We all walk into relationships with expectations. Whether it’s a same-sex friendship you’re developing with the woman from the gym or a romantic relationship with a special guy; we all have underlying expectations of how that relationship will grow and what the other person will or won’t do in your life. In this article, we will discuss what guys want women to know about their expectations.

What Guys Want Women To Know About Their Expectations

What Guys Want Women To Know About Their Expectations

Guys want you to know that your expectations of them can’t be based on fantasy.

Twelve dozen red rose petals were strewn across the floor leading to the bedroom; 2 glasses of your favorite wine are chilling and Frank Sinatra is playing softly in the background might happen in the movies.

But most men usually come home from work tired and having been beaten down by their bosses and life in general. Television shows and romantic movies are great inspirations for an occasional treat, but they aren’t the norm in anyone’s life.

Romantic interludes not scripted by Hollywood screenwriters are more meaningful and romantic than a line dreamt up for an actor.

Men actually do think about how they can please you and make you happy. And they are willing to do so. It might not be exactly what you had always dreamed about, but the reality is so much better than having nothing. And, nothing is exactly what you’ll get if you don’t appreciate what he already is doing.

In other words, if you were trying your best to please someone and they didn’t appreciate it – would you continue to try?

Instead, recognize what he is doing and give him lots of thanks for going out of his way to please you. Like most people, this will only spur him on to try harder and sometimes think outside the box. A dozen roses and chocolate might be too commonplace for you, but it might be that he took the easy route so he wouldn’t be sure to disappoint you; when you find out he signed you guys up for rock climbing for the evening.

What Guys Want Women To Know About Their Expectations

Never emasculate him, because he just can’t forget it.

This is one of the unspoken things about what guys want women to know about their expectations. Remember that your man is human after all and not Superman. Don’t emasculate him, especially when he did something wrong or not well enough. Even if you’re just joking, he won’t think it’s funny and if will affect your relationship.

You may be wondering what an emasculating comment would sound like? Anything that sounds like a correction his mother would have said. And competition in which you win, critically cutting him down or treating him like a boy and you’re the mom. And anything like this done in public is grounds for a breakup; done in private it may cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

If you are in a committed relationship then it’s time to have an authentic conversation with your partner. And if you find that you can’t even have an honest talk with your partner, then it is time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Thought what guys want women to know about their expectations may vary from relationships to relationships; You should not ignore the above 3 things.

There are cases that some men don’t see a problem with cheating. They may apologize but if they do it once, chances that they may cheat again. So it’s advisable to keep your love alive, you can also try some couples therapy exercises at home to strengthen your relationship.

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