Marriage is not always a bed of rose. As a matter of fact, there would be ups and downs; highs and lows, and roundabouts. There would be times when you would literally feel the urge to kill each other😂😂. What makes a happy marriage is your ability as a couple to get through these rough times and still stand strong. In this article, you’ll learn six simple rules for a happy marriage.

6 Simple Rules For A Happy Marriage

6 Simple Rules For A Happy Marriage

Whether you know it or not, the tough times are actually what make you grow stronger as a couple. After all, a calm sea never made a sailor right? To help you get through these rough patches in your marriage and still retain your happiness; here are 6 rules that you and your partner can apply in your marriage.

Those rules for a happy marriage may sound simple, however, they are not easy to practice for most of us. Let’s me know if you agree!

Rule #1: Respect Each Other

We all know that respect is reciprocal, and in marriage, this is no different. Respect is one of the major things that can make or break a marriage. And respect is also one of the crucial things every man wants in a relationship. When there is disrespect within a marriage it can get hurtful and, it can be difficult to recover from this.

Respect is simply listening to your spouse, never talking your spouse down in front of people and, letting your spouse know how appreciated they really are. If respect becomes an issue in marriage, you and your partner may want to figure out what happened that led to this and; try to rectify the situation.

Rule #2: Communication Is Key

Counselors and relationship experts keep emphasizing on this and, with good reason. Communication is of utmost importance in any form of relationship at all; talk more of in marriage. Having effective communication is being able to listen to your spouse and, understanding what they are trying to tell you.

It also requires you to speak to your spouse in a calm and respectful manner, and also importantly you need to have a positive outlook towards discussions.

Communication is so important that you have to ensure that your lines of communication with your spouse is always open. This should not only be when there is an issue in your marriage but, at all times. Having adequate communication will not only help you learn more about your partner but will also help to prevent any sorts of infidelity, even emotional affairs.

Rule #3: Compromise Is Inevitable

Personally I take this rule seriously, I believe it’s one of the critical rules for a happy marriage.

We all want to be right but, we have to understand that we cannot always be right. This is actually an issue in a lot of marriages. The need to always be right by both partners would surely be the downfall of that marriage.

Dear, you need to remember that marriage should not be a competition over who is right and who is not; it should be a team effort.

Therefore, compromise is something that is inevitable for any relationship to work; in a marriage, it is even more important. This does not mean that you should roll over for your spouse. But it simply means that you two should be able to meet in the middle and resolve any issues in a way that works for both of you.

In a marriage, both parties should know when to compromise and give in. Not having your way is not the end of the world; it just shows that you are willing to let something slide in order not to create a bigger issue. But a gentle note, you need to know your limits, set your boundaries right is also essential for a happy marriage.

6 Simple Rules For A Happy Marriage

Rule #4: Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Being able to enjoy your partner’s company is essential in a marriage. If you cannot spend time together and enjoy each other’s company, how do you expect that your marriage would work out? Even when you eventually have kids, you still need to take out time for yourselves. As kids can prove to be a huge distraction from each other.

Spending time together helps you to talk about things that you would not usually talk about. Perhaps, because in your normal everyday lives, you are just too busy; you are preoccupied with a million and one things.

Hence this is a critical rule for a happy marriage. When you spend quality time together, it can also help you remember why you fell in love, to begin with. As a matter of fact, it could just help you fall in love with your spouse all over again; bring the passion back!

Rule #5: Be A Team

This cannot be overemphasized, one of the rules for a happy marriage you must apply in your marriage! As a couple, it is important to remember that you are a team. As a team, you must absolutely work together always. This means that “I” and “me” changes to “we” and “us.”

You need to recognize that it is both of you against whatever issues you have, not against each other. You need to learn to work together and agree or disagree on things together. Stand by each other and be each other’s support system.

When you realize that you are a team then you will begin to work together as a team; you will find that there is very little that can break you apart.

Rule #6: Laugh With Each Other

Absolutely nothing can compare to having fun and sharing a good hearty laugh with your partner. This is also a sign that you enjoy each other’s company; also one of the simple rules for a happy marriage. When was the last time you laughed out loud with your husband or your wife?

You really cannot be serious all day and every day with your partner. It is not unhealthy and that kind of environment is not ideal as a sweet home.

If you have kids, then you would want your kids to have a warm and loving environment in which to flourish. Or if you do not have kids yet, you may want to start now to cultivate that atmosphere for them to come into. Have fun together with your partner will help to build a loving relationship.

Laughter does not only improve the health of your marriage, but it also improves your health and lightens your mood. Life is simply too short and so despite what the issues may be, try to have a laugh with your spouse. It may just be the ice breaker you need to deal with that elephant in the room.

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Marriage is a union that should be enjoyed to the fullest. 🙏💖

It is a blissful affair that you should be satisfied with. A marriage can only truly be enjoyed when you and your partner are happy and your marriage is healthy. In other words, this requires you and your partner actively working on your marriage.

Get rid of the mentality that you don’t have to put in so much effort once you are married. Always remember that what you reap is what you sow.

Never stop working on yourself and your marriage. And it’s also important to solve your issues together; getting better with each passing day.

When this happens, you will find that you would not even realize when you hit the 10-year mark in your marriage.

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