Communication in a relationship is vital if we want to stay in sync with our partners. However, it would not always be easy to communicate face to face. However, the good thing is that we have been afforded the chance to use other media to communicate effectively. In this world we live in, people communicate through means such as videos and messages. And most of the time we make texting mistakes unknowingly that may ruin our relationships. In this article, discover the top texting mistakes and remember to avoid them!

Top Texting Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Relationship

Top Texting Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Relationship

If you plan to text your partner, then you would most likely want to keep it as real as possible. However, this can come with its challenges. You might not really have a good idea of how you can do this effectively. You may also feel that it is simply not natural enough.

Granted, it is harder to keep things real while you are not in close proximity. However, following the rules of texting would help reduce the awkwardness.

Like it or hate it, there are certain rules that evolve around texting that ought to be followed. Following them would result in better interactions and healthier conversations with your partner.

Hence, we’ve listed some of the biggest texting mistakes here that you have to avoid at all costs.

1. Take too long to respond

For the love of God, try to respond to texts on time. This does not necessarily mean that you must send a text the very next minute a message or text is sent to you. However, ignoring a text for days or several hours is just plain rude. Many people play mind games when it comes to texting their partners; you don’t have to be ready 24/7, but there is no reason you should take too long to reply a simple text. Don’t make this texting mistakes.

And it gets even worse when you are dealing with your partner. Your partner would be left wondering if he or she said something wrong or if you are slowly drifting away. The truth is that your partner would likely view such actions as rude and offensive. That could even spell the end of your relationship if it continues in the long run.

2. Long texts

Personally, I hate long texts and most of the time, it won’t serve its purpose. And this is one of the texting mistakes you should avoid as well.

There are times where you would have to really write long texts in response to partnerโ€™s comments especially when he is asking for a detailed explanation. However, you should strive to make sure that the content of your message is proportional to the messages that you received.

It would be insensitive on your part to write a long text in response to a very short message sent by your partner. This would come in real handy when you are just starting out in a relationship with your partner. I know you are really excited but try not to overwhelm him.

If you are ever at loss as to what to say to a text or chat message, you can easily type “okay”. That reply is suitable for almost every text that is sent your way. Read more on 3 texts to make him smile here.

3. Emoji and balance ๐Ÿ˜…

The saying that overusing anything is bad, and it is so true when it comes to using an emoji. While emoji are useful in some situations, it would be horrific to overuse them. Using them in every situation and everything you say would not be viewed as warm and appealing.

However, in most circles, it would be viewed as childish and just too much. So for the love of everything that matters to you, tune down on the use of emoji. On the flip side, not using emoji at all would be deemed insensitive and a bit cold. So the key is balancing the use of emoji.

The use of emoji would matter gravely on how long your relationship with your partner has been. If you are deep into a committed relationship and you have passed the initial stage of love, then how you use your emoji might not matter much. However, if you are having a new relationship; then you should try not to overuse it as this could have a negative effect on your young relationship. A texting mistake to remember!

Top Texting Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Relationship

4. Over Texting

Yes, there is something called over texting and it’s one of the top texting mistakes that will ruin your relationship. Basically, it is texting with no moment to pause and allow for a response.

You could feel passionate and excited to share things with your partner; however, that gives you no right to keep sending messages over and over again without waiting for feedback. In most parts of the world, sending text messages in such a manner is called spamming.

If you are just starting out in a relationship, then over texting would surely be a turn-off for your partner. You would not give him or her the opportunity to reply or even voice their opinions.

More so, the act of over texting is viewed as spamming. Spamming the person who you are chatting would only lead them to believe you are obsessed or you are just plain rude. It’s important to be patient and wait for a reply before sending another one.

Trust me, it is way more fun than just sending messages repeatedly without any reply. You would have a chance to enjoy the conversation better. And who knows, your partner may grow to love you even more.

5. Let the conversation die a natural death

The truth about texting is that a conversation cannot last forever. It would surely come to an end. And the good thing is that there is yet another time and day to start a new conversation with your partner.

So if this conversation you are currently having appears to be fading away, try not to hold on too tightly. It is always advisable that you let it go naturally. For most people, text conversation is likened to a note or a letter. There would always be the final piece of an essay. Trying to prolong it would only spoil the magic of the conversation. Let it go and live to fight another day. So it’s important to avoid this texting mistake.

6. Being Vague

There is nothing worse than being misinterpreted while texting. Try to use words which would not be interpreted in a different light unless you want to do it on purpose.

Be clear and precise what message you want to convey. It would help you to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Being vague is one of the top texting mistakes which you have to avoid when texting.


Texting can be a great source of communication in a relationship and among friends. However, if you keep making these texting mistakes; you are bound to face relationship problems everywhere you turn.

It’s essential to improve your texting skills and you would surely start to see some results that would leave you feeling satisfied.

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