You probably saw this headline and thought- how is surviving infidelity even possible? The answer is YES, but you need to be true to yourself if you truly want to give your partner another chance? Or you want to let go of the unpleasant experience and start your fresh love life again. If you do, then we will 15 powerful tips that will help you survive infidelity.

Surviving Infidelity -15 Powerful Tips To Survive Infidelity

Let’s face the fear…

Has romance to you been a continuous trend of falling in love and being heartbroken? It feels like you are giving everything but receiving nothing. Therefore, you coil yourself and let things sit.

The once happy face remains at the verge of giving up their happy love life. You are afraid of giving all of you and eventually losing yourself. Typically, you have been with partners who have either lost interest in you.

Slowly, you notice that your loved one is pulling away — the scary face of being rejected sets in. You are scared to death that this person in whose arms he found peace will abandon you. The partner does not even return your calls. They text you after two days, and you are no longer the priority.

You are stuck in a slue taste of death-doing boredom. It is either you remain or let go. Maybe you are thinking of ending your relationship, but at the back of your head, you are frightened that your next date will probably lose interest in you.

Then you swim through the murky deep of disinterest. Nightmares of unfulfillment haunt your nights. You do not even believe in yourself and probably along the way you are going to lose your self-confidence. If this is how you are feeling now, don’t worry! As you are not alone, here are fifteen powerful tips to surviving infidelity if you’ve decided to stay!

15 Powerful Tips To Survive Infidelity

1. Avoid Being Clingy Or Appearing Desperate

This is most powerful tips to survive infidelity. However, it is definitely not the easy one, especially when you already lost trust in your relationship. But if you want to rebuild the love with your partner, you need to avoid being clingy.

The act of being clingy is mainly influenced by separation anxiety. A buddha saying goes like you only lose what you cling. You are less likely to win the heart of someone that you desperately want. Being clingy makes you insecure. It would be effortless to scare someone away when you need them so desperately. Therefore, a recommendation is to remain calm and hope for the best.

2. Believe That You Will Find Fresh Possibilities Out There

Let’s be real here, it’s painful and challenging to heal from infidelity in a relationship. But it is not impossible only if you both decided to make it happen. Since you’ve decided to take this path, why should you think of the adverse outcome?

Have you heard people say there is no need to focus on the one closed door? Mainly because many more are open for you. It is only a matter of choice between your current state of doubt and moving on.

Loss easily affects human life, to the extent that they cannot easily believe that the damage is replaceable. In every situation, always have faith that new possibilities exist out there. That little faith is enough to help you in surviving infidelity.

3. Identify Triggers And Accept They Are Normal

Once you have experienced a promiscuous partner, you will always have intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, and nightmares. All of these mental conditions are traumatic responses to previous breakups or incidents of infidelity.

You have to accept the triggers as a normal condition. Meanwhile, you can also join groups with participants being people who have had a history with infidelity partners. You are likely to notice that triggers are healthy for people who have suffered from unfaithful partners.

4. Choose And Plan A Strategic Mindset

It is crucial to view yourself when dealing with an unfaithful partner differently. Don’t take yourself for a loser. Of course, it feels more like you are the victim of unrequited love. However, it is essential to accept the situation since the longer you dwell on being a victim, the harder it will be for you to move on.

The sinister dimensions of infidelity are made worse when the cheated victim cannot rebuild trust, self-confidence and the ability to fall in love again. If you are a victim, you stand the chance of living in anger which is not a good resume for surviving infidelity.

Nevertheless, recovering from an affair that has been submerged into infidelity is tough and requires a strong heart. When you identify the root of the cause that makes you feel insecure; you should attempt to create a plan that will help you handle any similar situation in the future.

5. Ask All Questions When In Doubt With Your Partner

Analyze the history of your relationship from the first date you had with your partner. What changed in your relationship that might have led your partner to become unfaithful? Perhaps the unfaithfulness sprouted from a hidden weakness in your relationship.

