When you like someone, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than trying to figure out if they want you back. It can be scary to contemplate your next move or decide how far to let your feelings go; if you aren’t sure that the other person feels the same way. You don’t want to over-invest in a guy who isn’t interested and risk that kind of heartache and rejection, right? And this can be a seriously uncomfortable territory for everyone. That’s why we are here to help you learn how to tell if the guy that you like also likes you back! Read on and discover the ten signs he’s into you.

10 Signs He’s Into You

10 Signs He’s Into You

Sign #1: It’s Written All Over His Face

One surefire way to know that the guy you’re crushing on likes you back is to look at his face. Are his eyes always on you, even when you’re not looking?

Does he always seem to be smiling when he looks at you? These are common things to expect when your guy is totally crushing!

Sign #2: He is Always Reaching for You

This one is huge, one of the signs he’s into you!

Generally, when we like someone in a romantic way, our bodies are always subconsciously reaching towards each other. Does he constantly lean towards you when you’re around?

Is he always finding little ways to touch you for random reasons, like putting his hand on your shoulders or hips to walk around you? Does it seem like you guys are continually bumping shoulders or running into each other?

Chances are, he’s leaning towards you because he wants to be close!

Sign #3: He’s Always Available for You

Do you notice that he never seems to hesitate to text you back even though he never touches his phone when you’re around?

Does it feel like no matter what you suggest, he’s up for it and ready to make time for you in his otherwise busy schedule?

People always prioritize for the things that are truly important to them. If it seems like you’re getting the VIP treatment, there’s probably a reason. And it’s not just because you guys are really good friends! But one of the signs he’s into you!

Sign #4: You’re Always on His Mind

Does he continuously seem to relate things in his everyday life back to you in the most random ways? If he’s always showing you things that remind him of you or that he thinks you might like.

Then it’s a pretty clear indication that you are at the forefront of his mind, and he’s thinking about you a lot.

If there’s no lack of cute cat pictures that he knew you would love or the places you like to go; then the chances are it’s less coincidence and more that you are what he is thinking about!

10 Signs He’s Into You

Sign #5: He’s a Show-Off

Now, we don’t mean in an obnoxious and ego-driven way. It’s different from a Narcissist.

But, does it seem like around you he’s always trying his absolute best? He’s a little more awake and alive, putting conscious effort into your interactions? 

If this sounds familiar, it means he’s trying to impress you! And it’s also a clear sign that he’s into you.

Sign #6: His Friends Know Who You Are and Smile A LOT

There is no better indication that a guy likes you than seeing how his friends react around you.

If you meet his friends and they all seem to know about you, and all seem to be sharing a knowing grin; you can safely assume that they’ve been listening to him gush and they are happy about it.

If his friends seem to be teasing him about you and about things he says around you, then it’s the signal that they are embarrassing him because they know he’s into you!

Sign #7: He’s Fascinated By You

If this guy is constantly impressed with everything that he learns about you and always seems interested in learning more; often even asking for more information, there is no doubt that he’s into you.

As his subconscious weighs you as a partner, he will want to know everything about you to start seeing how you fit into his life!

Sign #8: He Singles You Out in a Crowd

If you constantly find him directing conversation at you in a group setting, it stands to reason that he wants to know what you have to say.

Now, not to say that you aren’t completely interesting and worthy of the attention, but generally, when we ignore the people around us to focus on one person, in particular, it means that we’ve got a crush.

Sign #9: Chivalry Seems to Be His Go To

One of the prominent sign he’s into you is that he is constantly trying to be helpful and care for you. Sometimes those little gestures may even make you feel annoyed or overwhelming.

Cases like he’s giving you his jacket in the cold, worried about you being cold when you’re out; opening doors, or offering to help you with any little inconvenience you face. 

Then he is trying to show you that he is trustworthy and wants to support you.

10 Signs He’s Into You

Sign #10: You’ve Met the Family

Yeah, if he introduces you to his family or relatives, chances are it isn’t just because you’re good pals.

If he wants you to meet his family, it’s probably because he’s weighing the idea that you might soon be a part of it in his mind; and he wants to see how you fit along side them.

Introducing someone to our family is an excellent way to know if they’re a good fit. Or if you’ve been too infatuated to see glaring flaws.

If you’re meeting the family, you’re being considered as the real deal. One of the 10 Signs He’s Totally Into You

It is always a little scary to try to find where we land with someone we truly love. But if you see that he’s checking off a few of these boxes, you can safely assume that he’s into you!

And it’s a good time to reach out and lean a little closer. It might be what he’s waiting on to take your relationship to the next level! Continue reading on How To Make Him Addicted To You

Remember, it’s always the right choice to take a chance on love!

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