Yes, you are right😁I am going to discuss this classic question in this article. As this question is one of the most searched romance-related topics on the internet today. People are always asking ‘What Is True Love?’. For centuries, true love and its real meaning have been a cause for debate. Hence, there are a lot of people feel that true love is just an illusion while others still feel that it does exist and that we all have our soul mates out there. Scientific evidence now also shows that true love exists and can last for a lifetime. So, what is true love? Read on as we delve into the mysteries of love and romance.

What Is True Love

What Is True Love?

True love is defined as that unbent, unparalleled, and deep attachment and fondness you fell for your partner.

And true love has also been described as the emotional and physical connection that is deeply rooted between two persons; such that living without each other would be unfathomable.

Indeed, love is what makes the world thrive! But unfortunately, a lot of people seem to mistake true love for possessiveness, lust, or even jealousy.

So, it would interest you to know that true love doesn’t represent any of that. Therefore, in terms of features, what is true love? How can it be identified?

How To Identify True Love?

We have been given the innate ability to understand if someone’s love is true or not. However, we most times find it difficult reading these signs because no one is perfect.

So, if you’ve ever asked the question – “What is true love”? Here are the tell-tale signs, read on…

1. Unconditional care

When you love someone, you give them complete attention. And you feel absolute and undeniable care for them even when there are no strings attached.

That is to say that regardless of the circumstances you find yourself, you always support them and show them deep care. True love has full responsibility at its roots.

2. Acceptance

True love moves you to accept someone the way that they are. And you understand them for who they really are without trying to alter or change them.

You will not try to turn them into someone different, but instead, you’ll come to an acceptance that who they are and you appreciate them even with their flaws.

3. Devoid of unrealistic expectations

It is natural that we want others to act in ways that match our expectations. And, it’s human nature that we want them to show more affection; be more caring and smarter; have a little more ambition; and more.

These expectations dilute the essence of true love if you couldn’t manage it lovingly. Many people stated that there should be no expectations of true love. However, I think there should be positive expectations but not unrealistic expectations.

What Is True Love

3. Responsibility

True love does not seek to blame others. Let’s be real, even in a true love relationship, there will be always ups and downs. However, couples genuinely love each other will take responsibility for their actions; instead of pushing the blame to their partners. And this is the key to make your true love last for a lifetime.

When there is true love, you’ll even find that it is easier to sail through relationship downtimes without losing the passions in your relationship.

4. Freedom

Love is all about letting others fly. Being possessive is not a replication of love and will never be. When you love someone, you set them free without holding onto them tightly and crushing their potentials. If you are truly in love with someone is not out to be possessive but willing to let others be free if they choose to.

5. Accepts reality

Yes, you could love each much so much. But unfortunately, you lack the needed compatibility to keep you together.

More so, the person that you love may not reciprocate your feelings and may even take them for granted. This does not mean that you should stop loving them.

However, true love does not require you to stay at all costs. Sometimes, you can let go of a relationship but still, love the person without trying to hurt them back. You won’t want to hurt or make the other person feel bad if you truly love the person.

Hence, this is the exact point that explained why you should get out of an abusive relationship, despite how much you love your partner.

6. No Jealousy

Love does not create room for one to be jealous. Being jealous is like being possessive, and it will never equate love. And depends on the intensity of such feelings, you may be in an unhealthy relationship.

Most persons feel that for one to really show that they are in love with another person, they have to be jealous.

When you love someone, you’ll trust the quality of what you share with them. In results, it keeps you secure because you know that your partner will always come back to you. However, it is normal to be jealous. But you must work on it and reduce the toxic thoughts to the minimum level.

7. Without fear

True love breeds positive emotions such as appreciation, joy, cheerfulness, commitment, satisfaction, happiness, contentment, and more.

In contrast, love that is not true will always breed negative fear-based emotions like insecurity, jealousy, hate, and more.

What Is True Love

8. Honesty

When you truly love someone, you are willing to communicate with them truthfully and honestly about any topic openly.

And you find yourself being truthful at all times without holding anything about yourself back from them. You let them in on your past and open up to them honestly.

Your intimacy spills from emotions into reality, and you build a connection of love that is strengthened by your willingness to be vulnerable.

9. Respect

Love and respect go together. And respect is one of the top things everyone needs in a relationship.

You cannot say you truly love someone if you have no respect for them. When you have true love; you are respectful, kind, and compassionate with them.

Hence, you show empathy and hold each other in high esteem by respecting your differing opinions and constructively resolving disagreements to promote the loving atmosphere between you both.

10. Authenticity

When you genuinely love a person, you never have to change who you are to be around them. You stay authentic with them without having to fake who you are or act interested in the things that they love without being real.

In any relationship, for true love to thrive, you must be yourself as this is a requisite to experiencing real love.

So, what is true love?

From all that has been said, real love involves commitment, dedication, and devotion between two people. And you will both be able to work as a team to contribute positively to each other so that you both CAN GROW!

By putting away all forms of egotism and selfishness and thinking of you both as “we” rather than “I,” you will be able to showcase your love in the purest form.

Do you think you have found your true love? Let’s us know your comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with anyone you care and love! 💕💕🙌🙌

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