Breaking up from a relationship is not easy at all, especially after you have committed to the relationship for a long period of time. So, to avoid the pains, tears, loneliness, grief, loss, and rejection that comes with a heartbreak; you might be tempted to “rebound,” and jump straight into another relationship. You may not yet realise it, but it’s advisable to be aware of it. In this article, you’ll learn the signs of a rebound relationship.

Signs Of A Rebound Relationship

Signs of a Rebound Relationship

A rebound relationship is defined as a relationship that is started shortly after a breakup from the previous relationship; before the feelings from the previous relationship have been fully resolved.

However, studies have shown that some rebound relationships actually become successful, while others can be harmful to the person rebounding and the partner too. You are in charge of your own happiness, it’s better to avoid having a rebound relationship, as it’s not that healthy.

The top reason why a rebound relationship is not advisable is that people are in relationships for the wrong reasons. And it is one of the key factors to a healthy relationship

9 Signs You Are In A Rebound Relationship

Sign #1: You Started Dating Immediately After Your Breakup

Among the biggest signs of a rebound relationship is the very fact that you jumped into another relationship; without giving yourself a breather or healing time from the heartbreak of the previous relationship.

Although there are no laws or rules that state you must wait for a particular period of time before you go into another relationship after a breakup. However, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • You must be over your ex-partner.
  • You should not be thinking of how to get your ex back while you are in a relationship with your new partner.
  • You must be at peace with your past relationship.
  • You are fully over your past relationship, and you’re ready to go out there.

Sign #2: Your Friends Have Warned You A Million Times

Another sign that you are in a rebound relationship is if you have had some of these conversations with your friends:

  • Your friends always warn you to break off the relationship and try to heal before getting into a new relationship.
  • Your friends do not like your new partner because they know you are just holding on just because you don’t want to feel lonely again.
  • Your friends have clearly told you, you are in a rebound relationship.
  • Some of your friends no longer call or visit you, because they are tired of trying to convince you to leave the relationship.

If you can relate to one or two out of these conversations, then your friends might actually be right. So, give their words enough thought, as it is the sign of a rebound relationship.

Signs Of A Rebound Relationship

Sign #3: You Started Dating To Make Your Ex Jealous

In an attempt to mask up the pain you’re feeling from your past relationship, you went into a new relationship with someone you think is better than your ex. And you think they can compete with them, just to make your ex feel jealous.

In this situation, questioning yourself and answering honestly is the only way to truly find the right answer to this situation. Try to understand the reasons behind your action.

So, ask yourself if you are dating your new partner despite different red lights and bad habits that you would have generally considered A No Go Area.

Sign #4: The New Partner Reminds You Of Your Ex

You might have unknowingly gotten attracted to your new partner because they have a few behavior and habits that remind you of your ex-partner. 

So, you resolved to date them just so you can have soothing relief from your heartbreak. But let’s face the reality, it is really unfair to do so, it won’t bring you any further.

If you find yourself attracted to someone who shares something in common with your ex, then it is a warning sign of a rebound relationship.

Sign #5: Your Relationship Is Not That Deep Emotionally

The emotional attachment that presents in a rebound relationship is usually lesser than a good relationship.

But at the same time, there could be a lot of intimacy because you can unintentionally try to make up for your lack of an emotional bond, by being really intimate with your new partner.

So, instead of the normal romantic sparks that partners usually experience; sex might be a way of expressing emotions in a rebound relationship. Don’t ignore this sign of a rebound relationship.

Sign #6: You Barely Know Your New Partner Well

Before people start dating, their love for each other usually booms as a result of knowing the other person at a more deeper level. Behaviors, habits, characters, traits, past, family, backgrounds, and so on.

So, if you have not given yourself time to recover from your heartbreak before going into the relationship; you will not be genuinely interested in knowing your new partner. Because all you care about is getting a companion.

Thus, you will barely know the person you claim to be dating.

Sign #7: You Vent Out Your Anger On Your New Partner

This is one of the signs you are in a rebound relationship. When you are with the one you truly love, you will feel happy every second of your waking time. So the chance of venting anger on your new partner is really slim at the first stage of love.  

Because when you completely ready for a relationship, you have already let go of the past. And you are willing to embrace your new future with your new partner.

However, if you find yourself (or your partner) tend to vent anger or throw frustration on to your partner. Then it is one of the signs of a rebound relationship.

Normally, if you don’t give yourself time to heal well, you will bring the anger, resentment, guilt with you to the next relationship. And those little things are really dangerous, as they will outburst easily even your new partner has done everything perfectly right.

Or sometimes, any little thing your new partner does usually make you impulsively angry, frustrated, and sad. As you have kept those feelings bottled up in your heart for too long.

If you do this, then you definitely need time to heal from your heartbreak, and your new partner does not deserve to be treated that way.

Sign #8: You Find Yourself Dating A Friend That Only Tried Comforting You

This is so common for most people after a heartbreak. When a friend of the opposite sex tries comforting them during the period of their breakup. A few kissing might come up, and then an impromptu relationship might evolve out of it.

While it is not a new thing for friends to fall in love, the situation right now might not actually be love.

The relationship might be based solely on the need to get love, comfort, and care, instead of love.

And based on my personal experience, this type of rebound relationship will not end well. As it’s not the love that will keep couples going through ups and downs.

It is surely one of the important signs of a rebound relationship you must watch out for.

Signs Of A Rebound Relationship

Sign #9: Your Instincts Or Guts Says Otherwise

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are in a relationship with your new partner. Because you genuinely love them, you instinct says otherwise and tells you; you are in a rebound relationship.

Then this is the time to actually pause and thoroughly inspect yourself before you put yourself in another emotional mess.

If you can’t find an answer after the inspection, then ask yourself these questions; am I genuinely happy in this relationship? If the answer is No, then everything is wrong.

Then you should talk about it with a friend you can confide to, or seek professional advice from a relationship therapist. As this is a sign of a rebound relationship.

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