Marriage is one of the most important steps which an individual can take during his lifetime. There are just a lot of factors that determine how a marriage can go. That time is also a day which is filled with jubilation and happiness. However, after the marriage fever has died down and the first sparks have all faded, the marriage could start getting boring. If you are looking for tips to spice up your marriage? You are at the right place. In this article, you will discover the six practical ways to spice you your marriage. Read on.

How To Spice Up Your Marriage

Why Do You Need To Spice Up Your Marriage?

I believe at some point of marriage; you might not feel the love as before. As your relationship is no longer creating fireworks, but it does not mean that you are no longer in love with the person.

Many couples don’t realize that they need to spice up their marriages to achieve their relationship goals. Instead, they are falling into the routine trap and let the passion die off gradually.

Therefore, many couples are building unhealthy relationships without knowing. That will lead to relationship breakdowns, which cause separations or divorce eventually.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, the good news is that you are reading this article. That means you are the very few that realize the little issue at the early stage.

It is important to spice up your marriage before it turns bad as it works the same as prevention better than cure.

When your marriage is strong enough, you can handle crushes or other temptation much better. Don’t wait till later to fix a broken marriage…

Don’t worry, as it is possible for you to spice up your marriage once again that will help to prevent all future problems to your essential.

6 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

Important note:

Before we dive into the practical steps to spice up your marriage; I want to share with you personal advice that will surely help you to better your marriage.

If you are determined to spice up your marriage, the first important thing you need to do is to FIX your thoughts.

Don’t ever think of the worse outcome of your marriage. Whenever you are talking to your friends or family members, try to keep the subject positive and joyful.

It may sound simple, but I know it is not that easy to do. I have been in such a situation before, and I felt lost and hopeless. And I know how difficult to think positive, as it seemed not possible to do.

However, trust me, no matter how difficult the situation you are in, if you don’t change your thoughts, things will never change.

Many people asked me how to stay positive in a bad situation; my answer is: “just do it.”

Meaning when negative thoughts appear in your mind, you need to push them away.

Try to imagine the happy and joyful outcome you wish to have. And I know it will be difficult to do at the beginning, but you need to do it.

After a while, you’ll realize that you can chase away the evil thoughts and focus on the good ones.

Don’t give up if you can’t do it at first, even for me, who has been practicing this for a long time still can’t do it at 100%. So you are on the right track if you are doing it.

Once you adjust your thinking, let’s take a look of the six ways that will you help you to spice up your marriage. If you put those into practice, you can quickly achieve your marriage goal.

6 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

1. Surprise your mate:

There is nothing better than a good old surprise. Take your time out and plan a surprise party, gift or anything at all for your mate.

Do not be worried; it is the thought that counts. Your partner would no doubt be thrilled with this development and would want to keep things this happy.

By giving out surprises every once in a while, you would be able to bring passion back into your marriage. It might just be what you have always wanted.

2. Spice up your sex life

One area in a marriage which can help you spice up your marriage is what goes on in the bedroom.

The chances are that with time, most people slowly neglect their sex life and get too comfortable. Gradually, it would become more of a routine than anything else.

And this could lead to your marriage losing its spark and subsequently lead to even boredom.

Hence, heat the bedrooms. Engage your patterns and find new ways to express your love for one another.

When both of you make that conscious effort, you would most likely see some positive change in your marriage. So this is one of the most popular ways in which people spice up their marriages with their partners.

3. Go out on dates

According to many happy couples, this is one of the most critical ways to spice up a marriage.

The fact that you are now married does not mean that date nights are over. It is impossible to make date nights something that is regular and consistent.

One thing which kept you guys happy during the period you courted each other was the regular outing which you both engaged in on a regular basis.

However, marriage is not something that bases on magic. If you do not feed your marriage with the right attention and care, it would most likely fall apart.

Therefore, take your time to ensure that your date nights are made regular. You can also discuss this with your partner to see how to adjust your schedule to make sure that this plan works at all times.

Keep dating going is the key to ensure the fire burning.

4. Games and Entertainment

It’s one of the effective ways to spice up your marriage. But in fact, many couples tend to ignore it.

However, games and entertainment are two things which can help us spice up anyone at any time of the day. And this is no different when used in a relationship.

Games have a way of bringing out the competitive edge in you and in the process can lead to a rush of adrenaline which can help to keep your mood at a heightened state.

Therefore, if this one idea which you intend to pursue, then you should talk to your partner about it. You could ask what games he is interested in and see if it matches yours.

Alternatively, you could suggest some form of entertainment such as dancing and try to make it a regular thing.

The key to spicing up your relationship is by getting rid of the things which make it routine and bring in things which contributes to making your relationship much more interesting.

How To Spice Up Your Marriage

5. Take a vacation with just your partner

Everyone loves a holiday to reduce the steam which work has created over time and to make sure they are mentally sound.

Another thing which might need a vacation is only with your spouse. All your relationship might need to become how it was before may be to take a break in a different location for some time.

If your schedule allows, take some time to discuss this with your spouse. The excitement that comes with making a holiday could even be enough to spice up things in your relationship.

Choose a place which is peaceful and would allow you both some alone time. And importantly to spend the quality time together. By the time your vacation is over, you would feel more than motivated to make-up the excitement in your marriage.

6. Communicate more

For some people, a quality conversation could be all that is needed to make sure that your marriage is still up there regarding excitement. Nowadays, couples tend to communicate less even though they are together.

I believe you also realise that we spend much more time with our phone or computer on the internet than talking to our partners physically.

Therefore, take your time to communicate regularly with your spouse. Find out if there is any problem which they are facing in their workplace.

The truth is that every day, you can create new memories. When there is enough communication, there would always be something new to talk about every single day.

You can solve lots of unnecessary problems when you are willing to communicate with your partner effectively. 

Below are other things you might find interesting, and I would also suggest you check it out. These things include:

  • Register together for a gym session
  • Attend cooking classes together
  • Go hiking together
  • Go on a picnic together
  • Visit the museum
  • Go to the cinema or watch Netflix together
  • Massages are always exciting, so please give it a try sometime soon.


Being in a marriage is not a walk in the park. There will be times when you might get pretty frustrated at your partner, or you might get bored of the routines which you go through every single day.

However, it is important that you never give up when it comes to spicing up your relationship. The truth is that all the power rest in your hands when it comes to marriage.

Do you have a relationship bucket list already? If not, I highly suggest that you should create one together with your partner as it will be served as a goal for you both to achieve.

Research has shown that a marriage will last when there is a common goal in a relationship.

It is left to you to decide if your marriage would be a success or if it would be another divorce case brewing beneath the surface.

Continue to read more on three unspoken secrets to better your relationship here.

Do you like this article 6 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage? If you do, don’t forget to share with anyone you care and love. Leave your comments below as we’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Have a blissful marriage! 😁😁💖💖

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