“How to make him love you more?” It was a tough question, so I asked some guys for their feedback. And the answers ranged from ‘love their football team’ and ‘invite your sexy girlfriend for a threesome’ (these are guys remember). So I decided to ask a slightly different question. Let’s suppose you have just met and you want to keep him; so let’s instead ask “How to make him want you more?” And develop the love from there. In this article, you’ll learn the twelve great tips to make him love you more. 12 Great Tips To Make Him Love You More! (From Men To Women)

12 Great Tips To Make Him Love You More

1. Bring him a drink in the bath

One of the simple tips to make him love you more is to bring him a drink in the bath. A bottle of cold beer, a glass of wine or his favorite drink on the rocks served in the bath will make him gaga for you. Don’t look at his naked body serve, kiss him on the forehead and go; it will make you look very cool and also very, very sexy.

2. “May I”?

As you dig into his pockets for the car keys is another big winner. Guys love that you are so in control but also aware of how close your hands are to his body. Electric. Double Bubble. You can’t underestimate the power of this tip to make him love you more.

3. Mix up the way you dress

Guys get used to seeing you in the same outfit. Even if the outfit is super hot, eventually his attention will wander. So change your style, change your hair, change your perfume. Drastic stuff. Colour your hair red, blue whatever. Guys only notice BIG changes. May you have noticed? Many men asked us to share this tip with more women so that they can apply in their love life. 

4. SEX the outfit up. PIMP your hide

This is one of the practical tips to make him love you more. Every once in a while when you know, he will be in a public place or with his friends. SEX the outfit up. PIMP your hide. Watch his pride when everyone is looking at you, desiring HIS woman. Make sure to touch him lots and call him by his name often through the night or he may go into jealousy mode and ruin the night.

Cosmo may say flirt with his friends and the waiter, but that is New York City, fantasy nonsense. Far from being turned on, he will feel like a cuckold. Don’t try that unless your guy is Jamie Dornan gorgeous and can take the competition.

5. Have your own thing going on

Be a little mysterious or at least independent. Don’t try to make him your BFF.

6. Don’t tell him everything about your day

Guys get bored with small detail very quickly: There are some things that your girlfriends will love to hear but turns him off, so as with number 5, stop trying to make him your BFF.

As guys are bad listeners, we all know that. The funny thing is, the less you tell him, the more he will be interested in your day. He will begin to ASK you about your day.

Be vague on detail, and he will be drawn in. Not too much, you don’t want him to think you are having an affair. Therefore this is one of the useful tips to make him love you more!

7. Give him genuine compliments!

Not flattery, but genuine thoughts like “you are so sexy in that XXX,” your aftershave always turns me on.” “You play golf/ball/cards/’Grand Theft Auto’ like a pro.” Try somewhere between keeping it real, but also PIMP him up a little. Here are 9 sweet things you can say to him

8. Build up to a certain part of sex, don’t give everything away at once

Talk about it, plan it, but don’t do IT (whatever IT is) yet, save something for fantasy.
Wait until you are ready then blow his er…mind.

9. Don’t drain him of all his money

It may be great to receive gifts, and he will enjoy giving, but a high maintenance ‘expensive’ girlfriend is nearly always for the short term. Lovely clothing, expensive makeup, classy fashion items; these are the sign of a mistress, not a long-term lover.

He would instead find a homely girl than worry about his mortgage every time he sees you. It will NOT last, I assure you. If you like to move along now and then and take what you can, go ahead and have your smash and grab relationship, but if you want long-term, give his wallet a break.

10. Let him be a guy

What I mean is stop expecting him to change and be what he is not. It is one of the most critical tips if you want to make him want you more.

He likes action films, he likes gaming, he likes football, he gets excited about gadgets and likes to know how many seats the aircraft has. He is different than you thank God. Let him be.

12 Great Tips To Make Him Love You More! (From Men To Women)

11. Love yourself, be yourself and you will allow him to love you more

As stated previously in a different post, you will only let him love you as much as you think you deserve. Deserve the best, and you will receive something similar at least.

If you do not think that you deserve the best think about this. Donald Trump is President of the United States. It tells you everything about how the Universe works.

It is not about what you did or did not do. Life does not work that way. Karma does not work like that. Karma is more about letting go of the rubbish that you and your ancestors believe about receiving.

The Kardashians are not the best looking women in the World, Trump is not the best businessman, but they THINK they are and that does it for them. They believe that they deserve everything the world offers.

Do they? I don’t know. But they do not limit their lives with petty recriminations about not being good enough. Contrary to most religious teachings, God does not want you to suffer for anything at all, ever. Who are we to argue?

12. Tell him you are his woman

You don’t have to say that you are all his literally, but imply it. If he plays his cards right, he can have an exclusive relationship with you. One guy will be the lucky man and have you all to himself.

This will get rid of so many of his worries that he will instantly relax, while still trying hard to be that ONE man.


During the interesting interviews with different men, we also got some of the other answers which I will cover in other blog posts, stay tuned.

However, the above advice will help you catch your man and reel him in. Don’t underestimate the power of the above tips to make him love you more. The good news is that although he will swagger and maybe wriggle a lot, he does want to commit.

Yes, one-night stands are fun, but he will be dreaming of a steady girlfriend I assure you. Make sure YOU are that Girl. Learn to be a love magnet today! 

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