6 Signs You’re Meant to Be Together

It happens in life when somebody comes into your life; you spent time, you enjoy and share your sorrows and bliss with each other. However, we know that not every relationship can make it to the last stage of love.

After recovering from the breakup, you may have a crush and strong feelings for that person and already fall in love, but you are afraid…Does he or she be the one for you?

Times passes, you can’t stop finding answers for this question that, “Are we meant to be together?” In this article, you’ll discover the six signs that you’re meant to be together.


Love is such a fickle thing that nobody knows what the future holds and it’s hard to grow your relationship smoothly.

It’s common that people are in love with their partners, but subconsciously they are still in search with the right one, the one we call soul mate or true love.

The reason is that we all have fear. We are afraid to be with someone we are not meant to be, then get stuck in the relationship forever.

That’s why naturally your mind urges you to find the reasons to be together. Apart from this, according to psychologists, mostly best decisions are those who made confidently.

I am not talking about decisions such as you both like the blue color. Because its a matter of your life, therefore you should think deeply.

6 Signs You’re Meant to Be Together

Here are the six signs that will give you better ideas if you are meant to be together.

Sign #1: You Trust Each Other

All in all, trust is the main thing in a relationship. Living together with trust in each other will make you feel safe and completed.

There is always a person in this vast world, whom you can share your feelings, secrets that you usually don’t share with anyone else.

You trust each other, and you’re not reluctant to tell each other what’s in your mind. And you even feel comfortable to share your vulnerable side with each other.

Also, nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and do things which are not so lovely. However, you are not afraid of sharing your shortcomings with your partner either. As you know that your partner will not judge you, instead they will support you and help you to better self and vice verse.

Trust is not an instant thing; it takes time to trust someone. I believe many of us have dated liars before, right? Therefore, many of us learn not to trust people so quickly. However, if you’re meant to be together, you’ll find it easy to believe your partner and gain your partner’s trust.


Sign #2: You Miss Each Other

This is an obvious sign that you’re meant to be together, but many couples didn’t pay much attention.

Surely, you miss each other badly when you are going through the first stage of love. However, after a while, you still miss each other badly; then it’s a clear indication that you’re meant to be together.

As I know some couples, they are happier when their partners are away; as they are more thrilled to be with their friends…

Often, we tend to miss the people we love when we are happy; and in sad times we miss people who love us.

However, when it comes to people who are meant to be together, they miss each other at every moment of their lives.

Sign #3: You Know Each Other Better Than Anyone Else

This is another major sign you should look out for to know if you’re meant to be together.

You understand each other so well, you don’t have to say a word to each other, but you know what to do next.

We know that a human soul is always in search of understanding. If you are meant to be together, unintentionally you’ll become more understanding and kind towards each other.

In other words, you are willing to communicate effectively with your partner and understand what they are going through in their lives.

Soul mates know each other better than anyone else. And they understand what is going on in another person’s mind (not 100% most of the time) and how they are feeling.

You can do a simple test, whenever you have a problem or good news; who is the first person you want to share with? Same applies for your partner, are you the first person your partner wants to share any news?

You want to share every moment with the one you truly love. So it can be a good sign that you’re meant to be together.

Sign #4: You Can Imagine A Future With Each Other

In my opinion, this is one of the critical signs that you’re meant to be together.

Many couples I know, they literally can’t imagine a future with their partners. They are happy with each other but never have thought of having the other person in their lives.

However, if you both could imagine your future with each other; and you can see the other person in your plan.

And you are driven and comfortable to achieve the common goals, dreams and bucket list together. Then definitely it’s a good sign that you’re meant to be together.

Sign #5: You Laugh Together

According to Psychology Today, it’s an essential ingredient to build a healthy relationship. And couples who laugh together likely have happier and fulfilling relationships together.

As we are so trapped in the daily tasks and responsibilities, and we tend to take everything so seriously, laughter is missing from our daily life.

However, if you could make each laugh and enjoy the good times together; especially if you laugh at each other’s jokes, though they seem to be stupid to other people. And you both genuinely feely happy then it’s a good sign that you’re meant to be together.

It is essential to instill a sense of humor in your relationship as it will help both get through the tough times and be closer to each other.

Enjoy life and laugh!

Sign #6: You Are Emotionally Attached

Emotional bonding is critical for a healthy and happy relationship. After the physical attraction stage of love, emotional attachment is the key to a lasting relationship.

Emotions make you together, make you crave for each other. Some couples built their relationships on the surface level of attraction; therefore, they likely experience relationship breakdown or people pull away.

So, don’t build a relationship without emotions, as relationships that have no feelings have no future. Phycology said, if couples become emotionally attached then it’s impossible to get separated.

If you find you are emotionally attached, then it’s one of the good signs that you’re meant to be together.



We hope the above signs will help you to determine if you’re meant to be together. Love is a magical thing, and no one could tell you if you are meant to each other.

If you have found the one, don’t stop there. It’s important to work on your relationship, a relationship just like a campfire, it needs time and effort to make it beautiful.

It’s vital to start cultivating the good habits of happy couples at the beginning of your relationship.

Have a blissful relationship! 😇😇💖💖