Finding a soulmate and a perfect match is not as easy as shown in the romantic movies. As this can take decades to find your Mr. Right; therefore, many people thoughts it impossible based on their harsh experiences. But it is not a very rare thing as you may have seen many happy couples too. So you should still believe that you can find a soulmate and develop an everlasting relationship. Now a question arises, what are the signs to look in a potential soulmate? Here, you’ll learn the eight signs that he is your soulmate! 

signs that he is your soulmate

8 Signs That He Is Your Soulmate

Sign #1: He has an acute hunch

One of the important signs that he is your soulmate is about the hunch.

There is always something special when you first meet your soulmate. These unique attractions are what they call love at first sight. There will be a sense of familiarity when you talk or do everyday tasks in a certain similar way.

So, if he is passionate and excited even in the first meet up and wants to spend more time with you after that, this can be a strong indication that he’s into you.

This hunch can become a bridge for a long, everlasting relationship.

Sign #2: He is your best friend

It’s time to forget about the myth that soulmate can’t be the best friend. And the truth is that a strong friendship leads towards a long-lasting relationship.

Your soulmate always considers you his best friend and expects the same from you in return. So it is okay to establish friendships, and being in a good friendship can deepen his interest in you. And besides the humor and joy, you can know his plans about you and your relationship.

And if you find that he treats you as his priority, then it is a sign that he is your soulmate. It’s time to get out of the friend zone.

8 Signs That He Is Your Soulmate

Sign #3: He gives you respect

Respect can be an essential factor when it comes to deciding how far your relation will go. Your potential soulmate will never try to change you in his way as it might result in the relationship falling apart.

He knows your flaws, and he will try to adapt according to your nature instead of focusing or blaming you on every little flaw you have. But keep in mind that he will also expect the same from you because soulmates love and respect each other at the fundamental level.

So, if you find him equally interested in you even after knowing your imperfections, weird habits, or the mistakes you made; then he is undoubtedly the perfect choice. And this is what we call a soulmate connection.

Sign #4: He shares the same plans as you

Yes, this is probably the single most common feature of the soulmates and romantic couples. If he has the same or similar plans as you have, this indicates that you two see the future in the same way and have planned to deal with it the same way.

So, why not face it together? Your partnership will grow smoothly, and your life together will be happy and fulfilling. When you two share the same life goals and plans, you probably have already found your soulmate! Stick with him for the rest of your life.

Sign #5: He completes you

One of the critical signs that he is your soulmate is that he completes you. A typical “good” friend may admire you for nothing, but that’s not the case with a soulmate.

He will always encourage you to be a better version of yourself by opening your eyes to what you can do. And he will force you to leave your comfort zone and grow your potential. You may feel uneasy at the beginning, but you can genuinely tell his good intention.

And meanwhile, he will always support you right when you need it the most. As your soulmate, he will encourage you to grow and develop. In return, you should express your gratitude and appreciations for his support and do your best to support him too. By doing so, it will surely deepen your relationship.

8 Signs That He Is Your Soulmate

Sign #6: Fighting to be together

When you meet your soulmate, one thing for sure that you are different. Different background, different perspectives or even a different culture. So there will always be unique and hard challenges along the way. Therefore it is natural to have conflicts from time to time.

But a soulmate will always be there for each other in the time of need whether these are family issues, financial stress, any disease or any other minor issues.

A soulmate will always be there fighting hard to keep the relationship joined together. You two will need to team up and fight against all the odds together.

Because neither of you wants the relationship to end, and this is always beyond the personal ego. So if he is fighting hard to stay together, then it’s one of the good signs that he is your soulmate. In fact, having a positive intense is also an essential factor to build a healthy relationship.

Sign #7: Distance doesn’t matter

There is nothing like distance when the hearts are connected and beat together.

Soulmates always find a way to minimize the distances in their lives. They have strong trust in each other and try to balance things even when they are doing completely different things.

Even when he is frustrated about other things, he won’t throw those negative emotions to you. He is not jealous of you developing further in life. Instead, he will encourage you to do more.

He will prefer quality over quantity; this means that he will enjoy the quality short time spent with you rather than complaining about your busy routine.

Romantic couples always enjoy the time spent together and complain less. And it is one of the signs that he is your soulmate if he will follow the same rule even though you may be in a long distance relationship.

Sign #8: He is straightforward to you

Mean people wear different masks in different situations and try to fit in it. However, a soulmate will never pretend to be a different person in front of you.

He will be straightforward and authentic to you in every matter. Soulmates always show their first emotions to each other, and this helps them to adapt to their habits and instincts.

If he is always genuine to you and hides nothing, then he likes you because he wants you to be well informed.


The above eight signs are the top indicators that he is your soulmate. You can now refer to it to have a better understanding if he is the right one for you.

Nothing is perfect, and a great relationship is not made overnight! It always requires both people to give and take, try to accept the person in his or her original natural form.

A soulmate can easily forgive each other’s mistakes and let go of unpleasant experiences, only hold the happy and loving moments in their heads.

Love is a natural attraction, and nothing can hold you back from it.

So, always try to be fair and be the original version of yourself when talking to your soulmate. It is not that easy to find your soulmate in the world, so cherish him and keep him happy and win his heart forever.

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  1. I’ve found my “soulmate”!..We’re different culture and it is hard to reach out our relationship,a lot of challenges something like there’s a time barrier between the two of us but we both really want it to joined to be together.Now,it almost 6 months to fight our relationship.We are patiently waiting for the “perfect timing” of the universe if when is it happen.


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