Marriage is a lifetime commitment that can have tremendous pull in terms of how your future and future happiness plays out. This makes it crucial to properly vet your beaus in order to ensure that the guy you’re imagining happily ever after with is the right guy. You might be in a wonderful committed relationship, and that is a beautiful thing. However, before you tie the knot, there are certain questions you must ask. In this article, you’ll learn the 8 questions to ask before marriage!

8 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

8 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

It is such a beautiful thing when your partner proposes to you. And you might be too excited to take all things into consideration. However, in order to prevent any major conflicts in future; you should discuss the below questions with your life partner at least once; if not several times before saying yes.

As it will definitely help you to understand your partner and yourself better. Okay, let’s take dive in the 8 questions to ask before marriage.

1. What Does Your Future Look Like?

This question is crucial in a lot of ways; surely it’s one of the questions to ask before marriage. It isn’t to say that you both need to know exactly where you’re going, but you need to have a common goal.

For example, if his dream is to move to Europe and you always wanted to stay close to home; then that’s a pretty big conflict that might cause some serious issues down the line.

Discussing what you want out of your future in a general sense is a really important thing to do to. And both of you must make sure that you’re not committing yourself to something you don’t truly want. As it will bring one or both of your unhappiness in the long run.

2. Do You Want Kids?

This can be a deal breaker for a relationship. But in fact, many couples don’t really discuss it much. They always say that let’s see what will happen. Yes, it makes sense to a certain extent, as we won’t know what will happen in future. However, it’s important to be true to yourself. And make sure this is one of the questions to ask before marriage.

If you never saw yourself having kids and he wants a big happy family, chances are that it is going to be a difficult discussion to have down the line. You should always know where your stand is on this topic before you get married.

You don’t need to know how many kids you want, but if having kids at all is a hard stop for either of you, that needs to be considered upfront for the happiness of you both.

8 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

3. What Is Your Financial Situation?

This can be a difficult topic to approach for some people, but it has to be done. And trust me, if you don’t solve this issue now, it will backfire your relationship sooner or later. Don’t let money kill your relationship.

You don’t want to find out on your wedding day that he has six figures in debt that you didn’t know about. Once you’re married, your credit impacts one another, and if you or he have high revolving debt, it can be damaging to the person that doesn’t.

Also, if one of you likes to blow through your money and one of you is adamant about only spending on essentials, you will want to find a middle ground beforehand. Learn more on how to deal with money issues in a relationship.

4. What Are Your Expectations For Me As A Spouse?

This is the question you should seriously ask yourself and your life partner before marriage. As a lot of us harbor ideas about what we think our spouse should handle or provide when we get there. Do not be the person who only finds out what those things are after you’ve already gotten married.

It’s important to make sure that you discuss what you want and need from each other in advance so there are no fights about it later.

If he expects you to do all of the chores and work while he only works and relaxes in the evenings; then you both need to know and talk about alternatives in advance to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Always focus on accommodating each other and make sure that you’re each equally giving and taking.

5. Are You Religious?

Chances are that if you’ve been with someone for a while, you know the answer to this. However, knowing the extent to which this applies to their life is very important before getting married.

If religion conflicts with beliefs that either of you shares, it can complicate things and warrant further discussion. And it’s also important to keep this in mind when considering holidays and rituals. Specifically, this applies to children.

If one of you is religious and one of you isn’t or you’re both from different religious backgrounds, what role do you want religion to play in your child’s life?

6. Do You Have Any Habits That Could Impact Each Other?

If you use Sundays as your silent downtime and he prefers to throw football parties on that day for him and his friends, how will this impact the two of you? Say you do vocal warmups at five in the morning, and he doesn’t get up until nine. What does that mean for you?

If either of you has very specific habits that could impact another person, it’s best to discuss these in advance so you don’t end up with any unwanted surprises later. This will also allow you to make plans about how you can best accommodate each other. Don’t ignore this question to ask before marriage.

7. How Will You Resolve Problems?

Personally, I think this is one of the most critical questions to ask before marriage. As once you’re married, resolving problems and fights becomes more important than ever.

You’ve committed to each other and staying angry or holding grudges simply isn’t an option anymore. So sit down with your partner and make a plan regarding how you will handle any major problems or fights. So that you both have a clear vision on how to make it through tough times together.

Communicate effectively becomes more essential than ever. And both of you need to agree on the way you both are comfortable with when comes to solve a problem. More importantly, make sure that you are both committed to loving and caring for each other regardless of what happens.

8. Why Are You the One?

This is a huge question to ask before marriage. The reason that somebody wants to marry you will tell you a lot about what your relationship is providing for them. If they just like that you clean up after them or keep them fed, chances are that is going to manifest itself down the line.

If they say they’re just marrying you only for love; then they might not have really thought through the complexities of maintaining a serious relationship because love realistically is only one part. So make sure you’re getting married because you make each other better, and not because of temporary habits you both share.

8 Questions To Ask Before Marriage


The decision to get married is beautiful and a little terrifying. Being married is a truly great thing that can bring so much fulfillment to your life. That’s why it’s important to get it right and to make sure that you both know what you’re truly signing up for.

Don’t be afraid to ask the above questions before marriage. As these discussions will help you know each other better! It will also help to build a stronger and more concrete bond that will unify you through the good and the bad! Get things right at the beginning, so that you don’t have to fix a broken marriage later!

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