Trust is never demanded but rather earned. By now you know that trust is the core value in every healthy relationship. It is an essential task of building trust indeed. Couples who should always practice trust building exercises to strengthen their relationships. It starts small, and like a fig tree, love grows enormous over time. That ’s the beauty of love! In this article, you’ll learn eight powerful trust building exercises for couples.

8 Powerful Trust Building Exercises For Couples

8 Powerful Trust Building Exercises For Couples

How many times have you found yourself lost between love and trust? To step up or to let it slide away? Or to confront your partner or to walk away in tears?

I get the feeling; it’s a subtle indicator of a slowly drowning love. But the hope is not lost, you can stitch it together by engaging in selected trust building exercises for couples. Just like William Shakespeare once said, “love is smoke, and is made with the fume of sighs.” Here is a list of trust building exercises for couples which will enable you to wrap love in a bed of trust.

1. Share Personal Secrets With Your Partner

I know, this might be one of the challenging trust building exercises for couples. Most of us have that one secret that hardly leaves our hearts; the dark one that is confined within us and we can never reveal to anyone. For some reason, it keeps haunting us.

And for a relationship to flourish, there should be no underlying secrets. It’s essential for you to open it up to your partner. You don’t have to tell them all the details, but you should not hide the facts.

If you allow yourself to be open and share your secrets with your partner; then you’are opening the door of trust and happiness. And in return, your partner will trust you more when they see how much you would trust them even with your secrets. You never know they might want to share their secrets with you too.

2. Eye Contact Session

It is one of the trust building exercises you should try today. I know eye contact exercise might sound strange, but the results are charming. As a couple, you should set a consecutive session that you would engage a soft eye to eye staring session with your partner. It helps you get more comfortable and closer with each other into each other.

When your partner is lying or trying to hide anything from you, they tend not to look into your eyes. So by practicing this exercise, you are getting your partner to share their secrets with you.

The laughter, charming smiles, and the intimacy that you share during this flirtatious session will unfurl the connection and trust within yourselves. Couples who have tried these sessions have reported it as a good start to set any tone of a conversation.

3. Working Out Together

Work out together is not only beneficial to your body but also useful for building trust with your partner. Setting out as a couple to the gym can be an excellent union to heighten the trust levels.

Helping each other especially when it comes to weight lifting, flexibility and body balance measures is a good start. It is a simple and effective trust building exercise for couples.

4. Engage In Private Meaningful Chats As A Couple

For a relationship to thrive, effective communication is a significant ingredient. Unlike other trust building exercises for couples; finding time for each other to engage in a private talk, listening to each other, and share an intimacy chat will bring forth the connection and trust. Trust starts to build even as you realize how much in common you share with your better half.

8 Powerful Trust Building Exercises For Couples

5. Let Your Actions Speak For Your Words

This is not one-off trust building exercises for couples; as trust within a relationship is determined by its consistency. You and your partner are required to be honest, transparent and reliable, to establish and strengthen the trust, 

It’s critical to understand that trust is not a one-day affair; it is the small continuous efforts that reinforce that bond. The best way to build trust is to set standards, in everyday level, weekly levels and adhere to your words. And it is the consistency in keeping those standards that shows your partner how genuine your love is and gain trust.

6. Act Of Forgiveness

Among the trust building exercises for couples, the act of forgiveness seems to be the most critical one. However, most couples tend to overlook it. There is no perfection in anyone, and often couples do little things that upset each other.

They stir guilt, and self-pity; however, those behaviors won’t do any good to you and your relationship. Instead, you should open up to your partner and gently seek forgiveness; this will greatly help to build trust. The act of forgiveness is such a powerful trust building exercise every couple should practice, and it is also an effective way to survive infidelity.

7. Seek Guidance From Your Partner On How To Restore Trust

By asking your partner how you can restore lost trust is a brave step one must take. Nonetheless, your spouse is more likely to respond by saying that it is beyond restore. However, we all know that such a response is out of anger, and may not be what they mean.

Start gradually by doing small things, like asking how you should go about certain things, continually seek their opinion. And they will see how far you are willing to make up for lost trust. Then your partner will start to trust in you, it may take time though, but patience pays! Hence this is one of the powerful trust building exercises for couples.

8. Blindfold Fall Back

This one might be tougher than expected even if you still trust your partner; it is a make or break situation. According to therapists, blindfold fall back is not only a useful trust building exercise for couples; but also a simple couples therapy exercises that couple can do at home.

Here is how you can do it: blindfold your partner and have them stand a yard away in front of you and ask them to fall back on your open arms to catch them. Fear and anxiety will fill their heart at first, but once it goes well, then their spirit will settle down in trust.

Switch places and have your partner catch you as well, trust me, that will even increase intimacy, love and the urge for each other intensifies.


It is true that building blocks of lost trust can take different dimensions depending on the levels of the relationship. However, it is apparent that trust building exercises for couples is a fantastic approach to restoring trust, joy, and happiness within a pair.

Life has a way of bringing this small moment that can assist us to connect with our partners, and it is upon us to identify them and cherish that such a moment came our way.

We genuinely value your feedback at the comment section, and we hope by practicing the above trust building exercise you can find back your trust soon.

Do you like this article 8 Powerful Trust Building Exercises For Couples? Don’t hesitate to try any of the above exercises with your partner today! And don’t forget to share with anyone you like and care.😍😍💕💕

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