You might not have been open to your spouse, and they ended up not trusting you. Wear compassion to derive answers from your spouse. Do not throw tantrums or seek answers with a temper. Form a tight bond with your partner and do not attack them. It is apparent that you might also scare the unfaithful partner away even where they had loved you wholeheartedly.

Surviving Infidelity -15 Powerful Tips To Survive Infidelity

6. Expect Blames And Curveballs

Unfaithful partners have a high affinity for placing the blame on you. The cheating partner may act as if you were the cause of the downfall. Meanwhile, when surviving infidelity, you may also succumb into self blames and think that you did something wrong. But whenever these thoughts come to your mind, let go of them. Stop the blaming game.

7. Spend Intimate Time Without Bringing Up The Past 

Engage in daily habits that are healthy for couples to surviving infidelity. Do fun activities that you enjoy and make sure you don’t talk about the past.

8. Forgive When Prepared

It is not possible to forget a relationship where your partner cheated. The memories do fade a bit, but you will always live within the sinister folds of what could happen. It is not advisable to forge imaginary forgiveness.

Always forgive when you are sure your heart is more ready than eager to forgive. First, learn how to handle pain, how to rebuild broken trust and then let go of negative feelings. At this point, you are ready to forgive. And this is the most significant step to surviving infidelity.

9. Limit How Much You Give Yourself Into The Relationship

Unfortunately, how to keep a man interested in you is not in the direct ratio of how much you give yourself to him. Trauma may arise from expecting so much from your relationship. Do not put yourself in a position that you only seek self-assurance from the relationship.

Enjoy your alone time! Start to practice self-love,  as it will boost your self-esteem and make you feel happier. You can start to try new things; enroll in yoga classes, connect with friends, meet new people, etc. And it is also an excellent time to revisit your buried hobbies.

10. Ensure Transparency

Reassurance is the oilskin that nourishes broken trust. Ensure that both you and your partner are completely transparent with each other. Through transparency, the couple can easily rebuild trust and move on.

11. Take Time Before Engaging In Sexual Intimacy

This is one of the unspoken secrets to survive infidelity. The probability of a physical encounter between your partner and an outside lover may temporarily impair your sexual intimacy. Give yourself time, be patient and focus on settling the relationship to calmness. Sex requires emotional attachment and is therefore essential that you focus on strengthening your emotional bond.

12. Do Not Be Tempted To Fade The Love Away

When it occurs that you want to save your relationship, always be compassionate with your lover. Without love, the marriage will fail. Despite surviving infidelity, it is also essential that you find that special place in your heart to accommodate your partner.

13. Begin Fresh – Love is full of Possibilities

Accept that bad things happened and there is no reversing of time and wishful thinking that it never happened. That your partner never cheated. Declare a new beginning, plan about your life together with your spouse. Forgive the unfaithful partner and treat them better and be kind. And importantly keep learning to strengthen your relationship.

14. Seek Help

Infidelity is a hectic experience that takes a very long time to heal. If you find challenging to self-heal from an affair, then you can seek help. Help from your family members, or trusted friends. And you need to know that there are times complete healing will not be assured.

Specialty consultation is advised if necessary. Seek help from a certified counselor that has experience in dealing with couples. Each of the tips offered here could call for assistance, and you should always be confident to seek help where need be.

15. Quit the Toxic Relationship

We both know no one goes into marriage expecting a divorce or break up. However, a relationship may take a drastic turn and approaches a point of no return. The cheating partner fails in attempting to restore their dignity. The relationship becomes sexless. The cheated partner still feels the presence of the outside lover.

If the unfaithful partner fails to obliterate the outdoor lover, they become a threat to the relationship. And it becomes hard to believe that cheating will fade away. At this point, is either you quit the relationship, or remain and suffer in silence.

When you realize the weight of the relationship is affecting your health, work, and societal expectations; It is more advisable to give yourself a break. Quit the relationship, allow yourself time to heal.

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