Sometimes, it can be not that easy to tell if you are in a committed relationship. If you ever want to have a great answer to your question, then you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover the signs of a committed relationship.

11 Signs Of A Committed Relationship

“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”

— Anonymous

When you develop special feelings for someone, you surely start taking them as a potential partner.

You may want to stay with them for your entire life and see a long-term and extremely happy bond with them.

Nonetheless, the most fundamental thing in a relationship, where you are giving your 200% is to find out if your partner is ready to commit. And you need to be sure if this equation you have with someone is real or not.

Of course, you don’t want to have the feeling that you are being used to fill for any sorts of purposes.

If you are in their life just to post funny Snapchats videos with or a source to pacify their loneliness then you need to quit.

This is because unfortunately, our generation is an addict to instant satisfaction as well as a quick answer. And that is why we rush into things illogically.

Hence, we are losing the grip on the idea of missing someone and how it is like to be genuinely committed.

So here are some clear signs of a committed relationship according to different relationship studies.

11 Signs Of A Committed Relationship

Both the partners are transparent

In a comprehensively sincere commitment, both parties will always like to stay transparent.

When two people have decided to cling to each other for their entire life, they will never feel the urge to conceal.

In fact, they will always believe in sharing their ideas and thoughts. And this will not only cement the bond but will also make both of them trust each other wholeheartedly.

You talk as “We” and not “I”

One of the unspoken signs of a committed relationship is to think and talk as ‘we’ not ‘I’.

Whenever you are truly in love with each other, you live in a partnership. Subconsciously, you see the other person as part of you.

Therefore, most of the time, you will decide on things regardless of the big or small as “we” and not “I”.

In a relationship that has a brighter future, not a single partner will dominate the other one. However, if consistently, one person is trying to steer you according to their own likes and dislikes, likely it’s a red flag you should look out for.

Significant communication

Most couples are talking just for the sake of it. However, as a matter of fact, a meaningful and in-depth conversation is what fuels the relationship.

If you and your partner are most of the times exchanging roles of a significant listener and speaker, then it is a good sign of a committed relationship.

11 Signs Of A Committed Relationship

Shared Vacation plans

If both of you are eager to spend time together rather than having vacations as a break from each other, then it will eventually lead you a long way.

Usually, the couples are so bored of living together 24/7 that they want to spend time with friends or other people and not their partner. This tendency goes to show the unpredictable attitude as well as an uncommitted partner.

Consistency and seriousness go hand in hand

Feeling the pulse in a relationship is the prime trial for all the couples. It’s really easy to fall for someone and to express your affections. However, it is not that simple to keep the love going.

So the consistency we all desire for in a relationship, which comes primarily through a true commitment. Commitment and seriousness go hand in hand with each other. Then it’s one of the signs of a committed relationship.

Positive Experiences

A great self-assurance and commitment in a relationship are injected through shared and positive experiences with the person you genuinely love.

You should always think of the identity of your relationship — how you and your partner perceive it to be. Converting the embarrassing moments and making them positive experiences will always help you embark on a long journey together.

Eradicating distractions and temptations

A couple that wants to stay committed will always be aware of the distractions and will work sincerely to eliminate them. Flirting with random men and women will always be detrimental for both the people.

The policy of sharing a secret

In the current tech-savvy world it is integral for you both to know each other’s passwords and PINS. If both of you are uncomfortable with it then that too shall be discussed openly. Stalking each other negatively is never a sign of a committed relationship.

The other person is more important

A committed couple will always know each other needs and make sure they put the other person prior to their own self. Regardless of the significance of the matters, they always put their partner as the priority and ensure their needs are satisfied.

Periodic expression of romance and love

If you find you both are expressing love and romance without the other party’s’ demand, then it is a good sign of a committed relationship.

As when are serious in spending your life together, you will want to show your partner your love on a regular basis. And it is definitely a good habit of happy couples.

Acknowledging mistakes and undefended apologies

“There’s always a way – if you’re committed.”

Tony Robbins

It has always been observed that people who are in for a long and serious relationship will never be hesitant in apologizing to each other. If you and your partner could do this naturally, then it is one of the signs of a committed relationship.

They will be modest and not ashamed to admit mistakes. So even if there are hitches, a committed duo will find a way to solve the matter.

11 Signs Of A Committed Relationship


The confidence that your partner is totally prepared for commitment will make a relationship blossom even more than it already is.

Also, having a clear vision what exactly you want is important. Don’t waste time in a relationship if your partner is not willing to commit. When you walk away, you may get him to commit.

Honest communication is significant, do talk to your partner openly and gracefully. Also important to go out of your way, respecting each other’s loved one,

Don’t abandon each other in the times of need, and don’t hold grudges and always spending quality life together are the prerequisites of healthy committed relationships.

Hope by now, you should have a better idea of a committed relationship. Don’t ignore the above signs of a committed relationship, any relationship do less than the above, likely will not be a committed one.

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