Way beyond a pretty face and a banging body, men can be attracted to certain unpopular things in women. Unfortunately, most women don’t know this. You might have been doing some of those things unconsciously and be missing out on others. Although, what attracts men differs, there are basic features that men find attractive in women. Read on and discover what men find attractive in women.

What Men Find Attractive In Women

15 Things You Should Know On What Men Find Attractive?

Most of the time, you may get it wrong what men find attractive in women. What men find attractive might be different from what men want in a relationship.

As being attractive is only the first step to get noticed. So if you want to be more attractive to men, read on and discover the 15 things that men find attractive in women, read on.

1. Beautiful eyes:

Beautiful eyes are the first thing any man sees when he first meets a woman. And beautiful and soulful eyes enchant men.

When it comes to eye color, they love light, bright shades of eye colors And they are also attracted to curvy eyes with long and black eyelashes. And this might be why women have devised ways to make their eyes appear bigger and brighter than it is.

2. A good sense of humor:

Having a good sense of humor is one of the essential things what men find attractive in women. While being naturally calm is an attractive feature, studies have shown that men love women that have a great sense of humor.

And this means women that sees the humor in the same thing as them and that gets a joke easily. Men love women who can laugh at their jokes. As they don’t want a woman, they have to explain every joke too.

3. Pheromone smell:

Smell changes depending on mood and other hormonal changes. A particular smell attracts different men.

Some men have found that they were naturally attracted to certain women and seemed to be aroused by their presence.

And this is primarily due to their smell. Although you cannot control what kind of smell will attract the men around you, the most important thing is to have a pleasant smell.

Men find women who have nicer smell more attractive.

What Men Find Attractive In Women

4. Thick lips:

If you have noticed, men spend more time staring at a woman’s lips than they spend looking into her eyes.

Your lips are one of the most sensual parts of you and plump lips coated in red lipstick have been found to be incredibly sexy.

When men stare at your full lips, they are probably thinking of how sexy you are.

5. Maturity:

Maturity is one of the best quality what men find attractive in women. As nobody likes a drama queen.

No man wants to be with a woman who raises the roof at the slightest provocation. So, if you have attracted him with your looks and smell but your character is what will keep he interested or not.

Be the kind of woman that handles issues with maturity. Get rid of anger, bitterness, and strife. Those are what counts in the long run.

6. Small feet:

To men, having small feet means beauty and femininity. Men also find small feet cute and lovely.

7. Women with long legs:

Yes, this is a popular one. Men are attracted to legs that seem to go on forever. Long legs are sexy and attractive.

They have also come to associate long legs with fertility and health. And it will explain why high heels have gained so much popularity in the world today. Short women with long legs have been found to be more attractive.

8. Women that are shorter than them:

What men see women who are shorter than them more attractive. As this factor could be associated with a need to be dominant.

Studies have shown that men are a bit intimidated by women that are taller than them. And it might be why they prefer women they are taller than.

9. Cleanliness:

As much as women love neat men, the same goes for men. They are easily attracted to a woman that dresses well and has a pleasant smell. They also like women with a clean face as against those coated in makeup.

15 Things Men Find Really Attractive In Women

10. Loyalty:

Every man loves a loyal woman. If you are the type that easily lies to your friends and loved ones, this might be a deal breaker for guys.

To men, loyalty is important. They would find you more attractive when you demonstrate your loyalty to them.

As it makes them more trusting and vulnerable. If men find you loyal and honest, and they may be more willing to share their deepest thoughts and secrets. No one hates betrayal and dishonesty like a good man.

11. A nice stature:

Every woman should be conscious of her size and shape. There are specific workouts you can implement to improve your shape and size.

Some men love their women small while others prefer women on the heavy side. The most important thing is to maintain a reasonably good shape as this is also related to your health.

12. Intelligence:

Men love women they can hold a reasonable conversation with. A man wants someone that can provide a solution to some work issues without being overconfident.

It shows he can trust you to give answers to difficult scenarios without rubbing it in his face. Don’t be afraid to show how intelligent you are. The right man would come to appreciate and love you for it. And this is one of the top things most men look for in a woman.

13. Friendliness:

Everyone loves this. This excellent quality will make you appear more attractive to men. You could start by smiling more as it shows kindness and has a way of improving one’s appearance.

Women should learn to be friendly and avoid getting into fights and disagreements unnecessarily. Approachability makes a woman more attractive.

A man can always tell how friendly and kind of woman is by her smiles. Smiling shows positivity and gives the face an additional glow.

Men also love women that show teeth when smiling. Practice being nice to everyone you meet and watch your attractiveness raise a notch.

14. Ovulation:

As strange as it seems, this is one of the unspoken things what men find attractive. Men are attracted to women most when they are at the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle.

When a woman ovulates, some changes are visible in which there is a change in her voice, her body odor, and even her skin and lips. These hormonal changes have been found to be more attractive to men.

Your ovulation period might be the perfect time to go out on that date. And women release pheromones when ovulating which can arouse men.

15. Average looks:

Yes, men love beautiful women but what matters to them is that you have common nice facial features.

Studies have also shown that men are more partial to women with big eyes, small noses, and full lips. Other men love women with small eyes and baby face.

And this has a way of eliciting some protective nature in men. To them, it shows vulnerability, and they are more attracted to such baby-like features.

Now I believe you should have some ideas on what men find attractive in women:) And in my opinion, the above tips are great to get men’s attention.

Building emotional bonding is critical to building a loving and lasting relationship.

When you discover this secret passageway into a man’s heart, he won’t be able to stop himself from falling helplessly in love with you.

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