Getting the attention of the men around you can feel like an almost impossible deal sometimes. Even if you consider yourself to be attractive; in every room, there seems always to be a difference between the girls that guys can’t help but watch, and the ones that don’t catch their eye. In this article, you’ll learn what makes a woman more attractive to men. Don’t miss those essential traits, read on.

What Makes A Woman Attractive To Men?

What Makes A Woman Attractive To Men?

What makes a woman more attractive to men? These women come in all shapes and sizes and are known for any variation of personality for the most part. So what is it that truly makes men more attracted to certain women?

Instead, you might be wondering, how can you make yourself more attractive to men to increase your odds of finding the perfect match?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some key takeaways to make yourself more attractive to men!

1. Know Your Signature

This is huge when it comes to attracting men. If you don’t have a signature, it makes it easy for you to blend in with the other girls around you.

Therefore it is essential to develop your unique style. You need to take the time to know what your strengths and best attributes are. Then build your confidence around them, and learn how to leverage them to make you recognizable in a way that only you can be.

Find what makes you unique, master it, and work it! And this will be what makes a woman more attractive to men.

2. Bring Good Vibes

There is nothing attractive about a Negative Nancy who can only focus on what is going wrong in her life.

Chances were when he imagined his dream girl; she didn’t whine about making him swoon. It’s important to be upbeat and make sure that you’re bringing good energy into his presence.

This will cause men to associate you with uplifting energy, and they will flock to you for it! And how to keep your good vibes, keep learning plays an important part. Reading an inspirational book, watch a good movie will help you to keep your energy up!

What Makes A Woman Attractive To Men?

3. Be a Good Conversationalist

Men are always attracted to the girl that they can carry a great conversation with.

Hence, being a good conversationalist makes you a stimulating person to be around. And it speaks to your depth of character if you can carry on about any topic, offering opinions and insights or otherwise providing education on cool topics.

If you can keep the conversation flowing with a guy, and he’ll never want to stop talking to you.

4. Work on that Independent Nature

Oh Yes! This is what makes a woman attractive to men! Be independent is a critical lesson every woman should learn by heart if she wants to make through to the last stage of love

It’s okay if he wants to open your door or something equally cheesy.

However, things like focusing on making yourself self-sufficient and responsible make you a catch.

Men are always intrigued by the girl who has it all together, and it makes them push to be the guy who fits in that plan. Read more on what guys want women to know about being independent here. 

5. Serve them a Smile

Being told to smile by strangers sucks (so, sorry), but smiling at a guy you’re interested in is important! Because otherwise, he might very well think you’re not interested at all.

Save that glowing smile for the cute boy you want to flirt with, and when he looks your way, hit him with it. Your beautiful smile is the secret weapon to make you a love magnet easily. 

And you’ll be amazed by how immediately men respond to how open and enticing your smile makes you.

6. Don’t Be an Agreeable Ann

This critical trait is what makes a woman attractive to men. Being able to hold your own opinions and stand your ground is something that entices men to hear more of what you have to say.

If all you find yourself doing is agreeing with him no matter what he says, chances are he’s beginning to wonder if you have your thoughts or personality and that’s not cute.

Show him that you know about the world and have your own thoughts to share, and watch how quickly men respond to your confident nature.

7. Be A Good Person

This rule is essential whether you’re looking to be more attractive to men or just a human being on planet Earth, but some people need to hear it.

Be kind, be polite, and be approachable. And there is nothing more attractive in the world than a person who respects themselves and others and brings that energy into the world.

If you’re a brat to everyone you meet, men will see that and run for the hills. 

What Makes A Woman Attractive To Men?

8. Rock Your Favorite Red Dress

Everyone knows the iconic image of a lady looking good while wearing a red dress. Society as a whole has conditioned us all to affiliate red with attractiveness and passion.

As wearing this color can send a subliminal message to the men around you that you are fit and ready to flirt, so consider donning it the next time you go out to meet some new people.

And you might find a few extra pairs of eyes lingering in your direction!

9. Focus On Your Vitality

This is another biological trick. Wearing makeup that makes your eyes brighter, having glowing skin, and sporting some long and healthy hair tells men that you are healthy and happy, which makes them want to date you.

As we are, as a species, attracted to indicators of biological fitness, and these subtle upgrades can make men obsess over you.

10. Use Your Full Vocal Range

This exciting and compelling thing is what makes a woman attractive to men. As men are just as attracted to bright and chipper little voices and squeals as they are low and gravelly voices that mimic what they might hear in their ear if they’re lucky.

So don’t use a monotone range. Instead, use inflections and tones to let the men around you know what you’re thinking and feeling.

Also, using unique vocal patterns shows them that you’re sophisticated and passionate. That will drive them crazy!


There are certain tricks that any girl can use to draw the gaze of the potential male suitors around her.

And you can use these tips to maximize your attractiveness levels can increase your chances of finding Mr. Right in a sea of Mr. Wrongs and Mr. Maybes.

Find out what makes you who you are, learn about what makes all of us human, and then unleash that confident and educated girl on the world.

Before long, you’ll catch guys staring at you wherever you go. And you will become the irresistible women to men.

Besides, more importantly, you can enjoy the confidence and perfect grasp of your identity. And it will help you live a happier and healthier life regardless of whether or not a man is around to see it!

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