When it comes to being in a relationship, sometimes it can feel almost impossible to know if you are in the right one. You might wonder if what you are going through in your relationship is normal or if it is a sign that you should be moving on to the next one? While that is fair, we would like to take this opportunity to help you focus on something a little more optimistic. That is why we have compiled this list of ways to tell that you are in the right relationship. 

6 Signs That You Are In The Right Relationship

6 Signs That You Are In The Right Relationship

Everyone deserves to find themselves in a good relationship, and embrace the love they truly deserve. However, sometimes uncertainty can weigh out and make us question if what we have is actually what we should have.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you learn about the indications that you are in the right relationship and not just blindly in love!

1. You Are Really, Truly Happy

We are not going to tell you that it is impossible to be in a bad relationship and still feel happy at times; we will tell you that there is a pure kind of happiness that comes with the right relationship. If you find that seeing your boyfriend is the highlight of your day, chances are you have a good thing going for you. When you are in the right relationship, it is an uplifting enhancement to your life.

Colors are brighter, music sounds better, people around the office are less annoying, the works. The reality is when you are in the right relationship, it is that much easier to feel positive about your life.

However, we are not saying that you won’t be unhappy periodically even you are in the right relationship. But it is temporary, and the moment will pass quickly. Don’t make any irrational decisions, instead learn to be happy again in your relationship.

2. You Treat Each Other As Equals

After you have settled into a relationship, you will reach a point where the pretenses of initial dating have faded away and you have begun to develop a routine. You are at a different stage of love now. If an active part of your interactions is built around treating each other equally and with respect, congratulations! You are probably in the right relationship.

A successful and healthy relationship is an agreement between equals to love one another and grow together. When you are both equally engaged and committed to the success of your relationship and lives, you have found a good thing.

3. You Have Honest and Open Communication

When it comes to relationships, communication will make you or break you. A relationship between people who can’t talk things out is one that is destined to fail unless they are ready to step up to the plate and work through that issue.

In your relationship, if you and your man can talk about the tough things as well as the lighter ones, you are that much more likely to be experiencing a good and fulfilling relationship.

Having the ability to talk through any problem or even just casually chat about nothing is important for the longevity of your relationship. If you feel like you can talk with him when something is bothering you and you know that he will hear you out, that is a good indicator that you are in the right relationship.

6 Signs That You Are In The Right Relationship

4. You Become Stronger When Faced With Adversity

While nobody likes to fight with their significant other, fighting is actually an indication of a healthy relationship. However, due to the discomfort and raw nature of fighting with your loved one, it can really define the tone of a relationship in the long run.

It is absolutely normal to want some distance or feel vulnerable or irritated after a fight with your man. This, however, should not be a constant feeling. When you and your significant other experience any relationship problems, if you always come together to talk it out.

And you both can solve the problem in a way that makes your relationship feel stronger when everything is said and done; then your relationship is something special that you should hold onto if everything feels right.

5. You Two Compliment Each Other

Now, we don’t mean actual compliments here, although that is important as well! What we mean is that if you find that you two really seem to lift each other up and support each other, your personalities and lives complement each other.

If he is always forgetting his keys and you always know where they are or you are always forgetting what time you scheduled your appointments for but he reminds you. These are some fun ways you two might accommodate each other with a balancing act of strengths and weaknesses.

However, this might also mean that you two really love the same kind of comedy or both really value a clean home. What it really comes down to is that you two are a good fit in a lifestyle sense, whatever that may look like. If so, you can be sure that you are in the right relationship.

6. They Make You A Better Person

One major indication that you are in the right relationship is that you two make each other better people. In a good relationship, you will challenge each other and help each other to grow, and in the long run, it shows.

If you realize that you two have helped each other to become better versions of yourselves, chances are that you are in the exact relationship you should be. Don’t take this for granted!


It is the nature of the human mind to always wonder what our lives would be like under different circumstances. While that is completely normal, it can also cause us to constantly wonder if the decisions that we are making are the right ones.

Some people believe that questioning your relationship is an indication that you are not in the right one, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Not questioning your relationship would be problematic, if anything.

However, if you have been wondering if you have truly found a good thing or are just comfortable, consider these indicators that you are in the exact relationship that you should be. We really, really hope that you are.

Have a blissful relationship! 🙏🙏💋💋

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