Reference is drawn from the love tales in the religious writings that love is a beautiful thing and “whoever finds a wife finds a good thing.” Fortunately, it’s still not clear of whoever finds a “husband.” You will be surprised by how the little things we say can keep a husband in the cupid mood. Here, you’ll learn the 10 romantic things to say to your husband that will make your husband love you more!

Ten Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

10 Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

It’s very important for you not to be carried away by these timorous thoughts. Because it’s a personal connection you must have with love first and foremost.

A peck, frequent ‘Hunny bunny talks’ and an obvious grin are a few actions that make a husband smiley every day. However, there are a different type of husbands; sporty, artist type or even a tech-savvy expert. And when it comes to the type of romance they love, it’s varied across the board.

Men are gentle creatures and handling them with a tip of romance will send them appreciating a love life.

1. Express Appreciation 

Here we’ve prepared the most romantic things to say to your husband. Snick a message to his wallet that says “You make me the woman I am today, I’m proud of you.” Men love creativity, and their heart will melt instantly with peace, love, and affection on the spot upon this message. A great way to win your man’s heart forever.

2. Trigger His Hero Instinct

And men love it more when their women depend on them at all times if not most. They are bound to love and protect, so tell your husband “When I’m around you, I feel more secure!” surely, this is one of the romantic things to say to your husband.

As it’s a compliment any man would die to hear from their wife. And surely it makes their hearts humble with warmth and love. Also, it’s soothing after a day’s work, be sure to rub your head against his shoulder to make it real and natural.

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3. Be Grateful 

Family and work are sometimes a bigger challenge to balance. However, you’ve hard it frequently told family comes first. That’s why after a day’s work, meet your beloved husband by the door and give him a tight hug, and whisper: “ I’m so grateful you came my way, thank you for working so hard for us.” 

These little words give him the energy and form a strong feeling that there is always someone who appreciates what he does. And make him his favorite dinner and prepare him a warm steam birth to relax his already tired body. Also, be sure to let him know how you love him.

4. Missing You

Sometimes work can be stressing, with endless calls and hard deadlines to meet and this fact alone can be self-draining. However, send a random text saying “Every time I think of you, I keep falling in love with you, come home fast.” This is one of the romantic things to say to your husband to make him feel missed and wanted.

This feels right when you send it at the right moment; as it renews his energy even to do more longing to come back home to you. As it reminds him how his family is happy to have a hardworking husband.

That alone earns you a place in his heart.

5. Be Encouraging

Life has a lot of ups and downs, and every day comes with a different package of good times and bad times. However when he feels down, or you do, remind him that “You put a smile on my face always, despite the circumstances.”

This makes your husband feel a sense of ownership and responsibility and knowing that you are always there for each other. And your happiness his happiness, your smile his smile, and your love his love! This will help to make the bonding between you two even stronger.

6. Family Unity 

In a family, love and affection are not only shown but expressed, sometimes when it’s time for the kids to retire for bed, and it’ll be a right moment to express the unity and involvement of your husband.

So you can tell him “Honey lets take the kids to bed” that makes him feel appreciated and most involved in his family affairs. And also, it renews the love energy that binds the family together and reminds everyone love is a beautiful thing.

7. Sweet Love

Love is live thing, and it should be handled with great care. After a lovely night full of romance, warmth and a good rest, make the beginning of the day more worthwhile.

One of the romantic things to say to your husband is to show your sweet love. Simply, you can leave a note beside your husband, saying “Waking up next to you is like reading a love recipe, I can’t wait to do this again tonight

If time permits, you can also prepare him a lovely breakfast. Let the wafted bacon be felt from the bedside. Also, you can add the beauty of the day by inviting him to the breakfast table or make it breakfast in bed. Undoubtfully this is the most beautiful way a husband can kickstart a day.

8. Propose A night Out

Most times work can physically separate us, working on alternating shifts or just working in different locations. But you can always strive hard to keep it lively.

In the middle of the day, send a text or an email to him “Hey babe, I already miss your kiss, can we have a date tonight?” Isn’t it a romantic thing to say to your husband?

And this gives the motivation and a lovely zeal to keep going. Hence it’s important to make every love bit count, and take that feeling to the top…Then, let it explore with love bubbles.

9. Be Flirty 

To keep a healthy relationship with your husband, there is a secret to explore, be flirty as that keeps the love feeling burning. It is the little romantic thing to say to your husband that keep the mood alive.

Occasionally and jokingly, tell your husband, “I miss your soft hands on my skin, can you scratch me on my back.” As this will surprisingly spark a session of romance and undoubtedly lead to a good time. I mean, everybody loves a good session, right? It’s also a great tactic to spice up your marriage.

Ten Romantic Things To Say To Your Husband

10. Promise…

After the wedding day, no one seems to remember about the vows and rarely watch the events of that day. Though it was one of the happiest days you and your husband have ever been.

After a long day at work, it could be a Friday you can send him a section of your beautiful vows that you made that day.  It is such a simple yet powerful way to remind your husband how much you love each other.

And also important to keep it real, and the little memories you have built together. Always remember, it’s the little romantic things you say to your husband that brings the love and piece back in our heart.

Kissing under the raindrops is a fairy way to appreciate love in the universe, you should try it sometime as well. 😍😍

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