one-size-fits-all letter doesn’t work in today’s online dating world.

You are looking for an intelligent man, I assume. But by sending out those impersonalized or standard script is an insult to any sophisticated men’s intelligence. So, be smart and communicate something specific to that person you are writing to.

Online Dating Mistake #5: Being an inspector  

This is one of the biggest online dating mistakes you should avoid. It’s understandable that you try to learn about your potential partner as much as you could. However, if you attempt to find out everything in the first few emails; then most people will be put off by the interrogation tactics you use.

Remember that the beginning of a relationship is about flirtation and chemistry. It’s critical for you to master the art of flirting and create an emotional connection with a man. Instead of being an inspector to ask lots of questions, you can discern a fantastic amount of information by exchanging stories.

Online Dating Mistake #6: Profile photos  

I purposely listed this online dating mistake separately from mistake #3 is to emphasize the importance of this point. As this is one of the huge online dating mistakes many women overlooked, but you can avoid it easily.

You should post a picture that flatters you but also represents honestly of who you are. Choose not to submit a picture of you will not bring you any good result. I believe you probably don’t want to meet someone you haven’t seen their photos, right? As we tend to assume that they are hiding something when they don’t have profile pictures.

Think hard about the type of relationship you want to blossom. Only post sleazy pictures if you are interested in meeting sleazy people.

And it’s better to have more than one picture of you. The main photograph should be clearly present the real you. And the rest of the photographs should feature you and not make your potential date struggle to figure out which one is you and which one is your sister. Also, don’t post a picture where it’s obvious someone was cut out.


Now, it’s your turn. Comprehend the abovementioned online dating mistakes and see which area you need to improve yourself on. It will be also helpful to understand the true reasons why you are still single.

It’s also essential to know exactly what you want to have in your love life and build your self-esteem to embrace the love you deserve!

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