Flirting has been a function of our behavior to get attention from others. The act of flirting arouse the other people’s interest; lets them know you are interested in them and creates an atmosphere of excitement. Flirting is often used by women before getting to know their men; however, it should stay a part of your relationship as long as you both shall live. By continuing to flirt, you let your significant other knows you find them attractive and would date them all over again. In this article, let’s discuss the art of flirting and how it will help to keep your love alive.

The Art Of Flirting

The Art of Flirting

Unfortunately, the art of flirting isn’t passed from generation to generation as it used to be. In our society where everything is digital and face to face communication can be quick and to the point; therefore many women never learn how to flirt.

In results, many women didn’t grasp the art of flirting. What a pity, the art of flirting, is one of the critical ingredients for having a loving relationship. Hopefully, you will get gain some insights after reading this article.

Now, let’s discover the art of flirting together.

1. It’s an art form that keeps your guy’s attention and stokes his desire to hunt and conquer

If you want to get a guy to notice you; then you need to master the art of flirting. It will help you to draw his attention and arouse his man instinct which is to hunt and conquer.

The basic core of flirting is to create tension and elevate the natural chemistry between you. You can do that with your eyes, your body or your language. In other words, it means that you don’t have to be face to face to flirt.

You can also do it over the phone or text messages. The objective is to create tension by promising something and then withdrawing it.

For instance, you could flirt by looking him in the eye, averting your gaze, looking back, smiling briefly and then looking away again. It’s a form of giving and taking that lets him know that you’re interested, without being overly aggressive.

2. It’s an art form of self-control

The art of flirting is about self-control. What is interesting, is that you probably already flirt by nature. However, you might not know one of the important aspects contributes to the art of flirting is to understand how and when to turn it on and off on your own.

As mentioned earlier, it’s about mastering the balance of giving and taking. Many women tend to overdo it when it comes to flirting. And sadly, by doing so, you are not arousing a man’s interest; instead, you are scaring him away.

The Art Of Flirting

3. It’s an art form of communication 

It may sound simple, but I believe that this point might not cross your mind. As people tend to associate flirting with sexual alluring, which is completely non-sense.

When you joke with the man behind the counter at the pharmacy; or the guy behind the desk at the library knows you by name, smiles, and jokes with you when you come in…that’s flirting.

It’s innocent and harmless and usually leads nowhere. But, indeed, it’s a form of communication that lets the other person know that you find them interesting. And it makes them feel good. So the art of flirting is about communication.

4. It’s an art form to indicate your interest

The objective of the art of flirting is to indicate your interest in a more attractive way. And you can do it; naturally, you could accidentally brush up against him, or touch his arm to make a point.

A glance at him from the corner of your eye, give a compliment and then back off. Tease him gently without crossing the line into overt sexual advances. Most guys like a woman with just a bit of sass and who doesn’t let them get away with too much.

5. It’s an art form of making eye contacts

Yes, making eye contact is an art of flirting. As your true interest will be conveyed genuinely in the action of your eyes. And you may have heard people commenting on “making eyes” at someone. It literally means using your eyes to communicate your interest purposefully.

Don’t wink because it’s just cheesy, and don’t be aggressive, because it gives the guy less to do and less interest in you.

When you smile, let it go all the way to your eyes. Don’t just turn up the corners of your mouth, but let that smile light your eyes. Then turn away. By doing so, it creates that promise and withdrawal that develops tension between you. Meanwhile, it’s important to be aware of your whole body. Turn your body toward him and stand taller without being haughty.

6. It’s an art form of body language 

This is another vital aspect of the art of flirting. You might want to speak up, say hi and engage him in conversation; all the while flirting with your eyes. And this is a flirtation, so first names are sufficient if you are introducing yourself at a party. And, watch your body cues!

Without realizing it, a guy will read your body language and determine if you are open to being approached or you aren’t. Crossed legs, spinster glasses, stressed face, and tight shoulders will make you lost your charm.

Therefore, it’s essential for you to notice your body language. Sending those unwelcoming signals will make the guy feel disconnected with you. In results, he won’t stick around to figure out why.

If you’ve met at a party or other social engagement, keep the interaction short and sweet. Don’t rush into an impromptu date. The hostess should have your contact information and if he’s interested he’ll track you down. And he may ask you for your number before you leave and whether you give it or not is totally in your court.


Flirting is fun, sassy and exciting. Whether it nets a new guy or you feel great about yourself and your ability to attract the opposite sex, it doesn’t really matter. As you gain more confidence in yourself, you’ll get better and better.

To master the art of flirting isn’t that difficult as long as you practice the above suggestions.

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