Have you experienced a strong connection with a man? And you are so confident that he’s into you, but why he doesn’t seem interested in you (even though he is)? I know some of you might be very frustrated over this contradictions, but don’t be. In this article, you’ll discover the reasons for his act. Hope to help you understand why he doesn’t seem that interested even though he is.

Why He Doesn't Seem Interested? (Even Though He Is)

Why Doesn’t He Seem Interested? (Even Though He Is). To understand men’s behaviors, often you need to know how men think.

In general, men are not as expressive as women regarding communication and showing their emotions.

But this doesn’t exempt men from getting hurt, getting rejected or being afraid or fear of being with someone in a new relationship.

Here is the problem, because men don’t know how to communicate their feelings and emotions openly to women; therefore most of the time, it causes misunderstanding and misinterpretations.

Many women also have problems to read men’s signals correctly. And in fact, some women did miss their life partners by misinterpreting those signals.

And interestingly, even two men do the same thing, but they may mean completely different things.

Every person is unique. Though people do share things in common, they have different motives behind.

So it is essential for you to examine the motives and types of the person before interpreting the true meaning of one’s behavior soundly.

Why Doesn’t He Seem Interested?

Let’s try to understand why men fake disinterest? How you can pick up some of the signs to know your man better.

Often we thought guys are simpler than ladies, but in fact, they do have their emotional baggage which they don’t even know.

Many times they didn’t do it on purpose, but subconsciously they do behave in certain ways that create the confusions.

According to studies from the University of Pennsylvania, most men and women know within three seconds of a meeting if they will have the next move.

For many women, when they feel the attraction and connection with another person, they tend to express themselves. Either by words or body languages.

Instead, most men are hiding their feelings within themselves. As most of the time, they are unsure about their feelings.

A guy may flirt with a woman but doesn’t mean that he is into her. However, when a man seems disinterest in a woman, but in fact, he may already fall in love with her.

I know, it can be frustrating. And there is no fixed rule to tell if the guy is interested; however, they are somebody signs you can pick up from here.

Why He Doesn’t Seem Interested? (Even Though He Is)

Signs That He Is Interested In You

Next time, when you meet a guy, and you feel that he is interested in you, but he pretends that he’s not.

Don’t determine if a guy likes you only through his words, importantly, you should pay more attention to his body language to discover the truth.

  • His feet point towards you
  • He’ll serve you an eyebrow flash– when seeing the person you like, you’ll lift your eyebrow. And likewise, men will do the same. When you raise your eyebrow, you allow more lights come through your eyes, and a flash might be easy to miss, but it’s so reliable, if you do spot one, you may know someone likes you before they’ve even registered it themselves.
  • His lips part
  • He seems nervous, but he’s doing other things (adjust his clothes, touch his hairs and so on) to pretend he is not.
  • Mirror your body language
  • Try to attract your attention. Maybe he is not directly talking to you, but he’s doing things to get your attention
  • He’ll spread his legs while sitting opposite, to give you a crotch display.
  • He licks his lips a lot.
  • He’ll touch his face a lot while looking at you.
  • A shy smile
  • Eye contact, but once he saw you catch him, he tends to act busy or start a conversation with others

Now you can use the above signs to judge if a man into you. You can also check another post on 8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You.

But if you want to know more in details, read on. You’ll learn the four reasons why he doesn’t seem interested, even though he is. It’s essential to decoding a man’s confusing mind.

4 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Seem Interested? (Even Though He Is)

Why He Doesn’t Seem Interested? (Even Though He Is)

1. He thinks you are unavailable

When he senses that you are unavailable, or maybe he felt that there is someone already being close to you, then he will fake disinterest.

He might not like the fact that he has to get into completion to win your heart.

Even though he may want to start the relationship with you, but if he has this thought. He will back up, as he doesn’t want to get into a ‘complicated’ relationship. Many men will do the same if he senses that you are unavailable.

So it is essential to make it clear to him that you are not in a relationship or seeing anyone at the moment. Let him know that he could be someone special to you.

2. He’s afraid of rejection

As I mentioned earlier, though men don’t express their emotions as women do. However, they do have these inner emotions that will trigger them to behave differently.

For example, fear of rejection – he doesn’t seem interested because he is afraid that you may reject him. And he doesn’t dare to tell you that he likes you so that he can prevent himself from getting hurt.

Or he has ego issue; he doesn’t want to let you know he likes you first. And there is also another type of men; they want to play safe due to their past experiences.

Some men don’t seem interested, because they don’t want to open themselves to you before they are sure about their feelings.

If you fall into this type of guy, it is a bit tricky to handle. I will suggest two ways, either you move on, as he won’t take the initiative to tell you his feelings and if you don’t want to wait endlessly, then move on.

Or you can also help him to express his true feelings. In other words, you take the first move. You can imply to him that you like him in a subtle way that will help to boost his confidence.

Remember, don’t be too aggressive or forceful, as it will make him pull away, especially for those men who had bad past experiences.

Be kind and gentle, set your tone right. Let him know that you sense that there is something between you guys and you’d love to see it grow.💕💕

3. He has low self-worth in a relationship

Worthiness is a mindset issue; it caused by many factors. They don’t believe they deserve anything better in life.

Whenever I am thinking of this type of guy, it always reminds me of a typical movie scene.

A low self-worth guy likes a cute girl. And he tried many times to express his love for her, but he couldn’t tell her as he thought that he is good enough for her and she deserves someone better. There was always a voice telling him: “she’s an angel, you are nobody, and you are not good enough, stop thinking of her…” Can you imagine it as well?

Guys have low self-worth in a relationship may be caused by experience or the environment they have grown up. And they believe that they need lots of luck to have decent, beautiful women who want to be with them.

So most time, when they like some women, they won’t tell instead they tend to send out mixed signals.

Sending him a compliment will help to increase his self-worth. It is only about his mindset. If you want to develop something further with a guy like this, you need to be patient and inspirational.

4. He afraid that he won’t be able to give you what you want

I share my thoughts on this point in another of my post: 6 Things Men Want You To Know, But Will Never Tell You!

Many responsible men always have this concern in their mind whether if they can provide you with whatever you want? If they feel that they might not be able to give you what you want; then they would act disinterest.

An apparent reason why he has this thought, maybe because you have sent wrong signals to him.

For example, maybe unintentionally you’ve projected yourself as a high-maintenance woman that makes him afraid. Even though he likes you but he is not sure if he can provide the lifestyle you have. Then he will tend to be cool to you.

There are more things than money can make him think twice if he can give you what you want? Maybe you have communicated certain expectations without noticing it that will push him away too.

So it is crucial to make your expectation reasonable and clear to him. Clear the misunderstanding it there are.

Hope by now; you should have a clearer picture of why he doesn’t seem interested, even though he is. You can also read more on how to win a man’s heart forever.

Do you like this article of Why Doesn’t He Seem Interested? (Even Though He Is)? Let’s know your thoughts below; we’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to share this article. 🙋‍♀🙋‍♀💗💗

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