Love is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. Everyone wants a person they can give love to and receive love from. Every person in life is constantly striving to either find love or stay in love. We all want to be loved by the person we love, we all keep striving for a real and long lasting love both in dating and marriage. Do you know the stages of love? Read on and discover the 5 stages of love. And unfortunately, many couples get stuck at the 3rd stage. Which one are you in?

5 Stages Of Love - Which One Are You At?

5 Stages Of Love

The science of Love shows that there are five stages or phases in the love cycle. Just as there are different seasons of life.

Having good knowledge about the stages of love can save every heart from constant aches and problems currently and in the future.

Just like the mountains and the valleys, there are also highs and lows in relationships. If your love can pass the 3rd stage of love successfully, then you and your soulmate have each other forever without fear of getting separated.

Let’s dive into the five stages of love and let us know which stage you are at? 💓💓

Stage 1 – Drunk In Love

Drunk in love is the stage where two hearts fall in love with each other. At this stage, everything feels fresh and exciting.

When meeting this new beautiful soul, you realize you can’t stop thinking about them. And your mind keeps wandering away from work and every other thing because you can’t just get them off your head.

You continuously try to picture your lover’s face in everything you do. And you may sometimes find yourself checking out their pictures at every free time.

And your heart flutters when you sight them, and all of the time, you feel like you can’t go a day without reaching them.

This stage is the most exciting stage of love, the dating stage. Because everything feels beautiful, and you rarely get annoyed even when you are confronted with things that you would typically snap at.

Moreover, you find everything is passionate! The touch is electric, the kisses are blazing, and the face of your lover rings a bell of hope.

5 Stages Of Love - Which One Are You At?

Therefore, the first stage is the stage of intense and ardent love. Also, it is a stage everyone wishes would stay forever.

Stage 2- Couplehood

Couplehood stage is where your love runs more in-depth, and you two are officially a couple.

And this is the stage where you think that you want to settle with this marvelous personality that you’ve met.

The drunkenness you feel at stage 1 doesn’t allow you to think. All you feel is just a longing to want to be with your partners. But now is when the decision is made.

At this stage, drunkenness clears off. But it doesn’t mean that there is no love. Yes, there is still love. However, this stage is more of bonding.

And it is a level of relationship maturity.  It is not the stage where sex is a priority, but it is when you want to cuddle your soulmates and to feel safe and protected in their arms.

This stage of love is when marriage and childbearing often happens. As you have decided to live the rest of your life with this person; it begins to happen now.

In other words, it’s time for commitment and responsibilities. And in theory, it should be the time to start living together joyfully and happily. “The happily ever after.”

Stage 3 –  What Went Wrong?

5 Stages Of Love - Which One Are You At?

Well, now you should take a deep breath before you continue as no one would ever warn you about this stage.

And this is a stage where you will need to learn to exercise a lot of patience in your relationship. Often, you need to learn how to continually take a deep breath when this stage starts to unfold.

Unfortunately for many couples, the 3rd stage of love may be the beginning of the end for many relationships.

Sometimes, you may not even know how to explain how it all happened, but you just realized everything switched and flipped.

Though you are still in love with this person, life has come in the way of your love. As life situations like parenthood, work, career building may take over the love priority, and then you feel less loved and cared for by your partner.

Most times, you get angry, hurt, and irritable with your partner. And you long for what you once had; however, the more you try to think about it, the more difficult it seems to be to put everything back in place.

There’s a lot of disillusionment and feeling of disconnection that happens at this stage of love.

You may feel that romance seems to be unreachable, and you may doubt if you’ve made the right choice of partner. And the worse situation, you feel sick in your body, soul, and mind.

However, any relationship that pulls through this stage deserves a medal because, after this stage, sweetness comes in abundance.

Therefore it is important not to overthink about your relationship at this stage of love. Pay attention to the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and do something to fix it RIGHT NOW!

Learn to communicate with your partner more effectively to better your relationship.

Stage 4 – Building A Deeper And Lasting Connection

As earlier said, if your relationship, makes it through stage 3, you deserve more than applause. And definitely, you need award you both, maybe a gold medal?

This stage of love helps you to see your partner for who they are. You get to appreciate the reality of what you have.

Interestingly, stage 4 is an exceptional stage where you feel like you share the same body and soul with your partner. They say a man and a woman become one from the day of marriage.

However, it never really happens until stage 4 of love. And you could see yourself in your partner at this stage.

One good thing about stage 3 is who you become after. And this stage makes you real, and you get to understand your partner more. Then you’ll be happy again in a relationship.

As all struggle dies, and you are ready to move through life more happily than ever with your partner. And things seem to be better and you can find the passion back in a relationship.

Also, you become one with your partner, and you are ready to take the word by the storm.

Stage 5- Ready To Change The World

This renewed love will turn you and your partner into an unstoppable team. Now that you’ve accepted your partner for who they are and you have found this joy from within merely by looking at them.

And you have more time to join hands and take care of your kids, family, parents, and loved ones. Proudly, you both have already cultivated the good habits as a happy couple.

You help each other to grow and achieve the dream you have; bring out the best version of each other. If you have a common goal, you’re motivating each other to make it; or if you have a relationship bucket list, you strick off the things on the list together.

At this stage of love, you have become an asset to society because you have made a triumph and you deserve to celebrate!

5 Stages Of Love - Which One Are You At?


Every couple will go through the above 5 stages of love. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of those stages.

Even the best couples, they also experience changes in a relationship and feelings too.

Importantly, don’t overthink or put your focus too much on the negative events, as there are always ups and downs in a relationship.

But most importantly, you understand which stage you are in. And don’t get stuck at the 3rd stage as most couples do.

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Remember that Love is beautiful! And we shouldn’t make it less of that. For more tips on how to keep a healthy relationship, continue to check LOVE Magnet blog.

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